Film Session: Down the Stretch

  • 01/13/2014 7:38 am in

The Hoosiers do some screening and cutting for the first 15 seconds or so of their next possession and here we see them continue to go at it as Austin Etherington sets a ball screen for Ferrell:


Ferrell passes the ball to an open Gordon in the corner:


Gordon ball fakes and drives baseline. This sets up an imbalance in Penn State’s matchup zone, as three defenders are crowding around the ball. Both Etherington and Sheehey call for the ball:


Gordon opts to pass to Sheehey and he has some space for a 3-pointer. Etherington starts leaking out to the corner:


Sheehey ball fakes and goes by D.J. Newbill.  With Ross Travis coming to stop the ball, this leaves Etherington with space in the corner:


He pumps fakes as Travis gets up the air:


Etherington gets both feet behind the line and hits the 3-pointer to put the Hoosiers up by one:



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