Film Session: SMU

  • 11/24/2014 7:54 am in

Indiana collected an important win on Thursday night against No. 22 SMU.

The Hoosiers made a number of key plays on offense in the second half to re-take the lead and keep it. A look at four such plays in the latest edition of Film Session:

Indiana started flat in the second half against the Mustangs and found itself down five points with just over 14 minutes left in the contest. Here, James Blackmon Jr. hands off to Yogi Ferrell in the weave:


Yogi tosses it to Stanford Robinson in the weave as he clears out to the left wing:


Robinson takes a ball screen from Hanner Mosquera-Perea:


He’s met on a hedge:


But on the switch as his man recovers back to him, he simply attacks him one-on-one and finds a lane to the hoop:


Robinson draws attention in the paint as Troy Williams, who’s been creeping in out of the left corner looks for the ball. Robinson makes the tight pass:


And Williams curls around to the other side of the basket for the score:



Robinson and Williams gave Indiana a nice lift in their return on Thursday and this was perhaps both of them at their best: Robinson barreling his way into the paint with Williams working the baseline and scoring out of the corner on the other side of the basket.

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  • JJ

    For the love of God…Start Williams over Ziesloft.

  • Hoosier Hall

    Troy is more talented no doubt but he will have to earn it back on (and off) the court first. He logged 22 minutes against Lamar which I believe is the same total that Zeisloft played. If they are playing comparable minutes I don’t think it matters who actually starts.

  • JJ

    Williams should be playing double the minutes of Ziesloft.

  • Ole Man

    Depends on the situation and the opponent.

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    Alex, thanks for these film sessions…I like ’em.

    But URGH…I do not understand why IU runs this weave. We struggle to garner rebounds and Hanner and others are drawn so far from the basket. I can’t comprehend the thinking that Hanner should be 20-25 feet from the bucket. Since Hanner and at least one other IU player are never going to shoot a 3, why draw another defender to the 3 point line to clog up our 3 point shooting advantage? Does the IU coaching staff just assume that when an IU player drives to the bucket the defense will collapse and there is an open pass out to a 3 point shooter? Maybe with Lamar but likely not against better teams. I just don’t understand the offensive sets.

    And double URGH on TW in the 4th session for feeling so good he turns his back on the play and runs down court. With 2 minutes and a 4 point lead and a 3 point shot in the air he should be heading towards the rim. Percentage basketball. Of course then JBJ or Hanner need to stay back to defend against a long rebound and fast break. I’d vote for Hanner since he seems to be watching the ball instead of watching the defense and picking a position for a rebound.

  • Don’t thank me, thank Ryan.

  • SilentBob

    It does matter when you are running four guards 6’4 and under. Two who are slower and can become a defensive liability.Few if any of those staring guards possess cutting ability. I also believe it usually takes shooters longer to get into a flow than attackers. I don’t have a problem with the looks we’re getting with this 4 guard starting line up, however when we start out cold like we did against SMU and we have defensive liabilities on the court we may quickly find ourselves in a double digit hole like we did against SMU.

  • SilentBob

    Hanner isn’t a battle in the trenches kind of big man, he has super leaping ability with a good mid range jumper. Having him away will take their primary rim protector away. Four of our 5 guards possess an ability to drive and finish through contact. We’re also known to be a turnover prone guard lineup which will heighten the chances that they collapse, which is exactly what SMU did. If there is a miss we have two amazing leapers with a running start for a put back, if it doesn’t look like it’s going to bounce their way now we have our best shot blocker back on defense. We also have amazing rebounding guards. Makes sense to me.

  • KmanCRK

    I consider suspensions as time served. I guarantee he has earned it in practice many times over. He’s clearly the better option. I really wonder how much of this is Crean afraid of starting him and getting negative feedback from the fan base. Troy should play 2 minutes for every 1 for NZ. We aren’t short on shooters.

  • KmanCRK

    Considering our undersized team: In what world should TW not play twice as much as NZ? Its time to put our race horses on the court and forget the discipline stuff. 4 game suspension is time served in my book.

  • drewmiller1

    Ryan, these film sessions are fantastic. Keep up the good work.

  • JJ

    No it doesn’t. Williams is infinitely more skilled and has the size to compete for rebounds inside on a team that has no size.

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    So why have hanner at 20-25 feet if he has a mid range jumper? Don’t you think someone flying in for a put back won’t be blocked out? That’s an easy thing for a defender to do, particularly for a good team. And when our small guards drive to the bucket they are guaranteed to have tall big men coming at them with one or two steps to leap into a block or deflection (with only long kick outs to the 3 point line (easy to intercept)…how many other teams play this way? I see what you’re saying but just can’t get myself to buy into it. Regardless, and thankfully, this team moves on offense.

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    RYAN, thanks…I really enjoy these film sessions. I wonder how many of us watched the Bob Knight Show? Talk about film sessions.

  • SilentBob

    That’s what I’m say having Hanner out there takes away the teams big from the basket. Also having an extra step or two will lead to fouls more often than stops IMO. I’m not saying Hanner is going to have a bunch of put backs but he can in fact do that. Hanner isn’t out there for offense, but the defense has to respect him. At Lamar Hanner went 4-6 and got 8 foul shots…. unfortunately he only made 3 of them.

  • InTheMtns

    I agree, love the film sessions! I always see something I din’t notice before and learn something new. Thanks, Ryan.