Indiana among six finalists for 2014 forward Jonah Bolden

  • 11/18/2013 9:12 pm in

Class of 2014 Findlay Prep (Nev.) forward Jonah Bolden announced his list of six finalists tonight and Indiana remains in the mix for the 6-foot-9, 210 pound forward.

Bolden, the No. 49 player nationally according to the 247Composite, is also considering Louisville, Kentucky, Southern Methodist, UCLA and USC.

The Hoosiers are making a late push for Bolden, who is a native of Australia that transferred to Findlay Prep for his senior season.

“I started hearing from Indiana only in the last month,” Bolden told Inside the Hall recently. “My conversations with IU so far have been about my need to the program. Just talking about how they are. 

“I like the way they play. It’s a very free style of play with as minimum but as much as needed structure as possible. I feel it suits the way I play and my availability for my position as a small forward.”

Bolden’s father, Bruce, played professionally in Australia after a collegiate career at Boise State.

Indiana has three players already signed for its 2014 class — guards James Blackmon Jr. and Robert Johnson and forward Max Hoetzel.

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  • Hoosier Hall

    Maybe this is just a precaution. He is a top 50 player though so it would be a nice pickup. I doubt we will land him since we are late to the game.

  • ScoopGeoff

    3 weeks into the season the group you just listed has played a combined 127 minutes… 2 of them are in the D League… One decided to play in France… 3 were seniors… One never played college ball… 3 of them were drafted in the 2nd round…

    It’s not that Yogi couldn’t get drafted next year… It’s why would he want to? Look at the group you just mentioned… At best 2 of them have somewhat promising futures.

  • ScoopGeoff

    Ok, r…. But we could list about 500 guys under 6′ that were impressive in college but didn’t make it in the NBA. The odds are stacked.

  • Rie

    I don’t care where they are now. I was responding to the notion that 6′ players don’t translate to the NBA, which is false. Those guys I listed were drafted, end of my point. Whatever you are trying to say is irrelevant to the conversation we are having.

    I do concede he most likely will not be drafted this year, but it is definitely a possibility, and shouldn’t be dismissed just because of his height.


    Exactly, thank you, plus when one adds in all of the players that are pretty much a lock to enter the next NBA draft, at just the point guard spot let alone the others, it becomes even more unlikely that he enters the draft. JMHO.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    you’re probably right, usually how it works out. though we did land NV late in the game.

  • HoosierTrav

    The same guys that most likely didnt want Victor or Will bc we are a “blueblood program who shouldnt be recriting kids out of the top 100.” ESPN compares the kid to Kevin Durant at a similar age. Doubt he’ll ever reach that potential but we all know Crean has the eye for it. I dont care if we add 6 more kids to this class. You wont see me complaining about it.

  • I didn’t say Yogi wouldn’t have an NBA career. I’m saying his college numbers won’t translate to the NBA due to his height. Similarly, his early season numbers likely won’t even translate to B1G conference play. He’s a great player, and will be great for our team, but there’s no reason for him to leave early. He’s a 4-yr player.

  • ct55

    Hes currently projected as the 8th overall pick in next years draft per cbs sports current mock draft

  • HoosierTrav

    I think you very much undervalued Luke Fischer after a year of development and Hanner in his Junior year. I’m also not convinced that Vonleh leaves after this year, even if he continues his torrid pace. Unfortunately for him (fortunate for us) is the fact that these GM’s have been all wet over the guys projected above him for a LONG TIME. I think he has a legitimate chance to go in the top 3 in the following years draft. I may be wrong but I hope I’m not.

  • kbb247

    People may not agree with me, but I have coached basketball for 10 years. I always tell my kids that this is a simple game. You rebound, don’t turn it over, and play defense you will have a chance to win every game regardless of what you do on the offensive end (shoot the ball well). Every time we lost a game, 99% percent of the time we didn’t do at least one of those three things well.

    You can’t always count on shooting well, but you should be able to count on doing those three things well EVERY Game.

  • BannerUp

    Relax guys, no need to jump off a bridge regarding Noah leaving for the NBA. Here is my take on why he is staying:
    1) He just turned 18 years old. Similar to Cody, I believe Noah would prefer another year at IU to simply enjoy the great college/campus/life that is IU. Even though he has an NBA ready body does not mean he is ready mentally to grow up and take on the NBA.
    2) The 2014 draft is loaded; however, 2015 appears to be the draft that makes great timing and financial sense to Noah. He will most likely end up in the 6-10 range if he elects to enter the 2014 draft. However, in the 2015 draft, he could very well go in the #1-#3 range. Similar to this year, he will be one of the better players in colege basketball and will not have the freshmen hype machine over his head like this year. Being selected higher in the 2015 draft equals more money in the short and long term.
    Come on folks, be a little more rational and enjoy this season. Noah is here to stay another year.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    agreed, not too worried about him leaving. love of the college life aside, it’s simply a good business decision given the depth of this year’s draft. in fact, i would guess he’d fall well outside the 6 – 10 range, though i haven’t read anything from any of the pro scouts, so i could be wrong. regardless, would be shocked if he and yogi didn’t stick around for another year.

