Glass: Marquee non-conference home game remains unlikely for next season

  • 07/31/2013 8:08 am in

121312auIndiana Athletics Director Fred Glass and basketball coach Tom Crean have been working for some time to find a marquee non-conference opponent to replace Kentucky.

Many schools have been mentioned in recent months — including Kansas, Louisville and Gonzaga — but no home-and-home agreement has come to fruition.

Glass told Inside the Hall on Tuesday that a marquee non-conference home game is unlikely for this coming season.

“We’re getting to the point where I think it’s going to be really challenging for us to get that for this year,” Glass said. “That’s been what we’ve been working on with Tom. We always try to have at least one marquee non-conference opponent. In the past, that was Kentucky, and then in off- Kentucky years, it was our ACC Challenge opponent.

“The Kentucky thing, that sort of threw a curve in it. We’re in between some potential new opportunities. We’re out there. I’m optimistic we’ll have some exciting non-conference teams, but it may be that the Kentucky situation forces us to lose a year.”

As it stands now, the Hoosiers will play non-conference home games against Evansville, North Florida, Oakland University and Kennesaw State.

A further look at what is known of the 2013-2014 schedule is available here.

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  • Miamihoosier

    If I can get tickets behind the Wisconsin bench, I will make the trip to Bloomington for this year’s game. Sam Dekker will hear it the whole game…to me he should be Public Enemy #1 among all of us Hoosier fans until he graduates. For him to scream “11 in a row” as he walked off the floor (which after the tourney is now 12) as a freshman….unforgivable. I’d cheer for Kelsey Barlow before I’d ever wish anything good for Dekker. I hate Wisconsin. I hate their style of play, Bo Ryan is an a hole for trying to block that kid’s transfer, and if they beat us the next time we play, they will set a new record for the most consecutive times any team has ever beaten IU.


    The up & down votes on your comments (concerning the, to build or not to build thing) pretty much represent how the general fan base sees it 50 / 50. Used my up vote on your comment to break the even split. LOL

  • BC

    This isn’t AAU ball. Fly around the country playing marquee matchups away from home. The point of college ball is to show how great the fan bases are, not to show who can travel to the next mega football stadium or gimmicky impromptu court (aircraft carrier)

  • marcusgresham

    …but what if it was the “Ken Nunn Loves Indiana Basketball Arena”?

  • marcusgresham

    You’re complaining about IU’s non-conference schedule and then mention Syracuse, who NEVER leaves the state of New York until the conference commisioner makes them.
    IU isn’ the only big-name program with a less-than-stellar non-conference schedule. For example, here’s UCLA’s home schedule (excluding neutral-site games and a trip to Missouri): Drexel, Oakland, Sacramento State, UCSB, Prairie View A&M, Weber State, and Alabama. Sure Alabama’s an SEC team, but would you think of scheduling the Crimson Tide for your “marquis” game?

  • marcusgresham

    Gonzaga has to front-load its schedule because it plays in a sub-par conference. Louisville used to do the same when Denny Crum was the coach when they were in the Metro Conference with Memphis State and no one else (yes, Cincinnati and Saint Louis were in there, but it was when they weren’t any good.)

  • marcusgresham

    You must be a Kentucky fan

  • marcusgresham

    It won’t. IU still has 18+ games in the B1G.

  • Ole Man

    I look forward most of all to our games. But you’re right.
    As a college basketball fan, I enjoy watching other heavyweights duke it out. Good call on MSU.

  • hoosier1158

    It’s not so much that IU didn’t want to play on a neutral court. Cal didn’t want the hoosiers coming to Lexington last year and put a hurting on them.

  • Ole Man

    Excellent thoughts.
    I watched my first game in AH in ’71; so I do have some sentimental attachment to the place.

  • Ole Man

    Great call!

  • Ole Man

    Tom, aside from MSU in the B1G, and a couple of other power programs, ALL marquee teams play cupcakes. That has become the nature of the college basketball “beast”.
    I’m sure that a marquee matchup will happen sooner rather than later.
    And last year, our cupcakes included UNC and Georgetown, just to name two.
    So lighten up and enjoy the Hoosiers.

    Lastly, playing in the B1G, we don’t have to worry about SOS/RPI next March.

  • Ole Man

    Amen, BC!

  • HoosierTrav

    Those are good examples but it doesn’t change the fact that this years non con schedule is horrible. We had opportunities to schedule Louisville and we clearly backed out of that one. Do you honestly feel that it’s how Indiana should be scheduling? Whether we play them at home, neutral, or away, we need to see how we stack up against the best in the nation. It doesn’t prepare us one bit for B1G play and definitely not the tourney. I mentioned that its going to be hard for a blue chipper to turn away playing against the likes of ACC teams, day in and day out. Syracuse is one of those many stellar programs. I definitely didn’t include them in the blueblood category. 1 ship doesn’t quite make the cut…. We need to schedule stronger teams in the non conference. We had a golden opportunity to schedule Louisville. What happened there? It’s no fun watching our guys play cream puff after cream puff. It tells us nothing about who we are and what we can do against formidable talent. We won’t have the defense that we play in the toughest conference this season.

