Film Session: Offensive options

  • 08/15/2014 8:22 am in

Another¬†change of possession¬†on the right side of the court, another Hoosier getting things going. This time it’s Johnson grabbing a weakside rebound and taking it up the court:


Johnson looks for options on the left, but has nothing:


As he continues to go left, he spins and finds Stanford Robinson on the right wing:


Robinson dribbles to the baseline with his right hand:


And scores on the other side of the hoop with his right hand:


Instead of the 3-pointer on the break, this time Johnson stayed patient and let the crafty Robinson — who flashed a more ambidextrous game in Canada — do his thing. And it’s yet another Hoosier duo hooking up after Williams to Blackmon and Blackmon to Ferrell in the plays above.


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  • Brklynhoosier

    Love it!!!

  • Gregory Spera

    It is so simple, it’s almost ridiculous. Three of the four highlighted sets were just about having several players that can actually hit a WIDE OPEN THREE, this year. Amazing.

  • shknqk

    Btw, this is only gonna make the next 7 weeks or so that much more difficult of a wait.

  • Kyl470

    Hopefully this year Yogi will be able to be a distributor and not the primary scorer. In a perfect world JBJ and Troy will be the two leading scorers and Yogi will average about 13 ppg. and 7 assists a game.

  • HoosierFan76

    The first play, when Troy ran down the rebound past every single defender then found JBJ for the 3, was my favorite. Troy seems to have a great sense of knowing where the ball will be coming off the rim on a shot – he’s always right there to either get a rebound or back off when he sees that a teammate has it.

  • You are correct. Fixed in the copy.

  • shknqk

    Yogis number won’t be that high bc if hockey assists