Five takeaways from Indiana’s win over the University of Indianapolis

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In its final tuneup before Friday’s season opener, Indiana beat the University of Indianapolis, a Division II opponent, 76-63, on Monday night at Assembly Hall.

Here’s a look at five takeaways from the win:

· Encouraging signs come with plenty of reasons for concern: We’ll dive into a couple of these topics a bit more in-depth, but after watch seven exhibition games (five in Montreal, two in Assembly Hall), there’s plenty to like about Indiana and there is a lot to be concerned about, too.

On the positive side of things, the ball movement is better, the shooters are better and the potential for improvement in taking care of the ball exists, although we didn’t see much of it last night. On the negative side of things, Indiana allowed the University of Indianapolis to rebound 45.8 percent of its misses last night and looked very shaky on defense early on as the Greyhounds built an early 11-point lead.

Should we draw major conclusions from any of these performances? Not quite. But the rebounding is a major concern and that isn’t changing give IU’s lack of frontcourt depth.

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· A little more on the rebounding: To put UIndy’s offensive rebounding performance into some perspective, Indiana allowed just three teams last season to rebound more than 40 percent of their misses. Coincidentally, Indiana won all three of those contests (at Penn State, at Northwestern and Iowa).

The problem, however, with having a major deficiency on the defensive glass is that it’s not going to be sustainable against opponents that can disrupt Indiana’s offense. Indiana is going to have a difficult enough time generating offensive looks around the basket and if it’s allowing opponents to grab offensive rebounds and score second-chance points, the team generating the better looks is typically going to come out on top.

Will the rebounding improve some with Troy Williams, Stanford Robinson and Emmitt Holt added to the mix? It should to an extent. But Indiana is going to need to crash the defensive glass and team rebound to avoid long nights on the boards.

· Robert Johnson does a little bit of everything: The freshman guard from Richmond (Va.) is going to have nights where he struggles with his perimeter shot and he’ll have some nights like Monday where he scores in double figures and does so efficiently. Johnson hit all six of his field goal attempts and both of his free throw attempts for 15 points.

But it was Johnson’s contributions elsewhere that really stood out. He spent plenty of time at point guard while Yogi Ferrell moved off the ball and turned it over just twice in 35 minutes. Johnson also grabbed 10 rebounds, a team-high, but rather than taking credit, opted to praise his teammates instead.

“Coming to the game was something that we wanted to focus on,” he said. “We knew it would be a key for this game and basically a key for the season. Really those guys just made it easy for me. Hanner (Mosquera-Perea) and Collin (Hartman) were going to hit those guys so I just go in and get the ball and clean it up and made it easy to get rebounds.”

· Hartman provides spark off the bench: After tearing his ACL in mid-March, it’s pretty remarkable that Collin Hartman has already found his way back into the Indiana rotation. But not only was Hartman on the floor on Monday night, he was making an impact. He blocked a pair of shots, picked up a steal, a couple of rebounds and knocked in a pair of 3-pointers in 18 minutes of action.

Hartman only made five field goals as a freshman, but Tom Crean said last night he was recruited more for his work away from the ball than anything else.

“We recruited him — I always remind him of this, we didn’t recruit of his shooting ability because I thought it was pretty good,” Crean explained. “We didn’t recruit him because he’s a good young man, though he is. But we recruited him because he moved without the basketball and he could really play and find people.”

· At the first sign of adversity, IU didn’t panic: Yes, it was a meaningless exhibition game. But given what’s transpired in recent weeks, there’s tremendous pressure for Indiana to perform. And when the Hoosiers found themselves in a fairly sizable hole early on, there wasn’t panic, which has to be viewed as an encouraging sign.

Trailing 28-20, Indiana ripped off 22 straight points to take a comfortable halftime lead and while the Hoosiers were challenged somewhat down the stretch, the result was never really in question.

“What I learned about this team is guys didn’t get down,” Ferrell said. “New guys especially, they didn’t get down at all. We were down by almost 15, and guys kept each other up, pounded each other on the butts and stuff. So I think that is the biggest thing for us is to never get down when people go on runs because the game is all about runs. So if you just know how to overcome those runs, we’ll be okay.”

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  • b_side

    Sorry I’m not sorry for providing a little context when hate gets spewed on a public forum by anonymous commenters.

  • INUnivHoosier

    I don’t disagree that he’s entitled to an opinion. When a person has almost zero good to say in pretty regular commenting, I don’t see a problem with razzing him about it.

