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Thoughts on a 69-58 loss to the Badgers:

For a half, the Hoosiers silenced the Kohl Center.

They moved the ball. They found good looks. They went to their three best offensive players in Yogi Ferrell, Noah Vonleh and Will Sheehey. Wisconsin came in riding a five-game winning streak, shooting 40 percent from distance during that stretch. It ended the half shooting just 1-of-10 from 3-point range. The Badgers had some good looks here and there, sure, but Indiana also did a nice job of sticking with their men and doing its typical mix of man and zone defense.

IU carried a 10-point lead at 29-19 into the break, and maybe, just maybe, Wisconsin’s hot streak was about to end.

But from the onset of the second half, Wisconsin was on a mission. A Traveon Jackson drive and score, a Josh Gasser jumper, two free throws from Sam Dekker, a 3-pointer from Dekker, a 3-pointer from Ben Brust, another 3-pointer from Brust, a lay-up from Frank Kaminsky, two free throws from Kaminsky, a Burst 3-pointer, a steal and score from Dekker, a Bronson Koening drive and score, a jumper from Dekker, two free throws from Dekker, a lay-up from Dekker, a 3-pointer from Gasser.

Troy Williams got burnt on some of those drives. And if Wisconsin got any space from 3-point land, sometimes from Indiana losing guys or over-helping, it was firing and it seemed almost always hitting. What had been a 10-point lead flipped to a 12-point deficit with 5:09 to go, and Indiana was just about toast. (Though, it should be noted the Hoosiers had some nice offensive possessions early in the second half to weather the storm a bit and got Vonleh the ball in a variety of ways. But as the half wore on and Wisconsin couldn’t miss, Indiana stopped moving the ball, hurried things and that was about that.)

The numbers from Wisconsin’s second half were ridiculous: 1.71 points per possession, 90.4 free throw rate (FTA/FGA)  76.1 effective field goal percentage, just one turnover. (For the game, Wisconsin turned it over on just 5.3 percent of its possessions. Spectacular.) This wasn’t so much an Indiana meltdown as we’ve seen on the road in the second half this year; it was an Wisconsin explosion with essentially no mistakes. The Badgers were around a 10-point favorite in this one and that’s just about where it landed. It just happened in an unconventional way.

Some other notes: Vonleh took 15 shots and was one off of a career-high with 18 points. There shouldn’t be any griping about him not getting enough opportunity tonight. Will Sheehey scored Indiana’s first seven points of the contest and looks to be more engaged offensively over the last two games, though those would be the only points he’d record in the contest. The Hoosiers turned the ball over on a respectable 17.7 percent of their possessions. Stanford Robinson didn’t start again tonight, and is still a little erratic at times in the paint, but finished the contest 3-of-6 (seven points).

Three home games in a row coming up for the Hoosiers, and all and all, this isn’t the worst one to take into Assembly Hall.

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  • SCHoosier

    At this stage of the season..I think Stan deserves all of Gordon’s minutes. That said..u must then accept Stan’s often reckless play, inability to help you at the line…fight over screens..leave his man on the perimeter etc etc etc.

  • Luke

    Turd Ryan took over a team that had made a final four. He never had to rebuild anything.

  • SCHoosier

    Once again Will started like a demon and disappeared into the depths of Badger hell in the second half. I guess those two air balls after his hot start got to him.

  • I am with you on that. I really don’t see why we use Gordon at all. I just do not like seeing him enter the game anymore. It just seems like he brings nothing offensively recently and hasn’t since early in the season… and he can’t defend at all..

  • FeatheryOne

    Haha, a lot of people on these threads are bent out of shape after every one of these games. Even the victories. And instead of thinking outside the box and finding positive ways for our team to improve, they find a scapegoat. Shows lack of character on our part as fans. I think the expectations people have for this current group remain unrealistic.

  • SCHoosier

    I know there’s always the foul excuse Fact is WIS plays better D…and if you want to point out officiating..mention the (at least) three travels IU got away with last night. It’sa road game..home team has an advantage. Doesn’t ecuse being beat one on on to thebucket or leaving good 3 pt shooters wide open.

