• SCHoosier

    VO handled himself well as usual..but I have to say..if he got a “Sports Communication” degree from IU..and doesn’t understand that during a TV interview..u look at the interviewer or at the camera..but NEVER stare off into space or give attention to somebody else in the room…he was sleeping in class! Basic media communication posture. Surprised neither he nor Rome commented on the tough TO year he had ( which may have cost him ROY.) Have to say though.. Vic never got credit for having to learn the toughest position in the pro’s “on the fly.”

  • mckillio

    Agree with everything you stated, hopefully he can spend a lot more time at the 2 this year.

  • I think the tough TO year was covered by the fact that he was playing PG for the first time in his life as an NBA rookie.