Film Session: Vonleh’s versatility, halfcourt possessions

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Indiana posted 100 points in its season opener by getting to the line 55 times and running a frantic pace at the Cougars (86 possessions).

A look at early work by Noah Vonleh along with some success and failure in the halfcourt in the 2013-2014 season’s inaugural edition of Film Session:

I. Vonleh on the break

Vonleh grabbed three straight defensive rebounds early in the first half. His first he took coast to coast and was blocked at the rim. His second was a botched outlet pass to Yogi Ferrell resulting in a turnover. His third had better results:


Vonleh again decides take it himself. As he crosses halfcourt, Indiana’s spacing isn’t quite ideal:


So Vonleh continues humming towards the cup, fakes right, twists left:


And finishes for Indiana’s first basket of the season:



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  • CreamandCrimson

    Great stuff as always. Thanks!

    I know there has been some discussion over the past few days about the lack of half-court execution in the opener. Certainly, the half-court offense needs a lot of work and I am not expecting this year’s team to ever reach the offensive efficiency heights of last season’s squad. That being said, I do think there are pieces here that, if developed and used properly, could be good in the Big Ten or against teams who are able to keep us from running. I think there are quite a few guys who can breakdown the defense off the dribble (it will be vital for the remaining four on the floor to exploit the openings created by the driving player). I also expect free throw creation to continue to be a positive part of our half-court offense.

    This year’s team should (I say should because it’s no guarantee) develop/mature and improve at a fairly quick pace so it will be fun to watch the development from game one to game two.

  • moanders

    Mmmmmm…I love me some film session!

  • Brklynhoosier

    Really interesting to see Jeremy pass up the open 3… Has to understand that he might be the one person on the team we can count on to hit it consistently…

  • Nathan

    I love the “Film Session” series. Please give us MOAR.

  • Indiana_Banners

    The Film Sessions series is the best feature on this site! Keep up the great work, I’ve always loved this series.

  • MisterSlippery

    The better we play, the more we seem to do well.

  • InTheMtns

    The pass from Yogi to Hanner in scenario 4 was a pass to Hanner’s ankles. I don’t think we can really call that a “leading pass that shows a clear lane to the hoop.” That turnover was all on Yogi, IMO.

  • yimyames

    yeah but when your man can’t stay in front of you, the free throw line is a much higher percentage shot.

  • Brklynhoosier

    Good point… But in passing up the shot when he had it, we wound up losing the possession… As far as I’m concerned, any time he’s that open he should take it…