Four-star forward Goodluck Okonoboh picks UNLV

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In a televised announcement on ESPNU, class of 2014 forward-center Goodluck Okonoboh announced his commitment to UNLV.

Okonoboh, the No. 24 prospect in the 247Composite, also considered Duke, Florida, Indiana and Ohio State.

The Wilbraham and Monson Academy (Mass.) took an official visit to Indiana the weekend of Sept. 13-15 and later visited Ohio State and UNLV prior to his announcement.

“They had the best blueprint for me. I’m just excited to be a Rebel,” Okonoboh said on ESPNU of his decision to attend UNLV.

Indiana has one commitment for the 2014 class – guard Robert Johnson – but is hosting Devin Robinson this weekend for an official visit. On paper, the Hoosiers have one more scholarship to give in the class.

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  • IUDan

    You may have noticed that we’re hosting a number of recruits for HH … It’s not out of the realm of possibility that someone in the ’14 or ’15 class could commit

  • Indiana_Banners

    Stop pretending you respectfully do anything on this site. Respectfully, you’re a troll, and you were running around posting Clappy this and Clappy that all night last night. You’ve reaped the reputation you earned.

  • Indiana_Banners

    You also said it isn’t a positive outlook for other recruits, which probably isn’t true.

  • james

    I definitely see your point, and I said before that I really wanted GO. But I’m still not convinced that he would come right in and dominate defensively in the BIG10, especially compared to the overall impact that a sophomore Fischer, Vonleh, and a junior HMP could potentially be bringing to the table. I just feel like people assume that any of these 4 star freshmen are locks to be great right away, when we really have no idea how they will perform when the bright lights come on (i.e. HMP, and Hollowell). With that said I am a bit relieved that he went to UNLV instead of OSU because I see him being a force his sophomore and junior years, just not right out the gate.

  • IUDan

    You might have heard we have a few recruits on campus this weekend


    Recruiting wise and overall team talent wise there isn’t a problem until the product that is put on the floor doesn’t come close to measuring up to level headed people’s expectations. You seem to eyeballing the ledge but don’t expect me to join you, and some others on here, unless the the win / loss column tells us that there is something to worry about.


    Boommmm…just like that !

  • Perry Jones

    Who is Clappy?


    Just when it looked like you found / accidentally hit the key to unlock the caps you go and disappoint me, man don’t do me that way. STFU ? Awww, did somebody get their wittle bitty feelings hurt ? If you come on here and comment like you have and expect no one to say unflattering things about the school you support than not only are you a troll but a pretty stupid one at that. Please continue to provide us with shining examples of your total lack of intelligence and class.

    Since it seems like you have nothing else to do but cruise our wonderful board take some time and look back at some of the examples of how the conversation goes when someone that backs a school other than IU, and acts like they have a few working brain cells and even a little bit of class, and you will find that we are more than happy to engage in an intelligent exchange of opinions. Send trash out get trash back in exchange.


    Does the intelligent UNLV fans know that you go to other boards and give the rest of them a bad name or do they just ignore you to the point that you have to do that to get any kind of attention. LOL See how I done that used caps on four letters in a row and then it went back to lower case.


    No issues with IU ???? You for sure have a different definition of issues than most of us. RAOTFLMFAO

  • Not Exum, he’s an international player and the rules do not apply to them…I indicted I might have been wrong about Noah.. But I was certain I read that somewhere.


    Civilized, coherent and factual comment. The upvote you got on it is from me and not in a sarcastic way. Just an example of what can happen when you actually aren’t an a$$hole when you leave a comment.

  • Joe Pop

    Exum still has to be 19 the year of the draft, he couldnt have entered when he was 16 just bc he is an international player


    We’ll be very lucky to see him next year at HH IMHO.

  • I am not sure you have your facts right. I am certain I read on this site that the only reason he doesn’t have to go to college for a year, is that his age doesn’t matter, since he is a foreign player. He can skip it and enter the draft regardless of his age, because he is a foreign player. Doesn’t he just turn eighteen the first part of next year, like in January or February?

  • Joe Pop

    He turns 19 in July 2014, feel like a dork for looking that up but I believe that is why he is eligible. I could be wrong, but what are you saying? That an international player can enter at any point regardless of age?

  • Kyl470

    I think most people can agree that GO would have been a nice player to land, but as I’ve stated many times before there are only 2 spots available and RJ has one. If they land Robinson that is still 2 top 50 players in what should be a class of 2 people. You don’t have to get 5 recruits every year unless you are UK and you have a bunch of one and done players.

  • TomJameson

    I’m hopeful Ole Man. I still think we’ll be okay at the end of ’13, but most everybody is still untried at this point. even the ’12 class is somewhat of an unknown because of all they had to endure and miss out on last year. Even so, I’m really upbeat about this year. It’ll be fun to watch as long as a person doesn’t expect the world. lol

  • james


  • HannerTime Hoosier

    365 comments so far, the experts are among the natives or are they merely legends in their own minds?! This site is sooooo entertaining, sooooo educational, soooooo hilarious . . . it helps me keep my sanity on this crazy planet, in this uninformed country. Thanks Alex and Staff for all that you do! I am going to enjoy the coming season regardless of my frustrations w/ CTC, the players, and, of course, the ITHers that crack me up. The fun ITHers I will truly enjoy. Goodluck Goodluck! What an oxymoron!!! Cheers!!!!!!!

