Film Session: The Yogi-Troy connection

  • 03/10/2014 9:45 am in

Yogi Ferrell dished out a season-high eight assists in IU’s 84-80 loss to Michigan on Saturday night. The sophomore did a great job of breaking down the Wolverine defense off the dribble and finding teammates for scores.

Freshman Troy Williams (16 points) was often on the receiving end of those passes, as he was smart in movement off the ball for buckets.

A look at four assists from Ferrell to Williams in the latest edition of Film Session:

The Hoosiers quickly bring the ball up the court and it looks as if they’re getting into their weave action on the perimeter with a handoff from Ferrell to Stan Robinson:


Ferrell ends up keeping the ball on the sneak and all Derrick Walton can do is point for someone to pick Ferrell up. Glenn Robinson III slides over to cover up the rim and stop Ferrell’s drive:


Ferrell is met by Robinson, but he keeps his dribble and goes baseline:


As this is happening, Williams comes in off the wing in motion. Ferrell spots him, jumps and threads a hot pass:


Williams gets it, takes a step and dunks over Jordan Morgan, getting fouled in the process:



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  • Brklynhoosier

    Is it bad that I’m kind of more looking forward to next year than the next few weeks? Troy and Stan have made a lot of progress, and when we have some shooters to keep defenses from sagging down and packing the lane, we should see this kind of thing pretty often…

  • N71

    I’m with you…while I’m excited about the development of Troy, Stan, and Devin and the arrival of the new freshman, I’m a little concerned about our frontline assuming Noah is off to the NBA. That leaves us with Hanner who is showing signs but is only 1 dude, then Peter and I guess Devin who will be asked to do a little of everything (Hollowell = wing). If Peter can be healthy and effective for next season that’s would really help alleviate some of the concerns.

  • I wouldn’t plan on Peter Jurkin giving us anything next year. Its Noah or bust. We only Hanner is 6′ 8″ and the biggest option we’d have. None of this would be a major concern if Luke Fischer wouldn’t have left.

  • inLinE6

    I’m hoping Troy and Stan can develop some jump shots on their own. I’ve seen numerous times the defenders giving open looks to Stan without any fear.

  • Snookafly

    Troy has a good looking mid-to-short range jumper. I just think he lacks the confidence to use it most of the time. He also seems a little more focused on the highlight reel.