Film Session: Hollowell drives, defensive miscues

  • 11/19/2013 9:24 am in

II. Hollowell gets a ball screen from HMP this time:


He splits the defense and is headed straight for the paint once more:


Hollowell’s shot attempt hits high off the glass and doesn’t even draw iron, but HMP has position to make something happen off the miss:


HMP gets a hand on the ball, but he’s unable to fully snag it for a putback slam:


But have no fear, Troy Williams is here, and he catches the ball off the HMP deflection for the putback:


The Hoosiers have been pulling down offensive rebounds at a high rate so far this season, and this play goes to show that if one player doesn’t finish at the rim, there are others there for secondary attempts — especially if the opposition doesn’t get a body on them.


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