Film Session: Nebraska

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While Yogi Ferrell only scored five points in Indiana’s 70-65 win over Nebraska on New Year’s Eve, the junior was able to dish out eight assists as he found open teammates for looks with Cornhusker defenders paying him extra attention — especially down the stretch in the second half.

We’ll take a look at three second half Ferrell assists, as well as a near assist, in the latest edition of Film Session:

With the Hoosiers trailing 48-44, Ferrell has the ball near the right corner. You’ll also see Shavon Shields in the lane, giving a little space between him and his man, Nick Zeisloft:


As Ferrell drives it to the lane, Shields stays put. We now have four Nebraska defenders in the lane paying attention to Ferrell. Zeisloft begins to float down to the left corner:


Ferrell jumps to make the pass:


Zeisloft rises and hits:



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  • IU does not “live and die by the 3” this season. Case in point: IU vs. Nebraska, 12/31/2014.

  • inLinE6

    Have to give credit to Crean.

  • 5_Banners

    They don’t because 2pt% is very high, too. Crean always says he wants to attack the paint first.

  • drewmiller1

    A nice pick and roll between Yogi and Hanner. great response to a Yogi double-team.

  • I expected that those two would be doing this all season. It seems perfectly natural and logical, especially as they are both juniors and have played together for years now; as players, they are also perfectly suited for this play. It has been conspicuously absent the entire season and I’ve never understood why. Hanner could even make the extra pass out to the corners for open 3’s, potentially, if the pass isn’t at the rim. This should be a center-piece of the offense, especially if teams are trying to take away the 3. Better late than never.

  • Lance76

    Yogi and Hanner need to continue this every game until the other team awakens and defends. Then it will allow yogi one on one to drive and shoot or drive and kick creating more headaches for the defense. Great adjustment in game by someone, maybe Yogi or CTC.

  • These plays were among my favorite of the game. Great adjustment by Yogi, HMP, and coach.

  • N71

    They played this way in high school AAU so I agree, not sure why they haven’t been working this the past two years. Hanner is so athletic Yogi only need loft it towards the rim. Its more than 2 points when it works, it serves to involve Hanner offensively, takes a little of the load off our shooters, and jacks everyone up. Layer this on top of Rob’s play, Emmitt’s performance, Stan, etc. I’ve had a smile on my face the past couple of days.

  • IUBizmark

    Glad someone else thinks they should’ve been running this all season as well. It’s a money play and Yogi rarely looks for it despite Hanner typically calling for the ball and being open.

  • SCHoosier

    In the past two years..not sure Hanner could have caught it.
    Playing time h as done wonders for his confidence and his hands.

  • FinEndNow

    Hopefully Crean see’s how much playing time has helped Hanner and uses that with others.

  • b_side

    I don’t think it’s a case of Yogi not looking for it. That’s just the way Miles decided to game plan his defense. He basically said “if IU is going to beat us, it won’t be with Yogi scoring 20+ points.” Suffice to say, Yogi made Miles pick his poison.

    Yogi is mature enough to take what the defense gave him. Had Pitchford not aggressively hedged on HMP’s screens, Yogi may have taken an open jumper or darted to the rim.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    If teams continue to hedge and double team our guards off screens these lobs could be there for HMP and TW all season long!

  • Hoosier Hall

    This is Indiana at it’s best. We have 3 guys on the floor capable of hitting the 3 or driving into the lane. If they hedge up on the ball handlers or double team/help D on the penetration, Troy and Hanner could have a field day with the lobs. Then when they back off we can find the open 3 point shooter. This offense is so much better than last season.


    Have been saying that this has been there the whole season. I know that CTC wanted Hanner to establish that he could do some of the more basic things at the beginning of the year, but this was totally there against some of the opponents that we beat by a considerable amount and would have been the perfect time and place to work some of the kinks out of using it. It doesn’t have to be a lob for a dunk to utilize this play as there have been several times where, after setting the screen, and rolling to the basket, the play for a semi-lob where he could make the catch and simply lay it in off the backboard have been there too many times to count. I don’t want Yogi or others to force the pass, but I also don’t want them to forget about it simply because they’re not being double teamed or if they work it and it ends up being a turnover or a miss the first time they try it again.

  • Daburns0

    Do they ever run this with Troy Williams. He is probably more suited to having offensive options once he gets the ball. I think other teams will scout this in the coming games and we will have to adjust. Maybe running Troy on this play will be a good adjustment. He has a decent mid range game.