The Minute After: Savannah State

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Thoughts on a 95-49 win against Savannah State:

I. Considering the sloppy start to this one, another opponent might have been able to push the Hoosiers a bit more in a game like this. But Savannah State entered the contest as the one of the worst offensive teams in the country and it showed tonight. The Tigers scored just .72 points per possession to go along with a 36.6 effective field goal percentage. They had just 17 points at half, made only 22.7 percent of their 3-pointers and hit only 53.3 percent from the line. They also turned the ball over on 22.1 percent of their possessions.

Simply put: The Tigers were no match for the Hoosiers and so they cruised to a 46-point victory.

II. Stanford Robinson has flat out pressed for most of the season. He’s often tried to get to the hole with the defense swarming with nowhere for him to go. After doing just that when he entered in the first half, resulting in a charge call, Robinson finally started taking what was given. When the defense came on his drives, he found the open man over and over to the tune of five assists in 13 minutes of play. And when a lane to the rim was there for him off the top of the key, he took it and scored. He even scored in the post during the final two minutes of this one and finished the night with seven points. Robinson is now behind two freshmen in Robert Johnson and James Blackmon Jr. in the rotation. And guys like Collin Hartman and Max Hoetzel are squeezing minutes from him as well. But the sophomore is still one of the better penetrators on the team for an offense that thrives on it, and better decision-making like tonight could mean more minutes.

III. It was a varied offensive attack for the Hoosiers. Blackmon Jr. (18 points), Yogi Ferrell (18 points), Troy Williams (12 points) and Johnson (10 points) all scored in double figures. Indiana again hit double-digits in 3-point makes (10-of-21, 47.6 percent) with Blackmon Jr. (4-of-7)  and Nick Zeisloft (3-of-5) leading the way. After starting this one out with a slew of turnovers, the Hoosiers turned it over too much (20.6 turnover percentage). But it still scored an impressive 1.40 point per possession.

Add in that the Hoosiers rebounded 45.8 percent of their misses and had an effective field goal percentage of 66.7 percent, and it was a dominant performance on both ends of the court for IU — as it should be.

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IV. Another game, another strong performance from Emmitt Holt. To repeat: The freshman just has good instincts and makes his impact felt on both ends of the court. Highlights tonight include an offensive rebound off a Williams missed free throw, which resulted in two made free throws after he was fouled on the put-back. Later, Holt used his length to poke a steal loose and Blackmon Jr. converted on a 3-pointer in transition. Holt finished the game with eight points, five boards, two blocks and a steal in just 11 minutes of action. We’ll see if he can continue to do his thing as the competition stiffens as the month of December rolls onwards.

V. Considering the schedule Indiana is about to run up against starting Tuesday against Louisville, we may not see Tim Priller again for a bit. Hope you savored his precious time at the end of this one, ITH faithful.

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  • Gregory Spera

    Wasn’t crazy about that Max Hoetzel as point guard experiment, but other than that… it’s all good. I am ready for the ‘Ville. Envy anyone heading out to Gotham for that one at MSG.

  • ForeverIU

    I have one message for our Tuesday Hoosiers: BEAT THE PRESS!

  • GaHoosier

    Max is a three point specialist…that is all, right now anyways! He also lost several rebounds because he only used one hand.

    I thought Jeremiah April looked decent in his limited action.

  • GaHoosier

    BTW…Watching Trey Lyles play for UK makes me want to pUKe!!!

  • Dee McDonald

    They’ve done that a few times before late in games for the last few minutes. I think he’s trying to push his handle skills and court awareness. It’s not pretty, but we will appreciate it some day soon.

  • ForeverIU

    Absolutely. I don’t know why Jeremiah is not getting some of Max’s minutes. He has a sweet game.

  • AUKevin

    I was a little surprised how.. idk, maybe frantic is the word, the Hoosiers looked against a full court press. Against such a week opponent, makes me wonder what would happen against a longer, quicker team.
    2nd point: can someone help me understand this: When the ball is swung to either wing, Yogi and Blackmon in particular, hedge out really far to prevent the dribble or pass back to the top of the key, but there is a huge and very intentional path towards the basket. Any team that can shoot would dribble in a bit and hit a mid range jumper, or drive all night and dish when Hanner steps up to defend, or draw the inevitable foul. While I know savannah didn’t expose this tonight, it seems like a really big gamble, considering our interior defense is suspect at best. I’m kind of curious why they don’t just stay more in front of their man

  • jmoney

    I liked Stan’s selflessness tonight. More minutes like that will quickly lead to more playing time.

  • ihoosieru

    I notice tonight that Troy and Stand both were effective when dishing the ball when there was nothing there, this team has too many otptions to try and make something of of nothing. I hope that stand is finally learning to dish.

  • ForeverIU

    He seems to be getting back his rhythm. I think it’s all in the haircut. LOL!

