Five takeaways from Indiana’s loss at Purdue

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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Indiana dropped its third straight game on Saturday afternoon in catastrophic fashion, falling 82-64 to rival Purdue at a sold out Mackey Arena.

The Hoosiers are now 14-11 overall and 4-8 in the Big Ten. Here’s a look at five takeaways from the blowout loss to the Boilermakers:

· IU’s didn’t respond to adversity: The collapse against Penn State coupled with the arrest of Hanner Mosquera-Perea made for a somewhat compelling storyline heading into Saturday. Would Indiana come together and deliver an inspired performance in a tough spot? Or would the Hoosiers let the momentum continue to move in the wrong direction?

When Indiana claimed a five-point lead in the first half after digging out of a hole early because of turnovers, it looked like the response might be to rally in a difficult environment. But as Purdue extended the lead to five going into halftime and started the second half on a major 14-1 run, Indiana couldn’t answer and was beaten convincingly.

“We didn’t take the hit, we didn’t fight back like we should have,” Austin Etherington said. “And it got to where it was.”

· Is part of Indiana’s problem mental? It was a question raised in the postgame press conference as both Tom Crean and Yogi Ferrell were asked about the team’s inability to make a play to turn things in the right direction and how much of that problem is mental.

Crean said that “quite a bit of it is” and Ferrell said “I feel like it’s pretty much mostly mental.” And given how Indiana has failed to hold onto leads, particularly in the second half of games, it’s an argument that is hard to dispute. At some point, a team either learns to finish games or it takes a step back. The prior hasn’t happened for Indiana and its confidence has clearly taken a major hit as a result.

“When other teams make that run, guys get quiet on the court,” Ferrell said. “Those are times when we’ve got to come together.”

· Indiana’s offense was stagnant: The Hoosiers had an effective field goal percentage of 39, which was obviously aided by making eight 3-pointers. But Indiana’s 2-point shooting was very poor as it has been for most of the Big Ten season. The Hoosiers came into Saturday hitting just 44.2 percent of their 2s in Big Ten play and against Purdue, they only hit 30.6 percent of their 2s. IU also had a stretch from the 8:03 mark of the first half to the 13:04 mark of the second half where it made just one field goal.

Crean said he counted 12 missed layups in his postgame remarks and while it’s true that Indiana did miss several point blank shots, it’s also fair to say that the Hoosiers took plenty of poor shots in the half-court as a result of poor movement and spacing.

· Crean not afraid of a “snowball” effect: Given what has transpired over the last week, Crean was asked whether he has any fear of a losing streak having a “snowball” effect as the schedule isn’t going to get any easier. Even with the NCAA tournament clearly out of the discussion, there’s certainly still pride to play for and the potential to get in the postseason in the N.I.T.

“I don’t think like that. I will just reiterate it, I don’t ever think like that. That’s not how I’m built and that’s not how I’m going to coach the team. That’s what we have to work through, and if I thought there was anybody that was in that situation where they weren’t going as hard or weren’t as locked in you would see them play a lot less. You might still see them play because we’ve got a few numbers issues right now.

“I’ve dealt with doubts most of my life. Maybe not all of it but most of it. I’m pretty good at dealing with that. And I’m pretty good at spotting it when other people have them and I won’t tolerate it. So I’m concerned about making sure we’re really ready to play at home against Iowa on Tuesday night.”

· Where do things go from here? It’s an interesting question as Indiana is in the midst of its first three-game skid of the season and sliding towards the bottom of the conference standings. IU’s two best games of the season have come at home against Michigan and Wisconsin in games in which the Hoosiers weren’t favored. Tuesday’s game, with ESPN and Dick Vitale scheduled to be in Assembly Hall, is a similar situation.

On the other side of things, given IU’s difficulties of the last week and in the Big Ten in general so far this season, it’ll be interesting to see what this group has left coming off one of the more turbulent weeks in recent memory.

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  • No, but they did lose to Michigan twice, home and away… Leet’s see did IU beat Michigan this year? At AH.

  • alwaysiufan

    Valid points I dislike how every one is quick to fire

  • marcusgresham

    Given that he still wears an air cast when he plays there’s something wrong with his lower legs.

  • Rie

    You have a link to substantiate your totally unfounded claim?

  • alwaysiufan

    Wished ctc could convince yogi to get the mindset that nv needs to score 20 plus for this team to win which means alot more touches for nv

  • I can’t believe you’re relating back to Knight on this one. There were RMK teas that stank for lack of leadership. Knight was a great coach in the early years, but he did not walk on water. Knight had teams that were miserable flops from what they were projected to be. You don’t just demand that someone step up and start to lead. There are qualities involved that not everyone has.. Wow, that statement was a pretty big reach on your part.

  • NotTheRealSteveEyl

    I agree. I see no reason he would stay. Unless his play has trailed off to the point that he’s falling out of the lottery.

  • deebo

    Lol movement to back to bottom of big ten sheesh this sucks.