  • INUnivHoosier

    1. Hanner hasn’t had a large body of work for you to make that determination, yet. He looks better than he looked last year, in my opinion, and he has hit 62.5% of his free throws (80% in this game), and 70% of his field goals.

    2. Not sure that is really accurate. First, I don’t think the trio will have to put up 50 points in a game. Zeisloft can get hot (like when he scored 24 the other night); Troy isn’t a slouch. Stan can score 15 on any given night. It doesn’t have to come from those three guys.

    3. This is completely subjective. I agree that they should have blown a DII team out of the water, and it took them a while to get things going. If they would have come out of the gates like they finished the first half, they would have blown them out of the water. They are also missing one of the more talented and tall players on the team right now, and they are already suffering from a lack of height.

    4. We’ll have to wait and see how they do against more talented teams.

    5. Good thing we’ve got the guys to do it, then.

  • SilentBob

    Alright your comment made little sense and was just a bunch of facts/opinions shed in a negative light with no rationale. I will attemp to decipher.
    1) Scrap the echelon thing. The Big Ten has been said to be wide open spots 2-10, but there is a reason every single publisher had us 8-10.
    2) I’ve seen no in-depth analysis of the game, but we started 4 guards and from my memory 3 guards (which we will run most of the year) a forward (Hartman), and a “big man” always seemed to spark our runs, but took up little time on the court. Both Hartman (on minute limit) and Hanner had 2 blocks and a steal. I seem to remember most occuring while they were on the floor together. If Hartman can play like that all season, forget role player, he should be starting. You are looking at the whole (btw the other team had a fair share of TOs as well and I always expect that early on young teams) and not the segments. We are experimenting. Also quick people can rebound, quick people who shoot a lot of missed jumpers rebound well (doesn’t mean anything), quick people who take our post player out of the paint rebound great, and all those things plus 2 post players with leverage make a team that rebounds excruciatingly great. Rebounding leads to extra shots so needing to state both is unneeded.
    3) Every shooter knows to keep shooting. Every team knows a shooter can get hot at anytime. This will spread the floor for two of the best players at getting to the rim in the Big 10 in Stan and Troy. In case you forgot they’re out. Also a lot of our “shooters” are more than that. Yogi and Rob can both get in the paint at a high level, and JBJ can score literally anywhere on the floor. If you get to the paint, and you get fouled. A shooter sees his shot go in and suddenly he is hot.
    4) Both offense and defense wins championships. The last few years its gone to the better defensive team, but they were still well rounded. Lets look at the offensive efficiency for championship teams since 2000. Remember these rankings also include little schools like IUPUI and Iona.
    2000 (MSU) – 8th
    2001 (Duke) -3rd
    2002 (Maryland) – 6th
    2003 (Syracuse) – 30th
    2004 (UCONN) – 14th
    2005 (UNC) – 3rd
    2006 (Florida) – 2nd
    2007 (Florida) – 1st
    2008 (Kansas) – 2nd
    2009 (UNC) – 1st
    2010 (Duke) – 5th
    2011 (UCONN) – 45th
    2012 (Kentucky) – 4th
    2013 (Louisville) – 22nd
    2014 (UCONN) – 79th

  • BT

    At some point during the game, watching what appeared to be Zeisloft guarding the paint, I thought ‘Man too bad Jurkin transferred we could possibly use him.”

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    I wouldn’t use the word awful to describe his performance (or lack thereof) in any game. Reminded me of Evan Gordon, who was expected to bring a lot to the table last year…and once in a while he flashed signs of adequacy, but on more than one night he did little more than take up space on the floor. I believe that there’s a little bit of Steve Alford in him–except he’s not as consistent a shooter and he has no one like a Steve Eyl or Brian Sloan setting screens for him to come off of for a shot.

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    Careful what you wish for this early in the season…tougher competition is on the horizon.

  • DeeLyle

    I like the idea of pushing this young team to get better. One way of doing that is through tougher competition. I understand what you’re saying though. Better enjoy the cupcakes while they last. The B1G season is going to be brutal.

  • Ole Man

    I’m not a moderator. Even though you and I don’t always agree, I enjoy reading your posts. That’s why I was surprised to see you stoop to that level.
    I don’t agree with him; but I’ve learned (the hard way) that getting personal with them is simply a waste of good key strokes.
    Ignore him, or overwhelm him with facts.

  • Ole Man

    True……I’m not that familiar with his comments, so I can’t say.
    I can attest to being razzed!! LOL!