  • FeatheryOne

    After watching Frank Kaminski do his triple fake down low he got away with a few travels as well.

  • SCHoosier

    After the first game..Bo aid “we have to learn to defend.” Adjustments were made..IU had no outside threats to open floor spacing..penetration this game was almost impossible. End of sad story.

  • deebo

    Well said my friend

  • deebo

    While other teams are making adjustments we eat cheese and drink wine because we are just happy to be there.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    Dakich praised the move as well and told post men watching at home that the moves were clinical. Was there a travel? If so Dakich missed it (or didn’t care if he did).

  • BeatWisconsin

    I was at the game and watched for this. It at least appears that Troy is watching the offensive player’s face and/or the ball (if I had to guess, he was looking right at the ball). As such, any slight fake and Troy is headed the wrong way. I was taught to watch the offensive player’s chest to minimize being faked.

    I think some of the guys on our team were so much better than others in high school that they didn’t learn or fully embrace some fundamentals – which is catching up with them big time in college.

  • Walton

    Wisconsin seemed over-matched in the first half – position by position, but then that just got all jumbled up in the second half

  • Kenneth234

    It is clear to me that the issue with the defense is lack of competition from each individual defender. The awareness is very low as well from each player on the floor. It is obvious to me that the players may understand the defensive scheme, however they do not seem to understand the opponents tendencies. They have problems with understanding where the offense is likely to be after they rotate to help on the ball and this causes them to react late and get beat either on a open shot or by a player who is not as athletic beating them off the dribble and causing further defensive break downs. The main culprit though is that they do not compete with their man until after they get the ball. No one works hard to deny the ball to their man through out a possession. There is no one that understands what the offense is trying to get done and make the ball movement difficult to accomplish. And there was no difference in any of these aspects between the first half and the second half last night. The only reason Wisconsin only scored 19 points is because they missed shots, and nothing more.
    And to be clear, I do not blame the coaching staff, this is all the players. From Yogi, to Sheehey, to Vonleh, to every player on the roster. No one is doing the work in the film room to know their opponents tendencies.

  • BeatWisconsin

    Both posts – extremely well said. I get the same feedback from all my office mates. They still think IU should be on a higher level (It’s Indiana after all).

  • calbert40

    I’m not suggesting the refs cost us the game, but just that the disparity in FTAs was going to be extremely difficult to overcome. They scored 20 more points from the line than we did. Also, I am not suggesting that they shouldn’t have been at the line that often, but I think the other stats within the game suggest that we should have been there MORE often than we were.

    We only had 3 FTAs all night, and that is something that this team does well…get to the line. The stark disparity is eye opening to me. If that disparity was closed (even by half), I think we have a good chance to leave there with a win. Part of that is on us, part on UW’s strong D in the 2H…but part is on some shaky officiating as well.

  • calbert40

    I understood that you agreed. Just giving some more depth to my point.

  • Outoftheloop

    Poor defensive fundamentals. It starts with no defensive stance. He is not squarely in front of his man, so any fake and he is leaning side wise in one direction, the offensive player moves past him in the other direction. Any contact bumps Troy out of the way.

  • calbert40

    I’m an HMP fan too, and I hope he can grow from this mistake, but I feel it is WAY to quick of a reinstatement. Honestly, that was the one thing that I was most upset about last night. Frankly, I was surprised by that.

    So far as the 2H adjustments, I see the point, and don’t necessarily disagree with it, but a LOT of what happened in both halves last night was dependent upon shooting. UW couldn’t hit water off of the beach in the 1H despite the open looks. UW couldn’t miss in the 2H from outside. I don’t know how much Ryan (or Crean) had to do with that.

    Still, the point probably needs to be conceded slightly that Crean is much better at preparing a team to play than he is at adjusting midgame. Hopefully, that is something he can improve.