  • SCHoosier

    It was a loss..but not a disaster. 800 million Chinese don’t even know or care who he is. Recruiting is a crap shoot and the Hoosiers crapped out on this guy. Hope he enjoys Vegas..IU b-ball moves on to better things and hopefully better players.,,down the line.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I agree. I usually don’t post much during the off-season because I don’t like all the recruiting arguments, but I have to say that for as much as I panic during the season (which I want to point out that I was one of the people who pointed out several times last season that I thought our small guards would eventually hurt us and it played out that way against Syracuse) I see too many people panicking over the recruiting when it’s such a crap-shot outside of a few top recruits it’s impossible to peg a “sure thing” until the player has actually stepped on the court at the D1 level. For instance, we all were SO devastated when Moses whatever-his-name-was picked G’Town over us and I’m not sure he’s ever seen the floor.

    What we have to remember is outside of the top 15-20 recruits, some guys completely flop and some guys outperform their expectations, ala VO. Tom Crean still may bring in a player like DR who turns out to be a college star while NV may underperform at the D1 level.

    I just want the freaking season to start so we can have something important to talk about! I still think this team will outperform their expectations by the end of the year led by Luke Fischer, who is one of the most underrated recruits in the country.

  • Dean Olson

    Don’t put words in my mouth, I didn’t say anything about not respecting your opinions. Merely called you out on incorrect citations.

  • Bigrange

    It’s Bloomington, What’s an 18 year old supposed to do there? A whole lotta nothing.

  • Bigrange

    I don’t thing Trevon really consider IU before. They made his list because it’s the home state school. If Michigan comes after him again, my money is on them. Butler also would be a safe bet.

  • Steven Goode

    REBELS, REBELS, REBELS!!! GO is a beast inside will will fit perfectly in Coach Rice’s system.

  • MadDaddy

    This is so stupid, why would you go to UNLV. I am so ticked after this one

  • hoosier1158

    You’re probably right. Potential recruits most likely pay no attention to losing out on a player like GO when he did have IU #1 on his list, then commits elsewhere.

  • Snookafly

    See that thing flying over your head? That’s the point.

  • IU_guy_in_FL

    One poster on Reddit claims to have some knowledge of the GO visit/recruitment. He also mentioned the frat party incident another poster brought up. I don’t know if he’s blowing smoke or not but figured I would share.

    “Crean didn’t back off. He just really freaked out Goodluck. his parents and his coaches on his official. He even did an in-home visit right before GO took off for his OSU official to make amends for how bad IU’s visit went and push for a verbal.”

    “It was described to me as an uncomfortable vibe he put out. Very long awkward silences, nervous laughter, lack of eye contact, that sort of stuff. Spazzy is the word they used to describe his demeanor.. These kids are looking for strong male role models and Crean was not exuding that kind of behavior during his visit. GO’s circle was actually pretty thrown off by it. Not the first time I have heard this sort of thing when it comes to Coach Crean….. Also there was an incident while GO was out with some of the team involving a frat party after the football game that I won’t get into. The visit just did not go very well….. I am from Bloomington originally. Lived there most of my life before moving to Las Vegas in 2010. Still have very good contacts within the IU program and I like to keep tabs on what is going on with them…… Not going to try and convince you because I know what its like to be a diehard Hoosier and hear something like this, but I trust my people back home 100% and this is what I am hearing on this end. Take it with a grain of salt if you wish.”

    “Just thought I would let you know what I was hearing was the reasoning that Goodluck’s IU recruitment took a sudden halt….. I probably should not made the claim as a fact, of course because I was not there in person.. but the people that gave me the info, in my 30 years of following IU, have always been pretty on the spot.”

    Read this on another forum

  • IU_guy_in_FL

    There is some word that GO didn’t have that great of a visit, which put a sudden halt on the recruitment. Chemistry with CTC and GO’s family and an incident with frat boys is what I saw.

  • Trust in Crean

    Trust in crean. He recruiteth only the chosen few. Those who cometh shalt win sweet sixteeneths. Creaneth shalt then kiss thy lips of the only son.

  • IUJeff

    He would also have beeneth ur dad if that dog hadn’t beateth him over the fence.

  • Trust in Crean

    Crean hath not goodluck thou he thoughteth of goodluck a lot. A whole loteth.

  • hoosier1158

    Average attendance is 15K, so much for those 4 thousand empty seats. IU wouldn’t have any issues filling up a 22k gym.

  • Kaleb

    Doesn’t matter… Robinson is 10x better overall player. That’s they guy we need.

  • Bled4IU

    I have been a die hard Hoosier fan my whole life, so I can relate to the majority on this site that can’t imagine every recruit not wanting to commit to IU? As a kid I would pretend I was playing for Coach Knight, hitting the last second shot to beat UK. As an adult, I still do the same thing, only for Coach Crean. Hoosier basketball is my 1st love. What upsets me as a Hoosier is how closed minded a lot of the comments are on recruits. I get so tired of when a recruit picks another school that by reading comments u would think Hoosier Nation is coming to an end. If they pick another school, I don’t want them at IU anyway. Crean will get the recruits IU needs to compete for B1G titles ans NCAA championships. Some IU fans on here need to quit acting like pUKe fans and act like u have some sense. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a school, other than “it’s Indiana”. Crean will get the ones with character and skills that will eventually hang another banner. Personally i see it happening before Yogi graduates. Some need to stop being so depressing, maybe need to join some kind of 12 step program or something to give u a more positive look on life.

  • ph90702

    He’s not guaranteed anything at UNLV. Assuming that Khem Birch comes back for his senior year, Okonoboh will not be starting.

  • ph90702

    The Mountain West had five bids in the NCAA Tournament last year.

  • ph90702

    Dave Rice is well respected within the coaching community.

  • ph90702

    This is the problem in this country now. People equate success with cheating.