Mosquera-Perea injury: What it means for IU

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Indiana’s depth took a hit Monday when junior forward Hanner Mosquera-Perea suffered a knee injury that could sideline him for two to four weeks, according to reports.

And just three games into the conference season, the Hoosiers are now two players down as sophomore Devin Davis remains sidelined following a traumatic brain injury suffered in early November.

So what does the injury to Mosquera-Perea mean going forward? Put simply, Indiana must look at this as a “next man up” situation. Indiana played five games in August in Canada without Mosquera-Perea, so it has some experience of what life is like without him.

Mosquera-Perea, who has started all 16 games and is averaging 7.5 points and five rebounds in 20.9 minutes, has been a key contributor at times this season. In IU’s win over Butler on Dec. 20, the Colombia native had eight points, nine rebounds and four blocked shots in 30 minutes. And in the Big Ten opener at Nebraska, he had 12 points and 10 rebounds in 22 minutes as the Hoosiers picked up a key road win, 70-65.

But there have also been games where Mosquera-Perea has been nearly invisible statistically. Most recently, he had just four points and two rebounds in eight minutes before fouling out against Ohio State. In each of IU’s first three Big Ten games, Mosquera-Perea has picked up two fouls prior to the first media timeout.

Freshman Emmitt Holt will likely get the opportunity to play an increased role and although he hasn’t played the number of minutes Mosquera-Perea has, he’s been a more efficient player from the field, free throw line and on the offensive glass.

Freshman Jeremiah April does not figure to see an increased role as a result of the injury as Tom Crean said last night on his radio show that he “needs to work harder.”

The Hoosiers will also have to go small more often with Collin Hartman, who is just 6-foot-6, figuring to get some minutes at the five as he did against Ohio State. Over IU’s last five games, Mosquera-Perea has logged just 46 percent of available minutes at the five spot with Holt (33 percent), Hartman (15) and Max Hoetzel (five) combining for the other 54 percent.

How well Indiana is able to overcome the injury may also come down to how quickly it can right the ship from the perimeter. Through three conference games, the Hoosiers are shooting just 24.2 percent from distance, which is last in the league.

Given all of the setbacks Indiana has been able to overcome this season – the Davis injury, the suspensions to Holt, Troy Williams and Stanford Robinson and questions about the direction of the program both on and off the court – this is another bump in the road that the Hoosiers must respond to quickly.

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  • heh. actually, get him on the floor now anyway. shoot free throws and jump shots, get plenty comfortable. he should be doing this anyway right now.

  • I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, but Vonleh and that Zeller guy were pretty good.

  • totally agree. time to maybe start coaching said player lacking whatever it is this week that he’s lacking? Nobody improves without experience. Let him make a few mistakes against PSU in Bloomington, because we’ll need him to not do that against Illinois and Purdue on the road.

  • I don’t mean to say they weren’t good. Absolutely they were great, but most coaches (even Tom Izzo) said that, with post players of that caliber, the offense should have been run through the post. Most coaches I know agree that Crean clearly didn’t possess the knowledge of that offensive system, as his body of work coming into Bloomington was guard-oriented. It became clear that he didn’t possess the ability to coach bigs, which is especially why Vonleh (who came in a little less polished than Zeller) came nowhere to achieving his potential. Proof of this comes in Crean’s lack of attracting a single 5-star big this year or next: these kids are aware of his limitations and simply will not commit. We wouldn’t have even gotten Vonleh if it weren’t for recently-departed assistant coach Kenny Johnson, who was the central figure in recruiting Vohleh. We aren’t going to be able to attract any more of these 5-star bigs as long as Crean is here. Whether that’s significant or not remains to be seen, but we’re clearly hurting this year.

  • Ole Man

    I may well be….lol.
    But did you miss the “humor” of “go big red?”

  • Michael


  • Jeff Johnston

    Time to throw the kids in the deep end of the pool.

  • SeeingRed

    Crean may be embarrassed to put his project on the court. It makes Crean look worse than it does April, if the kid is not able to contribute ANYTHING.

  • Ole Man

    The line to eat crow about Holt being better than Hanner at this point is rather long; but there’s still time to join it 🙂

    I totally agree that this will push us back in the pack in the Big Ten. IU is in a world of hurt.

  • CAK76

    HMP is out with an already extremely thin front court. Start of B1G is tough…adversity of losing players during the season is part of conference play…we won and we won ugly. 3-1. I’ll take it but our rebounding tonight shows our boys have to get tougher AND smarter. Hoosiers!

  • thrawnjan

    Apparently, rocket science it is. 😛

  • eville87

    Milla….longtime listener first time caller. Huge fan of yours…..go big red!!!!!! Here is an idea let’s put April in against Louisville and then never play him again? Also let’s take take 2 years to figure out how to pass the ball into the post sound familiar. Looks like another transfer waiting to happen. …coach at the end of the year…son I gave you 90 seconds to prove yourself in a game….smh… imagine this team with Noah…..scary…… now imagine this team with Noah and someone who could teach an entry pass into the post? Now last one imagine this team playing Eastern Washington. Go big red!!!!

  • eville87


  • Danny

    Although Jeremiah April is very experience, if he is healed from his past injuries i think i would give a few minutes to go in if nothing else bang a few guys around on the boards and in the paint to give some of the other guys a rest and also maybe keep them out of foul trouble.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    i dunno, i don’t think NV going pro was much of a surprise. PJ wasn’t that big a surprise either. in fact, i’m guessing it was a mutual decision. let’s face it, if CTC told him he’d get significant playing time, he wouldn’t have left. LF left before B1G season even started. and even HMP was an unknown as far as how he’d perform this year. i’ll give you DD, but i still don’t buy for one second that CTC was caught off guard. speaking of lists, here’s a list of some of the big men CTC whiffed on this year: goodluck, cliff alexander, devin robinson, leron black, and kennedy meeks. and you’re going to tell me he wasn’t aware that he desperately need frontcourt players? c’mon silent bob, you’ve been hanging out in front of RST Video too long.

  • SilentBob

    Meeks was in Fischer and Vonlehs class. Black and Robinson really aren’t bigger or better thaan thing anyone we already had. I’ll give ya Cliff, but sometimes we will lose to other blue bloods. Goodluck might be a great player, but I don’t like the kids personality so I’m not hurting. Again December 20th of someone’s senior year is a terrible time to get involved with their recruitment. I think about half way through the season it started to feel like he was going pro, but when he signed there was a lot of talk about him being a two year player, from himself included.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    any of those guys would be getting minutes this year. at any rate, they wouldn’t be human victory cigars.

    he had plenty of time to go after bigs. and even if he did miss on a couple top100 guys, how is it excusable that our bigs get manhandled by eastern washington’s?

  • SilentBob

    Spot minutes and if we did have them we would’t have Holt who has looked farrrrrr better than either of those guys. Also Perea did have a bad game against Eastern Washington, we also didn’t have Holt, but E Washington is an excellent team. What ever top seed gets them is going to be pissed.