  • calbert40

    Right. I’m just disappointed in that. I thought Crean had handled it beautifully up until the reinstatement. He had said all the right things, and done something that is difficult to do: he publicly stood by his player and gave support while simultaneously reprimanding him and showing his strong disapproval. Then he only gives him two games? I’m less than thrilled by that decision.

  • gman

    IMO… WS is not having a good senior year. He seems to turn the ball over a lot. More times than not they are in the worst of times.

  • Outoftheloop

    27 games in to this season and Indiana has NO team identity. A lot of pieces are there. Yogi at PG, Will at Wing, Noah at PF. But Will just can’t make his shots. Yogi can’t just be a PG because he and Noah are the only threats from 3, and Yogi must score 20/game. Noah is our “Loan Ranger” Big, but IU needs 15 plus shots/game from him, so he has to move out to the 3 line. I thought that after the WI and MI victories we would become a rebounding, tough defense, share the ball team. The first half “yes”, the second half “no”. Indiana just can not sustain good play.

  • FeatheryOne

    I re-watched the play via DVR during a commercial and his pivot foot definitely calls for a travel. Even the NBA would have made that call.

  • FeatheryOne

    He has definitely struggled this year. Great role player/sixth man but the ability to create and be a playmaker just isn’t there in my opinion.

  • Earl Scheib

    Loved seeing Will come out smoking, and kept scratching my head in disbelief as he hit nothing but backboard from close range twice and made a few sloppy turnovers. Not what I expected out of him this year, but such is life. He’s been a great Hoosier, 1000 pt scorer, and I hope his last few games are memorable ones and that he goes out with a few nice wins under him. That having been said, last night was yet another dissolution. It’s pretty obvious this team is lacking mental tenacity and fortitude. The HMP debacle points to a team that is probably not 100% focused on basketball–which is a darn shame after the kind of tireless workers and guys who went all out that we had in here the past few years. Dak was right in his assessment of TW “playing” and the other dude from Wisy “competing.” Sums up the season for me pretty much.

  • MillaRed

    I agree. Travel non calls were even. I’m not saying it cost us the game. But it is so mentally draining when you are not getting calls. You are already on the road. Too much to overcome.

    I’m really surprised so many are defending a 24-3 FT disparity. Just awkward.

  • The_Bob_Michaels

    I, too, expected Will to be much better than what he has. Last year he was really inconsistent as a scorer and sadly it’s gotten even worse. Overall, I don’t think he improved that much from his sophomore to senior seasons.

    For a team that has a lot of inexperienced players and lacks solid shooters, getting next to nothing from your two seniors is a killer.

  • JetpackJunky

    Every time I listen to Dakich lately he seems to know less and less about what he’s talking about. I don’t know if it’s just some bias of mine or if his Aaron Craft love has been slowly rotting his brain but I find myself thinking “are you even listening to yourself talk” much more frequently with him.

  • JetpackJunky

    Should have at least been three. Then he could say “At least he didn’t fight a guy on the basketball court”. Plus, it’s not like HMP’s suspension has had a big negative effect on the team’s performance. Could have held it off.

  • JetpackJunky

    Our history is ridiculously clean. Look on any other Big Ten team’s wikipedia and count the number of starred seasons they have where they forfeit Tourny appearances or records. I am proud that we don’t have that at least.

  • JetpackJunky

    That’s how Will is. That’s why last year he was awesome as a Sixth man and this year he is not awesome as a starter. Better with fewer minutes and higher energy.

  • bojak

    You have to give UW’s players credit, they hit there 3’s in the 2nd half. But then again they were wide open most of the time. Let me get someones opinion on this. When I play BB when we played man to man we were responsible for the person we were guarding. If the guy I was guarding scored 30 pts. then we didn’t guard to good. Sure we still needed to switch when needed but everyone had a guy to guard. It seems that now everyone is trying to help out so much that when the ball is reversed that a player always seems to be wide open. I say guard your man and let everyone else worry about there own man. If you don’t agree with this, I understand.

