• InTheMtns

    If Penn State ever acquires the fire and passion of Coach Chambers, look out . . .

  • SCHoosier

    U have to have some empathy for this guy. Correct in everything he says with no blue sky-itis..just tells it as it is. wish him success everywhere but in B-town.

  • HoosierJen

    Wow- very passionate coach. Tells it like it is about his team, and about THIS GENERATION of kids. I like this guy!
    You can’t help but feel bad for them… though not bad enough to be thrilled that IU finally got a W.

  • Dick_Pepperfield

    This guy is a great coach. Love his passion. But if he wants guys like Scott Reynolds who don’t care how they look, he is coaching the wrong sport

  • dtfreed

    They have, this team is a team of thugs and have been since Chambers started.

  • SeattleHoosier

    This guy rocks! Would have loved to have him as a coach when I played.