Updated: Class of 2015 Indiana recruiting board

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The July evaluation periods have come to an end and it’s time for a major update to our 2015 recruiting board.

Several new frontcourt targets have emerged, including a big man from Tennessee who is on the rise nationally and appears to have the Hoosiers among his top five schools.

Take a look at where things stand with Indiana’s recruiting efforts in our latest recruiting board, which includes links to player profiles, rankings, school lists and much more.

2015 Indiana basketball recruiting board

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  • ronb

    I have 5 Children and 9 Grandkids and everyone of them have an I-Phone and access to a computer. They are on those things 24/7 and I would bet these players IU is trying to recruit watch what is said about them and our Coaches. Someone said I doubt what we say would matter to a recruit, oh but it does.

    It is clear that some dislike our current Coaches and their game plans which is fine by me, but social media is not the place to air it out if you really care about the IUBB program because these kids read your negative comments, right or wrong, and then go somewhere else to play. There are other places like the “Forum” where you can voice your opinions with a very, very, small chance a recruit would read your comments.

    Right now during the hot recruiting season is not the time to talk about it. Coaches weakness may be clear but right now is very poor timing if you care about IUBB. I would think even the worst TC hater still wants IU to become elite and we can’t get there if we trash talk our program, our Coaches, our players and future recruits during the recruiting season. Maybe there are some that want Coach to fail so badly they will say anything to make that happen. If he goes, I do not want the next Coach to have one player when they take over.

    I will give you all a current example: My grandson came home to tell us that fans had made comments about our Coach and his ability to Coach bigs and a recruit did not like the comments. This player is now in HS at Southport. He is a big who grew up loving IUBB and loved his time with the Coaches only to hear and read the negative stuff. In his eyes we could have dropped a notch in his recruiting, however, he has tough skin so he wrote it off as just a few fans who were unhappy. We are lucky that he is a good kid but other good kids could be totally turned off about IU after reading some of this stuff that is posted. This kid may still go somewhere other than IU but please be advised what you say is getting to them!!

  • HoosierGrampy

    Before you call out someone who posts on this forum, you might want to take a chill pill, step back and re-read your almost inane comments about recruiting “big men”. You brag about CZ and NV getting in the lottery as some sort of great accomplishment for Crean. UK put more into the Draft in 1 year than CTC has in his entire coaching career. Two in 2 yrs proves absolutely nothing regarding a CONSISTENT ability to recruit bigs. IU signed 5 bigs in the most recent 3 yrs: 1 has health problems, 2 go to the NBA early, 1 leaves mid-season and 1 will be a junior w/less than 100 minutes of court time. The day LF leaves, our $3 million man and his staff have NV and HMP as the front court for the 2013-14 and perhaps the 2014-15 seasons. I hope that they really tried hard to fill the void Fisher created and that TP and JA can contribute something this coming season. The remaining quality bigs on the 2015 board aren’t standing in line to schedule official visits to IU…tell me about how he excels at getting bigs to B’town. They may not be an integral part of his “system”, but his system cannot work without someone to block shots and rebound. A team of 6’3″ to 6’7″ ballers simply won’t get it done these days.
    Granted there are very few classic big men in the NBA…they are not too often found in the NCAA either, but that doesn’t mean they cannot or will not become relevant again. Fans seem to prefer seeing the “3” drop these days.

  • HoosierGrampy

    I have never said that CTC is a horrible recruiter or a horrible coach. I have as much right to comment on his recruit wish list and his inexplicable in-game substitution patterns/adjustments as your right to purport that he is without fault and next in line to be inducted in the HOF.
    The boards at those other schools which you mentioned in all likelihood do not contain much negativity and for a very good reason: they ARE top programs with top coaches who produce winning records EVERY YEAR, and send players to the NBA on a consistent basis. IU isn’t quite there, yet.
    I am flattered that you think my comments–or anybody’s comments for that matter–have anything to do with a recruit deciding to come to IU or go elsewhere. There are 17,472 seats (voices) at Assembly Hall, over 1 million alumni and countless fans throughout the world; yet you want to blame me and/or anyone who posts a critical comment as the reason IU cannot seem to consistently recruit and keep a big man on campus? What else would you like to accuse us of: global warming, rising health care costs, unrest in the Middle East, the influx of illegals through the Southern border?

  • HoosierGrampy

    You have a good point regarding the impact of social media sites on today’s young people!. My grandson and granddaughter would rather be grounded for life than to lose their iPhone for a day or week. As significant as these outlets might be, I would submit that there is more than one coach who takes delight in comparing and/or contrasting his coaching philosophy and his school’s program with ours. I said before that IU can at the minimum equal or exceed anything any other D1 school can offer except for two things. In case a potential recruit is reading this, I won’t cite those two items. Should be fairly obvious to any regular reader.