  • skotchie

    Yep, but they’re fun to watch.

  • NMStan

    I’m an IU grad and live in New Mexico. I’d love to see a UNM IU game in the Pit in Nov/Dec. UNM is pretty good program and the kind of different style team IU always seems to run into in the NCAA tournament. I know the Pit would be a sellout.

  • NMStan

    And of course a return game at Assembly Hall.

  • esapata

    When the IU Athletics dept brags that our student section is the largest, I believe it’s because we have the largest student allotment. Students are still able to go out and buy general public tickets, but they pay general public prices and the tickets are harder to come by that way. It’s a misleading statement imo by the athletic dept because you look at a school like Syracuse in the Carrier Dome, and they most certainly have more students at the games. But I also feel like fewer of their alumni live in that region of upstate New York, so proportionally more of their students can snag the general admission tickets. But yes, there is only 7,800 allotted per game, so “student season tickets” don’t actually give students tickets to every home game. We end up getting around half of them, and the school reimburses us for however many games we end up not getting (the upfront charge in the spring time is about the cost of all the home games, then the dept sees where demand is at and then decides how many games we actually get tickets for, or something like that).

  • esapata

    I’ve had tickets in undergrad and grad school. The entirety of the Crean era. This is false and hyperbolic. Have you ever been to an NBA arena or another college basketball venue? You think Louisville’s ultra modern Yum Center has better seats? They’re nicer in the sense that they have more amenities, but they’re certainly no closer to the court. Especially not when you compare the balcony/upper sections. Same for the six NBA arenas I’ve been to (Atlanta, Chicago, Indy, NY, NJ (back when the Nets and Devils resided in the Meadowlands), and MSG). They’re more sprawled out, so fans are not actually closer to the court by any means, though they do get to enjoy more leg space, and better acoustics. But as far as acoustics go, Assembly Hall is perfect in the sense that the design enhances the crowd noise.

  • esapata

    I don’t think we need a new arena in order to sell more tickets. A better argument could be made that a new arena would help with recruiting. However a new arena would not help with the school’s budget or with the already too high tuition prices that both in- and out-of-staters are paying. The school also currently has issues finding housing space for all incoming freshman, so I’d like to see them build more dorms before a new arena. IU is a state school before a basketball program, and I feel like a lot of fans forget that. If they were to build a new arena, I’d like to see them borrow some design cues from Assembly Hall.

  • esapata

    Have you been to old Yankee and new? New lacks the soul and character of old Yankee. It sucks. The atmosphere is completely different. Yeah, it’s nicer than Wrigley or Fenway, but that doesn’t make it better at all.

  • Andrew

    So do I, and my first game there wasn’t until ’92. I hope that people realize (obviously you do) that what AH lacks in creature comforts it more than makes up for it in atmosphere. Because there are so many bad seats and odd angles is the very reason it’s so hard for opponents to play there. The noise rains down at The Hall like no place else b/c the place itself is so quirky. It is not so much a basketball arena as it is two separate theatres with a court stuck in the middle. No matter how great a new arena would be, we would lose at least a little of this. Gus Johnson is right on the money when he calls it the Carnegie Hall of college hoops.

  • skotchie

    We’ll have to revisit this question in March when say Illinios, Minnesota, and Northwestern are firmly on the bubble and Jay Bilas is asking out of conference who’d they play? who’d they beat?

  • plane1972

    I get what you’re saying, but I think that is more happenstance than by design. Your statement makes it sound as if Izzo makes scheduling decisions based on how many upperclassmen he will have. Not sure that is really the case.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    We aren’t talking about Yankee Stadium. Assembly Hall means more to Indiana Basketball than Yankee Stadium did for the Yankees. They have a world wide fan base that can absorb change with less risk. A huge part of Indiana’s prestige does rest on having Assembly Hall.

  • Ole Man

    Well said.

  • CBB_Fan

    The Indiana FANS are the reason no team wants to schedule a home/home series with IU. I’ve been to lots of college basketball games at lots of venues. IU fans are hands down, without a doubt, the most classless & rude fans in America. Before you blame Glass and Crean, you IU fans might want to look in the mirror first.

  • Denhunter

    It had more to do with IU fans throwing cups of urine on some very big UK boosters. One of which had a pregnant wife who got drenched with pee and punched. Really, Kentucky is Kentucky,and IU is not considered a rivalry game any longer except by some oldtimers. Kinda like the autistic cousin you had to invite for Thanksgiving. Cal just finally closed the door on your cash freebie when he got the alumni pressure after that display. Why give Indiana money? You refused neutral site games. Kentucky travels the world. IU won’t go to Indianapolis.

    Give UK carte blanche to assault IU fans at Rupp and see how you like it…then all will be forgiven and you might get your little money maker back.

  • Denhunter

    yeah. 2000 fans (half being free) broadcast on CBS’s regional feed. No one goes to a UCLA game.