  • b_side

    Oh I know you’re not a mod, but you played the part well in that instance. Did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express over the weekend?

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    Holt remains an unknown as a college player. I happen to believe that he has a tremendous upside and hope he doesn’t get homesick around mid-December. When did Williams acquire this tremendous shot blocking ability you believe he possesses? I’m not saying he cannot develop it, but if he’s got it, he’s done a fantastic job of keeping it hidden up to now. Stan hits the court to put the glove on an opposing shooter and which one of the “shooters” gets to log some pine time? TC won’t have enough room to put the best of everyone on the court at the same time.

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    You lost me…who exactly do you think “spewed hate” on a public forum and who are the anonymous commenters?

  • b_side

    We’re all anonymous. Makes it easy to say things you wouldn’t normally to someone’s face.

    Saying that “Hanner is not progressing and will not do much this year” is the utter definition of being hateful in my opinion. It’s been literally two exhibition games and he/she claims to know whether HMP has improved year-over-year and what his fate will be for the rest of the season.

    You didn’t say it – the person I initially responded to did (cooper).

  • Ole Man


  • HoosierHuckleberry

    Up-coming games against SMU, Louisville, Pittsburgh & Georgetown will indicate a lot about what this team is made of. We may just find out who wants to lace ’em up tight and get in the “mix”. I suspect a pleasant surprise may emerge from these games in the play of MH if he’s healthy enough to play and get’s on the court for more than 4-5 minutes.

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    To my eyes, this point guard/yogi’s role is one of two interesting issues to watch as a fan (the other issue is rebounding/frontcourt play). Yogi has stated that he’s now surrounded by shooters and will drive and dish and whatever (in other words yogi has announced that it is his team) while Crean repeatedly has stated that JBJ and RJ will play significant time at point guard (i.e. not yogi’s team). How much? Time will tell. But if RJ can play 35 minutes with only 2 TO’s my guess is he’ll more than split time with yogi. That would create a very interesting situation for yogi: 1) new position (outlet/off the ball player) and 2) kind of a demotion because as the team develops, if RJ is point guard, I’m betting he looks to JBJ and TW before Yogi. I’ll be interested to see if it develops this way and my opinion is that if it does, IU will be better for it.

  • Eugene Debs

    Uh….sure? Do you really think this squad is a 22 win team? I hope you’re right.

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    My comments were largely in response to the comments and opinions which you posted a day ago. Unlike yourself, I see no point or need to “attempt to decipher” the bunch of facts/opinions you wrote. Neither do I see any point in trying to ascertain whatever “rationale” you used…they were your thoughts and obviously were based upon something. Mine were based on watching film, listening to pressers, reading newspaper accounts, following comments on ITH and responses from my Ouija board and the Magic 8-Ball. OK?
    I know how to research data on the net as well. I copied your Offensive list and posted the Defensive rankings & PPG allowed for each of the champs in the millennium:
    2000 (MSU) – 8th //8th @ 58.9
    2001 (Duke) -3rd // 126th @ 69.2
    2002 (Maryland) – 6th // 162d @ 70.9
    2003 (Syracuse) – 30th // 152d @ 69.6
    2004 (UCONN) – 14th // 51st @ 63.9
    2005 (UNC) – 3rd // 203d @ 70.3
    2006 (Florida) – 2nd // 49th @ 63.5
    2007 (Florida) – 1st // 38th @ 62.6
    2008 (Kansas) – 2nd // 21st @ 61.5
    2009 (UNC) – 1st // 272d @ 72.0
    2010 (Duke) – 5th // 22d @ 61.0
    2011 (UCONN) – 45th // 90th @ 65.5
    2012 (Kentucky) – 4th // 23d @ 60.6
    2013 (Louisville) – 22nd // 15th @ 58.3
    2014 (UCONN) – 79th // 31st @63.5
    I invite you to forget the national ranking of the champs and look at the points allowed…you may see a trend there in that every one of these teams found ways to limit whatever offensive skills their opponents brought to the court. Keeping any team in the mid-60’s can sure make it easier to post a “W” if you’ve got any kind of game at all. Certainly none of them succeeded in every game during the season, but when the chips mattered, each played solid “D” and has a banner to prove it.
    I was well aware of the absence of Robinson and Williams and even know why they weren’t available–how ’bout that? Your assumption that one of the “shooters” will get hot and this will somehow spread the floor for either of them to attack the rim once they return is just that, i.e., an assumption. I hope it happens a lot this season, but your saying so is not the same as it actually happening. The days ahead will reveal a lot about this team especially: Nov 20th, Dec 2d, Dec 9th and Dec 27th.

