Big Ten announces 2014-2015 schedule, single plays

  • 02/28/2014 1:16 pm in

The Big Ten announced its 2014-15 men’s basketball schedule this afternoon.

Indiana will play Michigan State, Maryland, Ohio State, Purdue and Rutgers twice next season.

The Hoosiers will host Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Penn State for single plays and travel to Illinois, Nebraska, Northwestern and Wisconsin for single plays.

The full 2014-15 Big Ten Basketball schedule is available after the jump.


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  • Nicholas Allen Cotner

    What do we even call this conference now? Lol

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    I agree on Illinois too. With campus proximity to one another and the being a border state I feel they are number two. Up north they will say Meeeeeshigan though for our number 2.

  • calbert40

    It probably isn’t worth discussing much, because I don’t know that it will happen, honestly, but I disagree that it would take meaning off of the regular season.

    There really would be no difference between what was done this year and what would happen if they went to divisions in that regard. We would just always know the schedule. OSU would ALWAYS play UM twice. IU would ALWAYS play PU twice. I like that, because I believe it upholds the traditional rivalries, while helping to build new ones. As you mentioned, OSU and PSU have a budding rivalry that didn’t take too terribly long to grow.

    I understand your point regarding OSU in with Maryland and Rutgers, but I don’t see another way to do it, honestly. Truthfully, I’d rather IU be in the East with their rivals like UM, MSU and OSU. In the West, we’d get PU and Illinois, which many of us believe are our two biggest rivals, but we really don’t have much of a rivalry with any of the other schools out West either.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    I like this. Nice work!