• Ricky bobby

    All I hear us offense offense offense. I don’t think he has the first clue how to create a good defense. I just want a average defense. Not too much to ask for.

  • InTheMtns

    I agree that it’s not too much to ask for a team that can play at least average defense. As for CTC talking only about offense, I think that’s because he was answering the questions the reporters asked, which were mostly about offense.

    His opening statement was about Rutgers and what they do offensively, which means he’s mentioning what we have to look to take away on defense. From there he says “our transition defense has got to improve and there’s got to be more urgency in that.”

    There was a question about playing with energy on defense. His answer had to do with what we did and didn’t do at Purdue defensively and then about what needs to improve. He started with “We’ve got to do a better job with ball pressure; we’ve got to do a better job with deflections, being active, discouraging passes in.” He gave more detail about the Purdue game and then said “With all that being said, it just becomes more activity; becomes better set up in transition defense, becomes more activity with our feet and with our hands, and then everybody’s got to get inside that paint when the shot goes up.”

    That was the only question he was asked about defense. There was a question about the psychological factor of winning, one on what Yogi said about the team playing soft, one on what does Rutgers do well and what do they struggle with, and one about the group of teams with three losses. All the rest were about offense.

    Since a lot of the reporters’ questions were about offense and he was answering their questions, then a lot of the presser was about offense.