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    I generally dislike undue reliance on statistics to teach or prove a point. However, w/respect to playing a zone and being able to effectively rebound, stats can help teach the players about tendencies and probabilities. From any specific or general spot on the floor, data is available to show what the likelihood is for it to be a long rebound, come off the rim in the paint area, and on which side of the rim the miss is likely to end up. Really sounds complicated, but there are basically only four possibilities: Long to the left, long to the right, short to the left or short to the right. Air balls don’t count. Recall Bill Russell saying something to the effect that most of his rebounds were made before the ball hit the rim, because he studied opponents and had a pretty good knowledge of how that opponent shot the ball. It ain’t rocket science, but it can be taught…and mastered if the player has a mindset to become good on the boards. RJ knows about these things whether he’s aware of it or not. 10 boards is a GREAT night’s work! Actually whether we play zone or man, getting on the glass is still a matter of getting position and blocking out.

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    1st time RJ gets one rejected back into his face, he may realize that shooting with the left hand would have produced much better results. He’s got game!

  • ForeverIU

    From CTC’s comments, and from observing his game, I gather that CTC wants him to play a “complete” game now and not just be a “specialist”. Bad sign, IMO; looks like a case of break something that works in the hopes of making it better. I think Nick should continue to be the “specialist” that he has been thus far, for two reasons: 1) we don’t need him badly from in-game leadership, and 2) we don’t need him competing with Robert for minutes.

  • ForeverIU

    You mess with my team, you mess with me! LOL!

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    Interesting scenario you presented. Where, when and for how many minutes RJ plays will probably depend upon what TC wants or is getting from whomever is the PG. Iowuld guess that having a baller capable of playing extended minutes with minimum turnovers as a PG is a “problem” a lot of coaches would welcome.

  • ForeverIU


    1. Your certainty about Hanner tells me you have psychic powers. Can you tell me if I’m going to be a millionaire??!!

    2. I don’t understand your logic. If you’re not sure Blackmon and Johnson are that good yet, then why consider them as two of the three players who need to make the total of 50 points?

    3. Let’s do some complicated math. IU is missing four of its athletes, therefore IU is lacking in athleticism. Brilliant, cooper; I woulda never thought of that one.

    4, Please tell me I’ll be a millionaire!

    5. Yeah, could not agree more, we need to make a lot of 3s. But no, actually, we need to take a lot of 3s, and with that many good shooters, not all our shooters will have off-nights on the same night.

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    For the record and what it’s worth, I’ve never said anything to anyone at ITH that I wouldn’t say to his/her face. I might reword the comment and add a couple expletives (which for the sake of propriety I try to omit on ITH posts). I’m too old to spend time thinking about what’s attached to my digital footprint…
    I recall the post about Hanner. Perhaps Cooper is the type person who doesn’t feel the need to eat all of the egg or apple to determine if it’s good or bad and voice his opinion. I really haven’t seen enough of Hanner to stand in judgment of his game or Cooper’s comment. I do see 4 significant challenges on the horizon for him (and the team itself, for that matter). I believe we’ll all know more about everyone after Dec 27th.

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    I like round numbers, too, but I don’t see 20 in the plus column unless Emmitt Holt becomes another Ray Tolbert, Landon Turner, D.J. White, Jerrod Jeffries, or perhaps even Noah. Dances are always good when you’ve got vested interests in one of those attending. I believe TC will be in B’town next year regardless of what the W-L record becomes. A couple additional “incidents” may obligate the AD to change TC’s zip code, however. I’m not a fortune teller and I really don’t like to guess about things over which I have no input or control.

  • b_side

    We’ve officially hit the rabbit hole. This went from being productive to assessing some anonymous commenter’s state of mind in order to justify it. I’ll pass. On to the next topic please.

  • SilentBob

    Read the second paragraph of your comment it makes no sense. You replied to my Hartman comment and used the whole teams performance to back it up. Makes no sense. You take my offense comment and minimize this team to shooters, also makes no sense. Then took the fact of Crean’s late start on defense to mean he wasn’t focused on it, which also makes no sense. Then added championship teams win on defense which was neither a topic of discussion (nobody think we’re winning one this year we just need some wins) nor truthful. No I won’t look at the ppg allowed because the ranking justifiably shows that a lot of these teams were average. Also nearly every single one was better on offense which was the crux of the argument in the first place.

