• SCHoosier

    TW’s athleticism with a shooting touch?? 38 points and 17 boards against anybody is something special.

  • Crimson&CremeFraiche

    Good eye, Crean!

  • inLinE6

    Only listed as 3-star, but looks like we’re buying some rising stocks? The kid had offers from Boston U and Vanderbilt, which only shows his academic seriousness. I’m very pleased with our 2015 class. Kudos to Crean.

    BTW, what’s his wingspan? This kid is very long and athletic, with solid footwork and shooting touch. Will be an excellent stretch 4 or 5. Fit our bill perfectly.

  • Michael Crawley

    I would like to see the addition of Thon or Bryant. Did anyone that Jaquan Lyle comitted to OSU

  • inLinE6

    Thon makes us to top 5 immediately. Bryant would be a nice addition as well. Jaquan Lyle – I don’t understand what makes him qualify for OSU after being disqualified from Oregon. But I’d like to see our guards dominate OSU next year.

  • IU diehard from CT

    really excited about this kid..but from the looks of this video it just seems to me that he plays slower…maybe its just the way he moves, or maybe he changes gears. or maybe he just doesn’t go as hard because he isn’t challenged. do any of you guys see this too?

  • IU diehard from CT

    but make no mistake, he is a talent and i believe will help day 1 on both ends

  • SilentBob

    I just think he is more in control and methodical than were used too after watching Troy for almost two years now lol. He does look like he needs to quicken his first step but on he builds a head of steam he looks pretty fast. Also the one jumper he took looked slow but he had all the time in the world. I’m no expert but I dont think you typically want to start your shot at the waste.

  • SilentBob

    Looks like as more athletic c wat in these highlights

  • SilentBob

    I was thinking a oladipo and watford hybrid

  • Hoosier Hall

    This guy is a stud! I’m a little shocked that any school has a record as low as 38 though… I guess that’s just me growing up around Indiana high school ball though. Kids around here would drop 40 or 50 all the time. Evan Seacat holds the record at my school with 52.

  • Hoosier Hall

    Lol! Check out #13 on OG’s team with the killer fro!

  • N71

    Yeah, I noticed the OSU commit. I hope it sticks, Jaquan seems to have had a tough road.

  • CreanFaithful

    I’ve read 7’1″-7’2″ on his wingspan

  • whomikewho

    white kid with the afro…sign him

  • who’syourhoosier

    Tough to get a feel from the video. Clearly better than his opponents. In my opinion needs a couple years in the weight room, to be B1G ready. Maybe he hits it hard this summer and shows up a super star? Glad to have him, great potential.

  • TorontoHoosierFan

    Looks good. I miss the weekly recruit updates we used to get last year, that tracked the progress of IU commits. Alex, will we be seeing these again? Thanks.

  • PDXHoosier

    yes. that guy would be an instant fan fave