Future Indiana Basketball schedules

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2020-21 Schedule

· NJIT on Tuesday, Nov. 10 in Bloomington

· Western Michigan on Friday, Nov. 13 in Bloomington

· Gavitt Tipoff Games: Potential for a home or road game with a Big East opening during the opening week of the regular season. Schedule will not be announced until spring of 2020.

· Maui Jim Maui Invitational: Nov. 23-25, 2020 at the Lahaina Civic Center. Other participating teams: Alabama, Davidson, North Carolina, Providence, Stanford, Texas and UNLV.

· Big Ten-ACC Challenge: Expected road game

· Crossroads Classic: vs. Butler at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Saturday, Dec. 19

· Robert Morris on Tuesday, Dec. 22 in Bloomington

· Nebraska Omaha on Tuesday, Dec. 29 in Bloomington

· Big Ten tournament: Chicago – United Center

  • Evansville Hoosier

    If I only get to choose 16 (or potentially less) home games I’m gonna have some tough choices!! I’m gonna make sure to circle that game against UNC sometime around the end of November though. First home marquee game of the year, and Hoosier Nation will be there in droves!!!

  • HoosierFromCT

    I couldn’t ask for a better a time to be a Brooklyn Nets employee/IU alum. Nov 19-20 can’t come soon enough.

  • INexpat2001

    FYI – I have Legends Classic tickets and just recently got an email moving the start times as follows: Monday, Nov. 19 – 5:30pm (formerly 7:00); Tuesday, Nov. 20 – 7:30pm (formerly 7:00)

  • HoosierFanaticFromUSI

    Question: Why isn’t the Pac-12 opponent scheduled for next year?

    “The scheduling agreement will go beyond football, with the conferences’
    men’s and women’s basketball teams playing one another regularly
    starting next year.”

    Or is UCLA the PAC-12 opponent?

  • IULaw79

    Driving up from DC for this.  Really can’t wait.

  • BhamHoosier

    Pac-12 scheduling agreement doesn’t start officially until 2017. some schools are starting earlier, but they are doing it on their own.

  • Rob

    I hope the IU Northworstern game is in Evanston!

  • be on the lookout in October for NCAA tourney tickets to go on sale…round of 64 games at Corrupt Arena and Dayton OH, both locations would be very likely locations for IU if they have the season they are expected to have. I might get to see the Hoosiers play in Lexington this year after all.

  • Easysoul

    Could be wrong, but I thought the B1G – PAC 12 scheduling was cancelled. Seems I read something about that less than two weeks ago.

  • Scheduling agreement is no more, so it’s been removed from this page. Details here: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/big-ten-pac-12-suspend-163917869–ncaaf.html

  • Brian

    Im from Jersey and going to be a Freshman at IU this fall I am so excited for the season and I will def be at the games when we have vacation, I am also a huge nets fan been waiting for a good team since the days of Jason Kidd, What do you do for the Nets?

  • Wright Harney

    Would like to see some better home non-conference games and maybe even an early season road test at a non-conference foe to test us before we go on the road in B1G play (which we all know is just brutal and hasn’t been a strength of our’s under CTC). But I guess I am also for maximizing our expected win total

  • Fort Wayne’s Memorial Coliseum (12,000+ seating) would be a great place to play a game when the students are on semester break. It would bring IU back to northeast Indiana especially now that a recruit, James Blackman Jr, is from Fort Wayne. The game would give IU a chance to play away from Assembly Hall, but at a friendly site. The Coliseum sold out in less than 24 hours for Notre Dame’s NIT game. IU would sell out even faster!!!

  • Mike Coleman

    Well this non-conference home slate is looking pretty awful

  • chiswede

    We play them twice, so one will be.

  • Hoosierfan96

    Am I the only one who thinks it is wrong on EVERY level that IU only plays Purdue ONE time??!!!

  • skotchie

    Probably makes too much sense and I can’t imagine logisticlly it would be too difficult, seems to me with the B1G schedulng farse that IU & PU only play once why can’t they play in the Crossroads Classic? Furthermore it would also allow ND & Butler to square off, who wouldn’t want to see that?

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    If nobody saw this post I bet they were early for the games.

  • mjwade

    Welcome to Bloomington!

  • colinbb10

    playing so many teams who allowed us to just run up and down the court at will against them was a real negative down the stretch last season IMO. I would love a seriously stiff challenge (at home or on the road) that would make us fight like heck and really take us out of our comfort zone

  • Quickiedahoosier

    Totally agree with you. When I was a kid Bobby would bring the team to Fort Wayne every year and the people loved it. Fort Wayne has some talent and should be recruited hard along with the rest of NW In

  • Jason Richardson

    how about we get rid of some cupcakes and play each b10 team twice

  • Jason Richardson

    how about we get rid of some cupcakes and play each b10 team twice

  • CreamandCrimson

    The two “guarantee games” so far are setting up to be the exact opposite of what we were hoping for. Lamar’s RPI last season was darn near last in the country (343) and New Orleans was above 250 (263 with a 9-15 record). If both of those teams struggle again this season, that will be two RPI hurting opponents already on the schedule. The other 4-5 guarantee games really need to be of somewhat better quality (100-200 RPI) or we risk neutralizing the benefit we should get from playing strong opponents like Georgetown, SMU, Louisville and Pittsburgh.

  • Dave Carnes

    If IU doesn’t play a whole lot better this year SMU will take them apart.

  • hagster

    This schudule is a joke. Different teams playing some once some twice. There is no such thing as a regular season champ.

  • Jay Skibbe

    I would like to see Indiana, Louisville, every year , alternating home courts !!! Screw pUKe, they are nothing but one and doners !!!

  • Jay Skibbe


  • Jay Skibbe

    After you watch IU in assembly hall, you will not be very interested in watching the NETS anymore, Sorry , but you will see I am rite !!!

  • Jay Skibbe

    How bout scheduling UCLA every year, and bringing Alford to the newly renovated Hall every other year ?

  • HoosierEconomist

    I believe Indiana withdrew from the 2K classic this fall.

  • John D Murphy

    Just checked. Alabama, Oreg. St, ‘Nova, Purdue