Five takeaways from Indiana’s win over Illinois

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IUB1G1ITH0009CHICAGO — Indiana advanced to the semifinals of the Big Ten Tournament for the first time since 2006 with an 80-64 win over Illinois on Friday afternoon at the United Center.

Here’s a look at five takeaways from IU’s comfortable win over the Fighting Illini:

· Indiana’s balance reigns supreme: When the Hoosiers are at their best offensively, the ball is moving and that was certainly the case on Friday afternoon as IU had assists on 16 of its 27 baskets. For a while, it appeared Cody Zeller would be well on his way to a career-high, but as his looks decreased down the stretch, other Hoosiers stepped in to fill the void. Eight of Yogi Ferrell’s 12 points and 10 of Victor Oladipo’s 12 came in the second half. In total, Indiana had five players finish in double figures in scoring and Jordan Hulls, who didn’t make a field goal, dished out seven assists. “Coach always says ‘just spraying the court.’ When we do that and we’re just flowing, out there playing, I feel like that’s when we’re at our best,” Ferrell said. “Doing that got us a lot of drives, a lot of open look shots.”

· Productive minutes from the bench: A welcome sign heading into NCAA Tournament time was the production Indiana received from its bench. All five starters avoided foul trouble and played more than 30 minutes, but Will Sheehey and Remy Abell combined for 16 points in 29 minutes. Particularly of note was the performance of Abell, who hit a 3-pointer and a long two and finished with five, matching his total offensive output from his last six games. The play of Abell didn’t go unnoticed by Illinois coach John Groce. “I thought he gave them positive contributions, made a couple of jumpers, which he typically doesn’t do that,” Groce said. “Those are big plays.”

· Hoosiers avenge loss in Champaign: With less than 24 hours to prepare for Illinois, Indiana didn’t have too much time to think about last month’s collapse in Champaign. The Hoosiers led that game by 14 in the second half before a late collapse ended with a Tyler Griffey layup and a court storm by the Orange Krush. But as Illinois trimmed the IU lead to eight with 8:17 to go, the Hoosiers refused to allow the Illini to draw any closer in the rematch. IU quickly pushed the cushion back to 13 at the 5:31 mark on a Christian Watford 3-pointer. “All gas, no breaks” has been this team’s motto all season and offensively, Indiana kept attacking down the stretch rather than playing tentative.

· Zeller continues his strong March: Tom Crean has talked about the importance of peaking in March and April rather than January or February and it appears that Zeller is saving his best basketball for last. Over his last two games, IU’s star sophomore has amassed 49 points (19-of-30 FG’s, 11-of-14 FT’s) and 19 rebounds in 70 minutes. While Trey Burke and Oladipo dominated the conversation for the conference’s player of the year award, Zeller is proving that he too belonged in the discussion. “He was a load,” Groce said of Zeller’s play on Friday afternoon. “There’s a reason he’s on all those magazines to start the season. First-team All-American candidate, probably a national player of the year candidate. He’s a terrific player.”

· Indiana stifles Brandon Paul: The Illini’s leading scorer admitted that he didn’t like Indiana following his team’s win on Thursday over Minnesota and whether those quotes served as motivation for the Hoosiers is anybody’s guess. But the Hoosiers played like a team hell bent on limiting the number of clean looks for Paul. When the final buzzer sounded, Paul’s line looked like this: 2-of-13  from the field and three turnovers. If not for a 11-of-12 performance from the foul line, Paul’s afternoon would have been a complete failure. “They get into you,” Paul said afterward. “Obviously [Victor] Oladipo is a great defender. They play hard. They’re scrappy.”

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  • InTheMtns

    Man, that was fun! Great game, Hoosiers. Only one team in the B1G we haven’t beaten this year and they are next on the “To Do” list. Go Hoosiers!!!!

  • Revenge week continues. Time to smoke the Badgers.

  • twarrior87

    Another takeaway: Oladipo’s dunk will be on SC top 10 tonight!

  • SCHoosier

    What I take out of that game is great D by IU..and that 14 TO’s will not win much going forward. WIS will try to make us grind it out..have to defend them for the entire shot clock..then not take too many rushed shots ourselves. Another great game by POY Trey Burke…a very efficient 8 for god knows how many shots.,He was 4-14 at one point. WIS struggled in its last three games because they shot like they did the first half of the UM game. I don’t think IU can count on that tomorrow. After all..they have the Coach of the year on their bench.):

  • richmich

    The thing I take from this game is that this is the way they needed to put away Illinois last time. Next, the dismantling of Wiscy. Go Hoosiers!

  • PDXHoosier

    we can’t turn it over like that against wisconsin. And you can bet they will have their best shooting game of the year tomorrow, probably with some banked in 3s

  • indiana.austin

    Only 3 turnovers in the second half!!!! I will take that any/every day.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Step 1 down for avenging losses. I’m rooting for OSU in the bottom half of the bracket!

    I’d love to go Illinoying, Whiny Badgers, Overrated State U in that order!!!

    Also, it’s always nice to see the team my pUKe friend (it’s a character flaw I know) swore was the team to beat, Duke, get blasted out of the pathetic ACC tournament by a team that will still be lucky to make the tournament the same day that pUKe themselves take such a pathetic loss they too will probably be on the outside looking in!

    Cody’s peaking at the right time, Will and the bench are starting to give some good minutes (Jeremy @ MI, Will & Remy today), and Victor is Victor. Jordy starts hitting some shots and Yogi starts knocking a few down again and it’s onward to Hotlanta!!!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Nope, after watching them play out of their asses during last year’s tourney game and again this year at B’Town, it’s about time to see them come back to earth and shoot like they usually do against everyone else.

    I’m calling a double-digit revenge butt-spanking tomorrow by the HOOSIERS!!! It may just be because that’s what I want so badly but I sat with some stupid Badger fans last year at the B1G tournament in Indy and let me tell you . . . they have ZERO clue what’s going on during the game and don’t understand basketball yet they’re still up there shouting stupid taunts towards opponents. I’d love nothing more than to send Bo and that group crying back to Madison with their badger tails between their legs!!!


    gr8 all round game today…loved the D and dont wanna jinx anything but cody is playin with some passion and is dominating…c wat hit some big shots today which was nice n sheehey played well if yogi n jordy start hittin tommorow its lights out early for the badgers…go iu

  • Geoff_85

    Remy Abell finally looked like a college basketball player again. He had the one drive off of a Hulls steal that SHOULD’VE been an easy 2 and he choked it away, but that’s alright Remy! I think he has some confidence back. If Hollowell gets in a rhythm, he could be big against the wisconsin bastards. Indiana has to lock down the perimeter!

  • Geoff_85

    Remy Abell finally looked like a college basketball player again. He had the one drive off of a Hulls steal that SHOULD’VE been an easy 2 and he choked it away, but that’s alright Remy! I think he has some confidence back. If Hollowell gets in a rhythm, he could be big against the wisconsin bastards. Indiana has to lock down the perimeter!

  • Geoff_85

    Sorry, that’s *badgers*… or the other one. You decide.