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Thoughts on a 76-63 win over the University of Indianapolis:

Hanner Watch

As the Greyhounds connected on a shot after shot to start the contest, Hanner Mosquera-Perea picked up two early fouls and two early turnovers.

And yet: For a second straight game, the good outweighed the bad. No fouls or turnovers the rest of the game. The junior finished with a near double-double (14 points, eight rebounds) to go along with two blocks, two assists and a steal in 28 minutes of action. He’s still messy around the rim and with the ball in his hands, and maybe that’s just how it’s going to be this season. But he was able to parlay such efforts around the hoop into an 8-of-10 performance at the line, totaling nearly half the attempts of Indiana’s 19-of-25 mark from the charity stripe.

Mosquera-Perea almost brought the house down twice. Once, he slammed it home on a breakaway as Indiana was whistled for a ten-second violation. Another time near the end of the contest, Yogi Ferrell bounced it off the backboard for Mosquera-Perea to dunk it on another breakway, but he had to settle for a lay-in as Ferrell’s bounce off the backboard also hit the rim.

More opportunities to come.

Collin Hartman, Robert Johnson Shine

Collin Hartman wasn’t expected to be back on the court so soon. Yet, not only is he here now, but he’s making his presence felt. Hartman oozed confidence all game and was a difference-maker on both ends. He had two nice blocks on the defensive side of the ball and scored eight points, including a 2-of-2 mark from 3-point range. Hartman is unlikely to be the first man off the bench after Troy Williams, Stanford Robinson and Emmitt Holt come off suspension. But this sort of production out of the end of your rotation is a nice luxury to have.

Johnson struggled with his shot in last week’s exhibition opener. Not the case tonight. A perfect 6-of-6 performance (and 1-of-1 mark from the line) including two from beyond the arc for 15 points and three assists in 35 minutes of action. Johnson aided in Indiana’s 22-0 run to end the first half, as he, Ferrell, James Blackmon Jr., Nick Zeisloft (who had a night to forget: 0-of-6, five turnovers) and Hartman shared the ball well around the perimeter, which opened things up for wing and corner 3s.

This was Indiana’s offense firing at its best and it stands to have even more weapons upon Williams’ and Robinson’s return.

Notes, Etc.

In his Hoosier debut, Max Hoetzel aggressively went to the hoop on one occasion in each half. He was looking to make a splash. In the second, he did his best Vince Carter/Shawn Kemp impression, trying to tomahawk over a Greyhound defender. He missed his only 3-point attempt of the night and turned the ball over late on a pass to Mosquera-Perea.

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Indiana did a nice job taking care of the ball last week in its first exhibition win, but tonight it returned to its old ways with a turnover percentage of 26.4, though it balanced it with an effective field goal percentage of 59.3 on the strength of a 9-of-22 mark from deep.

With Johnson and Blackmon Jr. both capable ballhandlers, it feels different seeing Ferrell playing more of the ball and not having to do everything like a season ago. He played a closer role tonight late, hitting a nice lefty lay-up over the defense with the shot clock expiring, a jumper and then making that aforementioned off-the-backboard pass to Mosquera-Perea. Indiana simply doesn’t have to over-rely on Ferrell this season with the influx of perimeter talent, and it’ll make the offense better. All that said, Ferrell still led all scorers with 19 points on 7-of-11 shooting.

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  • Darrell Allen

    What an offensive remark concerning Hartman and the greatest player to ever play the game! Where I came from in Indiana, we call that good “help-defense” and “sagging the middle”. In my time it was taught in grade school BB 101. Any D1 player should not have to be told that!

  • You can’t be putting Nick Zeisloft in the same breath as the players you just listed, right? Yes, John Stockton and Steve Kerr was very important. Not sure why you’re defending NZ so hard when all I said was that Rob Johnson should be starting over him. NZ is primarily a catch and shoot player, correct? He shoots very well. BUT so does RJ. RJ also holds the advantage in many other categories. Overall scoring ability, ability to run the pg, rebounding, passing the ball, and he’s a FAR better defender….
    I’m looking forward to an argument based in fact. Please leave NBA HOF’ers out of this discussion please. They don’t belong here.

  • ForeverIU

    You’re telling Mr. LOL to lighten up? LOL!

  • Darrell Allen

    Facts? That’s good humor! Maybe you should check the stats from IU’s first few games in Canada and especially against Norwood. You obviously don’t have a clue as to my point, so I won’t waste space spelling it out for you! It’s most likely a generational thing! I simply know for a fact that athleticism does not always trump basic basketball smarts and maturity! Just ask the Lakers during Bird’s era, or RMK’s opponents (Syracuse with its NBA elite) with a bunch of under recruited farm boys like Alford. RJ is a wonderful prospect and will undoubtedly get his fair share of PT and deserved glory, but NZ has demonstrated he is quite worthy of his PT in his own right.

  • SilentBob

    Do doubt I think he will have a similar role offensively as Shurna in years to come. One of my favorites to watch in the BIG recently. However he needs lots of work with his fundamentals on defense and rebounding. Laimbeer was a fundamentals kind, but for now I’d just like him to get physical like a lot of the bad boy Piston teams. This team needs some “dirty” players IMO

  • You literally refuted nothing I said. You make some absurd assumption that RJ is only more athletic than NZ and doesn’t possess the smarts that NZ has. Did you watch what he did last night, or was it past your bedtime? He played like a veteran guard. Displayed unusually high IQ for a player his age, and defends and rebounds much better than NZ. Now what is your argument against that? Please give me something other than a rant where you’re bringing Larry Bird and the Celtics, the lakers, Bob knight, Steve Alford, John Stockton, and Steve Kerr in the mix. My original comment in no way should have elicited the response you gave me. I think NZ is a good player and a great shooter but I think RJ brings more to the table and should get more minutes. I believe if we are gonna start 3 guards, that 3rd guard needs to be able to defend. Not a bad trade off considering that RJ was rated as the 2nd best shooter in the class behind Blackmon.

  • Zach

    -I can’t overemphasize how much I loved how Collin Hartman played yesterday. He seemed confident and right in the swing of things. While he’s not the fastest one on the court by any means, he seems very smart and I don’t think it’s unrealistic he could back up Troy at the 4 spot and be a stretch player
    -Don’t know what the final numbers were but it felt like we got smashed on the boards and it wasn’t pretty. Hard to expect anything less with a 4 guard lineup most of the time, but hopefully this changes when we get some reinforcements back. I know it will never be a strength though
    -Robert Johnson was great and Nick not so much. They pulled a flip flop from the first game
    -Looking at the numbers after, it seems like JBJ had an “off night” but it didn’t feel like it watching live. If that’s his off night, I’ll take it
    -Perea was meh IMO but did well not to pick up any fouls the rest of the game after his first 2. His rebounding efforts left much to be desired from me anyway

  • AgentaAllstar7

    Hopefully much bigger upgrade than howard

  • AgentaAllstar7

    College Refs suck almost all the time

  • Darrell Allen

    Screw you condescending asshole!

  • The guy who made the initial condescending comment that completely took my original comment out of context, is calling me a condescending a**hole? Copy that! “It must be a generational thing.” No that’s not condescending at all is it? Here’s an idea old man, how about not fire shots, miss, and then act hurt and surprised when there is return fire. Enjoy your day and the last half of your trek into senility.