  • mk

    they don’t translate. Very few sub 6 footers get significant PT. I personally don’t see any scenario where yogi leaves this year. Thats just my opinion.

  • HoosierPat

    I’m not trying to undervalue Fischer at all. I think he is a solid player now and will continue to get better. All I’m say is that IF Vonleh leaves, and that’s a big if, I’d leather have a another post presence than another wing/small forward. I just think it would give us more depth.

  • SCHoosier

    True that..Cody got only two minutes against the Heat last game..and is coming off the bench with Josh Roberts having won the starting 4 position. VO is making the highlite reel each game..but last outing had 9..that’s NINE turnovers. NBA is tougher than its draft night.

  • BMusic

    Let’s live in the present, folks.

  • yimyames

    nah, he just cut a bunch of schools that was not “late to the game”, plus UK isn’t even at the game yet and they are still on the list. I’d say IU has as good of a shot as any.

  • BannerUp

    Exactly, waiting until the 2015 draft will be a good business decision for him. By the time the season is done, I see him being projected around #10. I believe he is around #15 now on some draft boards. I’m excited about watching this team progress and see where we end up at the end of season. However, with Yogi and Noah staying another year, next year’s team should have a top 5 preseason ranking for sure.

  • JMac

    Take him! This kid is solid!

  • Snookafly

    Where was that? The mock draft they put out last week doesn’t even list him in the first round.

  • tompositano

    There is no way that Yogi leaves with this draft class. No chance. Vonleh? If he is a lottery pick, which I believe he will be, there is no way he stays. Money talks.

  • Aiken_Hoosier

    I hope I’m wrong, but the way he’s playing so far, I’m more concerned with Yogi leaving than Noah. Noah would leave a bigger hole because we’re much deeper in the backcourt than the frontcourt, but I just think by the end of this season, there will be plenty of people in Yogi’s ear telling him he’s NBA ready…..

    That said, I agree with BMusic. It’s an interesting discussion, but I’m not going to let 2014/15 worries stop me from enjoying what we have here and now.

  • TomJameson

    I think Hoetzel is a diamond in the rough and glad we have him. IF we know he’d stay available for 2015 I would agree with you, but can’t tell the future and don’t want to lose him. Just my opinion of course, but I think Hoetzel will be a very solid 4-year player who will contribute tons, starting slowly in his 1st year, but will come on strong later.

    As far as recruiting #s go, and who our team will consist of next year, that is one thing I don’t even want to try to guess at. lol

  • r

    Scoop…I cannot argue that, nor was I trying to. I wasn’t even suggesting that Yogi would leave after this year. I think that is extremely doubtful. I was only agreeing with Rie on the fact that his height is not an automatic rejection from the NBA. If it were, the list of players I noted would not have had careers.

  • r

    And I do realize, now, that OceanArcher was not necessarily implying that Yogi could never make it…but it did come off that way at first…considering the post began with (Yogi is barely 6′). I initially took it much like Rie apparently did. It seemed as though due to Yogi’s size he was destined to end his career anywhere but the NBA.

    I am sure many said the same of that “short” list above.

  • ???? ???????

    According to Inside The Hall, Indiana has one more scholarship left for 2014. I recommend doing some research before commenting. I would prefer they sign either JaQuan Lyle or Dante Exum but Boldin wouldn’t be the worst we can do with our last scholarship. And besides a lot of teams over sign, that’s why there are so many transfers. So if we did get all 3 (chances are Exum goes to the NBA instead) we’d just let 2 of our current guys transfer. Things will even out, so stop worrying.

  • TomJameson

    Yeah, the 2014 draft is going to be full of top players. I certainly think Vonleh can be in that group, time will tell, but I think he’d go MUCH higher in the 2015 draft after his sophomore jump, after adding another 20/25 lbs, and another year of experience dominating the paint.

  • TomJameson

    Personally, I’m not worried about the over signing, I believe CTC knows what he’s doing. But, there are only 2 seniors on the team (Sheehey and Gordon). Barring any transfers or early departures to the NBA, there are only 2 scholarships left for 2014… and we’ve signed 3 already.

  • TomJameson

    Exactly right. The draft is going to be really strong and one would think that would factor into the decision to go or to stay. Personally, when it comes to Yogi, I think he should stay for 4 years then go into the draft. He’d be very dominant by then, IMO