The Minute After: Jacksonville

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IUJackITH0010Thoughts on a 93-59 win against the Dolphins:

I. Though Indiana eventually won this game by 34 points (Jacksonville actually covered the 36-point spread thanks to a late 3-pointer), it was a slow burn to get up to that mark. The Dolphins trailed by a respectable 15 at half and Indiana didn’t punch the lead to 30 until the 8:52 mark of the second half. They were able to keep it somewhat close because they were working their offense for open looks early and connecting. The Dolphins hit 47 percent of their first half shots and were particularly strong beyond the arc (5-of-9). And it ended up being a solid night from distance for the game for them as well (10-of-17, 58.8 percent).

What ultimately did Jacksonville in were two things. No. 1) It sent the Hoosiers to the line at a high rate. IU was in the bonus by the 11:34 mark of the first half and got over a quarter of its points (24 on 31 attempts, 77.4 percent) at the line. Jacksonville also coughed the ball up 20 times (27.7 turnover percentage) which Indiana, as it often does, converted on heavily (34 points). So from the line and off turnovers alone, Indiana scored 58 points — 62.3 percent of its offensive output.

You simply can’t give a team as good as Indiana that many gift points and expect to stay close enough to be in striking distance. Especially if you’re already giving up a sizable advantage in the talent department.

II. A night to remember for the likes of Jordan Hulls and Yogi Ferrell. Hulls was hot in the first half from beyond the arc — 5-of-7 — and even banked one in. After he hit his sixth early in the second half (18:39), it seemed as if he may be on pace to challenge the IU record of nine made threes in a game (a co-record held by Rod Wilmont and Matt Roth). But Hulls never made another shot from beyond the arc the rest of the contest. He finished 6-of-9 from 3-point range and scored 20 points.

Ferrell continues to set his teammates up left and right, but tonight was particularly impressive: The freshman tallied 10 assists against zero turnovers. He’s been great at finding teammates on the break and in the halfcourt, and such vision and skill will come in handy when Indiana gets slowed down by teams that have more equivalent talent during Big Ten season and need a creator and facilitator against better defenses.

III. A night to forget for Cody Zeller. Not only was The Big Handsome loose with the ball (four turnovers), but he spent more time than usual on the bench with foul trouble. The sophomore picked up his fourth with plenty of time to still go (12:16) in the second half. Tom Crean even took Zeller aside for a one-on-one chat on the bench while associate head coach Steve McClain ran a second half huddle. (Speaking of huddles: There seemed to be a little more chirping than usual from Indiana players during some of them tonight.) After returning after his fourth foul at the 7:24 mark, Zeller was able to salvage his night a bit, as he pumped in a quick 10 points before exiting the contest for good at the 3:05 mark.

Hanner Mosquera-Perea’s progression continues to be something to watch. He tallied a a career-high six points this evening. But after his strong rebounding effort last time out, he had just one in 12 minutes this evening. Peter Jurkin didn’t see the floor until deep into garbage time (he entered at the 2:08 mark in the second half) and you wonder how much, if at all, he’s going to factor in during the Big Ten slate. (Though, he was playing with an air cast on left ankle tonight, which may have kept him from more playing time.)

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  • Tonight’s game was fun to watch… After the first 10 minutes haha! But I loved the energy. Must hit more open shots. But I can’t wait for Monday! Leeets goo! #IUBB

  • Benhyoung14

    The team seamed a bit rusty tonight. I’d love to know what Crean said to Zeller in his one on one huddle. He’s got to be more aggressive.

  • I was also very impressed with Yogi’s vision and assertiveness tonight! Very fun to watch. Hopefully he keeps this mindset and demeanor during Big Ten play! #IUBB

  • marcusgresham

    I hope he ripped him. Cody was pretty bad for much of this game. He has to be better if there are tournament aspirations. He did close the game better, but they don’t have anyone over 6’6″.

  • 5_Banners

    I really hope IU plays better on Monday. This game tough to watch. Now it’s time to see what this team is made of….first road game.

  • PDXHoosier

    Did anyone else refuse to turn off the telly and watch the replay of the IU-UK game from last year?? I forgot how good CWat can be!

    Anyway, back to today. Glad the Hoos won by 30+ even though the other team shot 10-17 from 3

    Zeller got out-muscled by a hefty body again for most of the game. But he’s still the most important player out there and we need to get him the ball.

    HMP is good and will only get better. He completely changes our defense when he is in the paint.

    Jordy actually shot the ball. He still had more open shots he should have taken though. the best thing he can do for this team is to shoot whenever he can see the basket.

  • PDXHoosier

    He has trouble with wider bodies on him that’s for sure. not good for B1G play

  • HoosierDD

    Yeah, The BIG channel got me for 4+ hours tonight. Kudos to their marketing/ schedulers, or whomever made it happen.

    Agree with Jordy. Didn’t we have this issue last year. Sometimes our best shooter didn’t want to shoot as much as he should. He just doesn’t have a selfish bone in his body. Dude, just shoot when you are open, no one cares if you miss 2 or 3 in a row because we all know you will make the next 4 ala tonight. Missed the first two and then caught fire.

  • