Photo Gallery: Noah Vonleh at the McDonald’s All-American game

  • 04/04/2013 8:49 am in

Check out 12 photos of Noah Vonleh from his time in Chicago for the 2013 McDonald’s All-American game in the embedded photo gallery after the jump. All photos courtesy of the McDonald’s All-American game.

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  • N71

    Is it just me or does he really have a base? With a lower body like that and our weight training program we may be looking at a Karl Melone like physique in a matter or months.

  • mypersonaldetailer

    It’s nice to see the kid going to IU is smart enough not to cover his body in tatoo’s at the age of 18. What in the heck are these kids and parents thinking? Honestly, I don’t care how good the kid is but as a coach I would seriously think twice about a kid who thinks he knows enough to cover his arms and chest with tat’s while still in high school.

  • RT1

    This kid is gonna be an absolute BEAST. Don’t blink… he’ll gone in 12 months.

  • RT1

    Why do people still think like this? Rpasky, why did you go to college? I went to learn how to make a living. When a playere goes early to the NBA, that’s what they get. Newsflash to the backwards thinkers, UK and every other school for that matter, will be there over the summers or after the players retires . Why lose 3 years of your earning career, years where your average salary is well over a million per??? I makes NO sense and ultimately goes against what you are going to college for in the first place.

  • HoosierBeatdown

    Hope not. At least 24…

  • Mooks

    No he won’t he will be too young to enter the NBA draft after Freshman year. He’s only 17.

  • He’ll turn 19 in the year of the 2014 draft and will be one year removed from HS. He’s draft eligible beginning in 2014.

  • aHoopandaPrayer

    Wonderful player. Release on his shot is a bit low. Production against top tier opponents and overall offensive game must improve under Crean. He could enter the draft in 14 but would be surprised if he’s ready to log NBA minutes.

  • I would speak to a kid before I passed a judgement on him about some tats. If they are of AK’s and saw’d offs that one thing but… different strokes different folks. Its more or less how Bloomington has operated in its finest for the last fifty years, a nice helping of human expression with a fat side of freedom. Very similar to Will flexin’ arms after plays and inkin’ his body during off days. Is he so bad? The kick drum of Indiana BBall in 2013 will be Will. Him and his tats.

  • RT1

    I thought the same thing too, until i saw his team compared to Oak Hill, Huntington, Montverde, Findley, La Lumierre… etc. He had no help comparable to the other traveling hoops factories. His shooting will improve but he has INCREDIBLE handles for a guy his size and is widely regarded as one of the best rebounders in this draft… that’s a very unusual and useful skill set at the next level. Think about all the stretch 4’s that wnet straight to the league that couldn’t shoot initially and now can. I saw plenty of Kevin Garnett at Farragut… he’s alot like that, a little shorter but with a more mature body. Just sayin’

  • obviously a person ruled by greed

  • RT1

    And David you are a person ruled by delusion and dishonesty. If an employer had offered you a multi-million dollar contract contingent on you leaving college after 1 year, you would have said yes, don’t say you wouldn’t have. Why do you expect college players to be different from anyone else?

  • As long as the acquisition of wealth remains the chief motivation for life we are doomed to darkness and ignorance, and stupidity. No I wouldn’t go pro if I was a star at Indiana. Your NBA fans dont go to college and have low IQ’s and are happy with WWE style games (called or pre-called). You are representing an entire state never again will that happen in your life, the honor of being a Hoosier is enough.

  • RT1

    Blah blah blah… You sir are a liar or a fool. As far as ‘my NBA fans’, I haven’t watched that garbage since Bird retired.

  • Guest

    sorry but homeboy is dead on, and your type is the reason the shitty place, keep watchin that NBA garbage, trash jones

  • David Kahil

    Homeboy is dead on, people like you are the reason the world is such a shitty, shallow place. Don’t know anything about honor, keeping your word, Oladipo talked and talked all year about his mission to get a national title, he still has another year to do it. If he and Zeller stay they will be better than this year. Honor, character…things we teach at IU, watch they both will stay. They have a chance, a chance at greatness with this team, and greatness is an elusive beast. I think they both have character and honor and will try to win a championship next year