Film Session: Down the Stretch

  • 01/13/2014 7:38 am in

On Penn State’s inbounds play, Howard and Robinson hang around the rim with no bodies on anyone as Johnson comes around a screen on the left wing:


Gordon sticks with Johnson as Howard looks to grab Travis, who is coming into the lane. Frazier, who had been setting a pick on Ferrell simply turns around to free himself:


He receives the entry pass:


Ferrell is able to quickly recover and get his body in front of Frazier as he puts the shot up:


This one is another odd rebound as it hits just the backboard. Howard gets a hand on it and it goes out of bounds, giving Penn State another crack at it:


While Penn State got looks at the rim here, both Howard and Ferrell’s defense without fouling was key to making sure the shots didn’t drop and the Nittany Lions got no points.


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