Film Session: 3-pointers down the stretch

  • 11/14/2013 9:13 am in

In the closing minutes of Tuesday night’s narrow 73-72 victory over LIU Brooklyn, both the Blackbirds and Hoosiers nailed open 3-point looks to keep things interesting.

A look at how Jason Brickman worked his magic to get teammates open and how IU found some open looks in the right corner against the 1-2-2 zone in the latest edition of Film Session:

Missed free throw penetration

The Blackbirds are able to get a hand on a missed free throw, tipping the ball up and out to the perimeter:


Brickman corrals the loose ball and blows by Evan Gordon:


He comes all the way down to the baseline in the paint, and an IU defense that’s still scrambling to pick up guys suddenly has four players staring into the right corner, leaving Will Sheehey on an island:


As the ball comes out of the corner and into the high post, Sheehey has to choose between two perimeter Blackbirds:


E.J. Reed is left open as result and gets the pass:


Luke Fischer does a decent job of closing out, but Reed’s able to score despite the effort:



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  • CreamandCrimson

    Play 1 – Gordon gets beat off the dribble BADLY…seemed to happen more than a couple of times.
    Play 2 – Overcommitment to a guy in the middle of the paint. I think playing one-on-one or at most helping with one guy would be sufficient for a team that certainly wasn’t killing us inside.

    Play 3 and 4- LIU-Brooklyn played zone for most of the second half and the perception throughout the comments section has been “we still stink against zone”. Well, that’s not entirely true (just like it’s not true that Hollowell has been selfish, still waiting on responses from those saying he was “jacking it up”). Our offensive efficiency, effective field goal % and total FG% went way up in the second half and I thought we got some really good looks in the final 20 minutes. It wasn’t a great offensive display by any means but the 2nd half was much better than the 1st and a bit of credit should go to the coaching staff’s zone offense for getting some more looks at the basket and some open looks from corner 3’s.

  • mjwade

    Very nice analysis. Thanks!

  • MillaRed

    Agree on Gordon. But will also say the guys threw up more than one prayer in this game. Just one of those days.

  • Dagwoods

    Lack of discipline. The growing pains of being so young. Hopefully, they’ll learn.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    #3 was a growing up moment for Troy Williams. Hopefully in that stretch he realized what he can do for Indiana without being reckless. It took VO a full season to learn that layups count the same. If Troy picks that up sooner we will be in much better shape than some are predicting for the season.

  • Riley Seidel

    If you look at what we are best at this year…1. Length 2. Athleticism 3. Scrappy Play. NOW looking at those attributes, why don’t we run a full court press this season? Crean has talked about doing it in the past, but needed more athletes. Well now they have arrived! Lets implement a full court press and see how these less athletic teams fair. There is ZERO reason not to try it, or mix it in given last weeks performance and our strengths.

  • BadBoyHulls

    That’s a good point. I’d like to see how they do with the full court pressure as well. I’m wondering if maybe he is bringing the young team along slowly and hoping to get the half-court defense down before expanding it to the full court.