  • He’s fully capable of being a 18-20 guy right now. hes had like 4 games with double digit shots and those were all at the low end of that.

  • This team is an atrocious second half team, as every single team in years past has been under Tom Crean and staff. Not calling for his head, just stating a fact. It’s understandable for teams to make a run at the beginning of the second half, due to some adjustments, but we make no counter adjustment and if we do, I definitely don’t see it, or it just flat out stinks. This staff has a glaring weakness that needs to be corrected. This year I understand it more than I did with last years team. This years team is so 1 dimensional, that its hard to switch up on styles of play. Boggles my mind how many of us are quick to demand that players improve on their weaknesses but ignore that our coaching staff has major weaknesses and either refuse to correct or are too ignorant to see that they aren’t getting the job done. Thios program needs a major pick me up right now all across the board.

  • calbert40

    Well, then let’s take away the rebuilding years and see what we have. Personally, I believe the divide is between the 3rd and 4th years, so that is where I divide the stats.

    All of these are only Assembly Hall records.

    First 3 years: 25-28 overall, .472 winning percentage
    Last 3 years: 49-6 overall, .891 winning percentage

    First 3 years vs Ranked Opponents: 2-11, .154 winning percentage
    Last 3 years vs Ranked Opponents: 10-2, .833 winning percentage

    During that time, we’ve beaten the #1 team in the nation twice, have beaten a top 5 ranked team five times, and a top 10 ranked team seven times.

    Hardly “pitiful.”

  • Robert J Morgan

    The first half was great, then in the second half Yogi started his globtrotter show, I:e over dribbling. Crean set up a game plan to run the weave and pass the ball, which they did the first half. Then Yogi decided to try and put on a show. If Crean would sit him on the bench until he gets the picture. I:e the general, he might learn there is no I in team. We are losing with Yogi, we might as well lose without him. Is there a problem between Yogi and Vonleh causing him to not get him the ball. I am not a Crean fan but it looked like he had a good game plan in the first half.

  • yaman22

    I didn’t become a die hard IU fan until 2006 , when my daughter started college in Bloomington, but I was aware of the great

    things Bob Knight was doing at Indiana. Since 1994 though, IU has been to 4 sweet 16’s ( 2 under CTC ) , and won one outright Big 10 title. That’s 20 years ! CTC has been at IU 6 years, and I’m not saying he’s the greatest coach I’ve ever seen , he’s done some good things at IU , starting with nothing mind you, and I think a lot of the criticism is unfair.

  • Robert J Morgan

    A point guards job is to distribute the ball as he did the first half, not dribble the ball and try to be a one man team. Crean needs to sit him at the far end of the bench until he learns and follows the game plan. There is no I in team. Why will he not get the ball to Vonleh ? Is he getting to much press attention?

  • yimyames

    IU fouled with 30 seconds to go in the game…not in the bonus yet. With lack of scoring, if these guys don’t get to the line they have no chance.

  • MillaRed

    Interesting. One thing about WI, it’s a knowledgeable sports state eh Beat?

  • BeatWisconsin

    Unfortunately … sigh. Just wish it was Iowa or Illinois or even Minnesota that we can’t beat. But no, has to be Wisconsin. Cripes, I remember rooting for Bucky in basketball the first few years I moved in in 1998 (except when they played IU) because I felt sorry for them never being able to do much in basketball. Of course, now they are good in basketball and football and hockey and geez, pretty much everything. Glad I adopted the Packers early on …

  • yimyames

    Actually Yogi draws contact pretty much every time he enters the lane. For some reason he gets very little whistles. I think by next year and year four he will gain respect from the officials as he shoots for POY in the B1G.

  • ForeverIU

    Yeah, he is fully capable. I just think this has not been the role cut out for him this season, but I saw a change in the Wisky game. Let’s see how his role is going to be defined going forward. Just to be clear, my comment above was not about what he is capable of, but what he is being directed/instructed to do. And I think 18-20 is better than 15-20 in describing that role, thanks.