  • ForeverIU

    It was very classy of Yogi to say that the reason Emmitt is doing so well is because he is battling against Hanner in practice every day. What a nice way to remind us how important Hanner is to our team and to our success this season.

  • eville87

    Maybe just maybe Hanner and Holt can give us enough down low and we hit 55 percent of our threes and limit our turnovers to shock the world!!!!!! On Tuesday. …..Madison Square blowing up on a Tuesday!!!!!

  • TomJameson

    Classy thing to say, but I wonder if Hanner isn’t more aggressive in practice. Doesn’t have to worry about picking up fouls in practice. Either way, I think Holt and Hanner competing really does benefit both.

  • Alan

    We have a big enough sample size now… Emmitt Holt needs to be starting over Hanner. Done and done.

  • Darrell Allen

    I agree … TC should just flip their roles!

  • IUfanforever

    Don’t need to start Emmitt….he will ultimately get more minutes then Hanner! We need Hanner to still give some minutes and by him starting still gives him the mental edge to give us some minutes.. Emmitt is fine coming off the bench and it,does not effect him mentally as it might Hanner. We need two bigs and Emmitt is playing well and will ultimately get more minutes then Hanner. We just need both to get more game time experience before the Big Ten kicks in!

  • Kenneth234

    Crean talks a lot about how many times they are able to swing the ball in order to create good opportunities to score. At least on several occasions he has discussed the scoring percentages and how they escalate the more times a team is able to reverse the ball and essentially stress a defensive scheme. So analytically speaking, if a coach is a true believer in that line, he would set his defense keying on this particularly, and as you point out, open a whole somewhere else. I cannot begin to refute the statistic, because I would never have the time to study it, but I would think that the stat could be skewed rather easily because a lot of defenses will be allowing the ball to reverse while trying to focus on more vital vulnerabilities on the defensive end. Or at least higher priorities like protecting the lane, or taking away cutters, or important stuff like that.

  • Dave Carnes

    I thought April looked fine also

  • Dave Carnes

    Honestly I thought everybody looked good and have grown in the direction we need.There is not much you can prove playing a Savanna State at home but what little there is they accomplished.Maybe the best two game stretch the Hoosiers have ever played under Crean.

  • Jtime

    This is only a matter of time. It is obvious that Holt is a better basketball player. This freshman class is going to be a good one. Holt was a steal, RJ has been a nice surprise, JB has been as good as advertised, and Max has been better than I expected.

  • Gregory J. Haggard

    I love it, and Holt’s retro ‘Kid n Play’ haircut too.
    Yep, Stan is reminding us he’s still there, and still a threat.

  • Hoosier4life67

    plz don’t forget Hartman. Kids really playing great.

  • SCHoosier

    Right on target. I look at the 5 position..when you combine what Holt and Hanner are doing together..IU is getting what its needs out of that spot. Foul trouble is likely ti raise its ugly head against who plays when and how many minutes will be important .I will say that Emmitt has a knack for boards..he knows the game..where he’s suppose to be…etc. Would like to see him take some face the basket shots..he’s got a great FT stroke.

  • SCHoosier

    Re: the press..I concur..IU looked feeble starting out. UL will provide good defensive pressure for the full offensive Yogi and Rob need to be the main ball handlers.

  • SCHoosier

    Had to chuckle cause I think Max’s considerable ego took a blow. Max can handle the ball some…just not as good as he thinks. Was anybody else disappointed that with a 50 pt lead late in the game..Coach let Yogi and Blackmon continue to put it up rather than establish a couple of set players where April was the designated shooter? I mean..why not. Give the kid some confidence.

  • Outoftheloop

    I watched Trey also. He was the #8 guy on KY I focused on. His NBA draft potential would have been MUCH greater at IU this season. His presence at Indiana with James, Robert, Emmitt plus the returners would make IU a Final Four possibility. He would be THE star with James, the entire state would be engaged, he would be “The Man”! Now he is “another” at KY!

  • Jtime

    Hartman is a sophomore.

  • Bdub-hoops

    I believe most teams pay officials to ref scrimmages and things like that on practice. So while he may have a little more free reign on drills, he’s most likely getting similar reffing in scrimmages.


    Not only puke, but puke multiple times !!

    I’m sure by now that everyone out there knows just how much I hate “them”, but just in case there is a new one out there somewhere that isn’t aware of it yet, ” I freakin’ hate pUKe ” !!


    I know the person that you were replying to referenced freshmen, but I think how pleasant of a surprise CH has been can’t be overstated.


    Totally agree. At this point in the season I think how both are being used benefits both, and the team, the most. EH can end up getting more minutes that HMP, but I think how they are getting those minutes right now is the right way to do it.

  • Hoosier1158

    Doesn’t matter who starts, just as long as Emmitt gets a considerable amount of playing time. Nothing wrong with having a player like Emmitt coming off the bench.