  • deebo

    CTC hardly ever takes any blame for losses and takes a lot of cred with wins

  • deebo

    Right if he stays he still might not ever get the ball. What’s the point?

  • MeniscusDiscus

    Dakich is better behind the mic than on a bench. He is flat out funny and the rare thing in TV announcers – a truthteller. When Crean calls out the press against Purdue with 2min left and losing by 20pts, Dakich: “Uh, little late for that.” Understating but underlining what everyone else in America is thinking – Crean don’t know coaching.

  • Rie

    There are plenty of reasons he would have for staying. Development/improvement, education, and the potential of raising draft stock all the way up to number one, which would be a significant raise. Furthermore, Cody and Vic were widely regarded by GMs as being the most draft-ready prospects, not to mention Cody increasing his stock from a lottery guy to the number four overall pick. Noah saw this unfold, so he may want to take a similar path.

    Either way, no one knows his motivations, so it is hard to be so absolute one way or the other.

  • MeniscusDiscus

    “Hang in there, people! I saw a tulip popping through the 4 inches of ice outside my window this morning! Spring is in the air and Tommy’s System is…is…has won 2 out of our last 8 B1G games.”

    Story: 2012 B1g Tourney in Indy. IU vs Wisconsin. We were sitting not far behind IU bench in very tough game IU fighting from behind, final couple minutes IU manages to score on our end of court, bring it within 4pts, crowd goes wild. Wisconsin inbounds ball. Crean – as we watch – turns away from game to IU cheerleaders and starts yelling at them to get crowd excited. Crucial point in game. Well, by the time Tommy Cheerleader turned back to the action Wisconsin had already scored and goes on to win the game 79-71.

    Crean will never be a coach. He will always be the Cheerleader on the sidelines, clapping, yelling, mismanaging, making substitutions without sense.

    Bet, heck. He did “bring our program back from the ashes…”

  • MeniscusDiscus


  • alwaysiufan

    No way am I saying that ctc is even close to izzo. I just don’t agree with firing and hiring every 5 years. …izzo went thru a dry spell over a four year span of no big champs and had only one championship but the guy wins he just can’t win multiple championships. My original post was sarcasm cuz society is quick to fire. ..imagine in life if we didn’t make our corporations the best in the country or top 25 every year and we would all get fired. Is your job in jeopardy add you try to get better. .. just a ?

  • MeniscusDiscus

    At least Sheehey was blocking out.

  • alwaysiufan

    Also imagine losing 90 percent of your most productive people in your company would you expect success next year. … keep in mind I think crean is weak in his offensive set up I go crazy watching the weave on the perimeter it is so ineffective so don’t think I think he is a great coach because I see him as below average

  • Eastwood88_2

    Living in the region, I know 100% we never attempted. I also know Purdue barley did and no other big time programs gave him a look. He wasn’t that good until his last AAU stint. By that time, Michigan had already signed him. Jumped to 11 on rivals. Good for Michigan to see his value. Terrible by painter to miss it.

  • Eastwood88_2

    I agree with you. Sheehey is a GREAT supporting player. Forced in a role he is not suppose to play. How did anyone know until it actually happened.

  • Alford Bailey

    Remember it very well. Who was that kid that scores 30 against us off the bench?

  • INUnivHoosier

    I agree he can be funny, but he presents himself as a know-it-all. It seems like he also just takes it over the top when he is announcing for an IU game. It seems like he piles on IU so he’s not seen as biased.

  • Doug McDaniel

    I’ll grant you Syracuse and Michigan, but don’t put the Big 12 and the S.E.C. in the same conversation as the B1G, the former Big East, or the A.C.C. Kansas is the perennial Big 12 Champion because they are the only top tier basketball school in the conference. Sure, other teams will have a decent year or two, but none of them, especially now that Missouri has left, have ever had any type of consistent, continued success. Same with the S.E.C. It’s traditionally a two horse race between Kentucky or Florida, with other teams have a decent year every now and again. The B1G, A.C.C. and what used to be the Big East tend to have a group of three or four teams that will be in the race every year and other mid-level teams that could challenge those teams.

  • Doug McDaniel

    Is it Crean’s fault when Will drag’s his pivot after it’s clearly down? Is it Crean’s fault when Stanford throws a lazy pass down the length of the lane? Is it Crean’s fault when Noah throws a pass like Brett Farve heaving a hail mary to a guy who’s five feet away? I agree that Crean deserve’s a fair amount of the blame, especially for not always having them ready to play, as was the case on saturday, but eventually, even from just watching film, guys either learn from their mistakes or they don’t, and no coach in the world can “force” you to do that.

  • unclekerfuffle

    Don’t forget to show them Quick’s hard nosed “not gonna happen” defense as well

  • IUBizmark

    I think you would still have to agree that most freshmen heavy teams do not achieve the success of the teams pointed out above.

  • IUBizmark

    I believe this is because Crean’s system advocates for contact/fouls AT THE RIM. No Exceptions. I believe if you ask Crean, he would tell you that he frowns upon those five foot jumpers/tear drops in the lane.