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    Couple of counter points for you to consider:
    1. I hope I never see more than 3 of our “shooters” on the floor at the same time. Unless one or more of them can heat up like Vinny Johnson did, they will all need a little time to get in the flow of the game. None of these guys are lights out shooters from the mold of a Jay Edwards, AJ Guyton, Steve Alford or Maurice Creek before the injuries. JBJ may be close, though.
    2. I’ll be surprised to see any of these shooters get more than an occasional wide open look against the decent teams. Just out of curiosity, have you seen anyone set a screen lately???
    3. In the most recent game, IU turned the ball over on over 25% of its possessions according to the Indy Star. Ouch!
    4. Let’s suppose that each of them shoot an average of 40% from beyond the arc. KenPom stats will indicate that this will produce an EFG% in the low to mid-50’s. That is a truly great achievement! On the flip side is a nasty little number for which you don’t need Pomeroy’s computations to determine. At a 40% success rate, 6 out of every 10 shots become loose balls up for grabs, and last time I checked IU’s not blessed with a bevy of rebounding talents anywhere on the court.
    If I were an opposing coach, I’d focus on rebounding and locking down at least 1 of the guys most likely to score…or locking down the one who is scoring and take my chances with the others.

  • SilentBob

    I don’t know, as far as in game shooters go, Yogi is pretty lights out when he isn’t getting wild. Also on the rebounding note, like Indianapolis, IU is a very quick team. Unlike most teams filled with shooters, we also posses great speed from most of our guards. They’re pretty strong too. We also have a couple of high fliers. We won’t win many battles in the trenches, but I do expect us to win a good amount of “lose ball” rebounds.

  • ForeverIU

    An item by item response. Come on Huckleberry, you promised a couple of points, and here I am at 2 am having to respond to 4 four of them:

    1. The shooters don’t have to be in the game at the same time for them to combine for many shots. Overall during a game, our 4-6 lethal shooters will have all put in some minutes, and at most one or two of them will have an off-night on any given night.

    2. Yes, I have seen many screens!

    3. Yes, turnovers, we had 18, but Indy had 14. If this year we can at least match our turnovers with high turnover rates from our opponents, then we’ll at least maintain some parity.

    4. Rebounding: three of our good rebounders (yes, including Emmitt, his forte) have been in the locker room charting the games. Wait till they unleash their rebounding prowess on poor SMU, who now have to face them without their big man Markus Kennedy. LOL! I don’t think rebounding will continue to be a problem.

  • Sarasota Hoosier

    Totally agree. He doesn’t appear to have the skills necessary to be the “complete” player. History has shown that trying to change a shooter into more than that ultimately hurts their shooting skills.


    INUnivHossier is right, cooper doesn’t ever seem to have anything positive to say, he may have had one somewhere along the line, but if so I don’t remember it. If he is only going to put out negative comments he has to expect at least a little bit of pushback after so many, and as long as it is done in a civil manner and doesn’t turn into a pi$$ing match, I’m ok with it in those kind of situations.

  • thrawnjan

    I just quoted what Yogi said. I thought it was amusing that he put it that way.

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    The only thing which makes no sense to me is your apparent unwillingness or inability to grasp and understand comments which question your own opinions and/or ideas.
    1) You were the one who brought up Hartman’s performance and mentioned how relatively smooth the half-court defense was w/3 guards, Hartman and a big. We’ll see how smooth this team’s half-court “D” is in a couple days.
    2) You also spent considerable time talking about how the shooters would be able open the floor to create space for others to attack the rim. I simply pointed out that very few teams will just stand around and watch our shooters jack up shots. Made sense to me; sorry if you got lost somewhere along the way.
    3) I never said that TC wasn’t “focused” on defense–that was your choice of words to use. The reference to his time in the Izzone pertained to the emphasis Izzo places on Defense being the 1st order of business to address. Shooters gonna shoot and scorers gonna score, but if you manage to shut them down w/good “D”, you enhance your own team’s chance of grabbing a “W”. Makes sense to me. TC, by his own admission, said that the staff had not spent very much time teaching D to the team. His choice. We’ll soon see if it was a good decision or not.
    4) You charted the NCAA champs’ Offensive efficiency. I posted stats regarding their Defensive efficiency simply to point out that regardless of a team’s ability to score points, they’ve got to be able to limit their opponent’s offensive effectiveness. Pretty basic observation. How did it not make sense?
    5) Even though you didn’t bother to look at the PPG allowed by the more recent NCAA champs, if you had taken a moment to look at the actual number and not the national ranking, the majority of those teams kept opponents in the low to mid 60 PPG range. IF IU can even approach this feat, the team may be the surprise of the nation.

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    Sorry I kept you up this morning. Being retired, time of day remains a relative thing to me. I spent most of my life as past of the “night culture” so 2 AM to me is sort of early in the day…good points you made.
    This tem has so many unknowns and variables right now that it is almost impossible to predict what the coming games will be like. I think they’re capable of putting together a very good season (in the top 4 of the B1G) IF a couple pieces get put together and no more incidents occur…

  • SilentBob

    Haha no I understand everyone elses quite fine. That second paragraph wasn’t coherent and had little to do with Hartman and then said “seriously” at the end? Seriously what you failed to make any kind of point.

    I didn’t mention OUR spread until you minimized them to shooters.

    I brought up the Crean’s own admission thing, you don’t have to tell me. However the way you used his time under Izzo was shed in a negative like. Just say you like Izzo. It has nothing to do with Crean not learning anything.

    Needing both defense and offense is common sense. I’m not the one making a ridiculous claim that one or the other will win a championship

    I did look at the numbers, and the majority did not do what you say. Of course I consider low 60’s to be 60-62 but hey at the end of the day most of them we’re higher rated on offense which still beats your argument that defense wins. Slice it anyway you wish.

  • Ole Man

    Thanks, Mike. I respect your opinions. If he is indeed as you say he is, then pushback would be appropriate.

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    As the season progresses in B’town, I hope you can truly enjoy watching the shooters shoot and perhaps even find greater joy when the scorers score from anywhere on the court. I also hope you are able to find some real comfort in watching the “relatively smooth” zone and man defenses IU employs.
    However, on the night(s) when the wheels seem to be coming off because: the turnovers approach or exceed last year’s numbers; the scorers are not able to score; the shooters don’t get open shots or get them blocked; the lanes to the rack get closed down; and, when the rebounds don’t favor us, you can always explain the game’s outcome on bad karma, misalignment of the stars, the weather, or Fisher’s mid-December transfer last yr. Please do not ever allow yourself to wonder what might have changed if the defense had been able to…..
    Regardless of what you may think or want to believe, no matter what the sport is, defense is the one constant that every player can bring to the game 24/7/365. D will certainly not win a championship by itself, but it sure will keep you in the game. Lombardi knew this, so did Wooden, RMK, Chuck Noll, Bill Walsh, Lute Olson, Gene Keady, “Coach K”, Calhoun, Ryan, Matta, Izzo, Pitino, Coach Cal, Donovan and Miller. TC appears to be among those who are still trying to decide whether to emphasize offense or defense. Keep your pom poms handy.

  • SilentBob

    Again I said the defense ran relatively smoothly (keyword relative, meaning in comparison to our other defensive outcomes with other players thus far in this sense) while Hartman was on the floor with 3 guards and Hanner. I didn’t mean in any way our half-court defense or defense in whole was smooth. In fact, like every one else, I was quite unimpressed. However I realize there is heavy experimenting going on with loss of so many key players. I also understand its a young season with young players, mistakes are going to be abundant.

    I don’t think Crean is trying to emphasize either. I think he understands that offense is what he does best and also has an abundance of talented parts than he needs to work in unison to give his team the best chance to win. I will have my pom pom’s ready because that’s what fans do. Root for their team through thick and thin. I’m expecting both from this team. Again I don’t undermine defense, continue to put words in my mouth all you wish.

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    I hope some day the $3 million man will have another team with more returning players than incoming recruits. It might lessen the need to continually experiment; it would also decrease the likelihood of hearing the “we’re young and lack experience” comment in post-game pressers.
    I will be an IU fan until I die and will continue to root for them every chance I get. I think TC would be a great neighbor, motivational speaker, professor or relative. The fact that I don’t embrace him as the next great coach at IU nor do I think he has the requisite skill set to return IU to elite status is a given. He did well in righting the ship. I don’t think he’s capable of steering it out of the harbor. I could be 100% wrong–heck, I’ve been wrong before.
    Enjoy our season–if a couple pieces fall in place, it should at least be better than 2013-14.

  • SilentBob

    You as well. Apologies for the misunderstanding.

  • HoosierHuckleberry

    No need for the apology–everything’s OK–I enjoyed the opportunities to chat w/you! Be well in the days ahead.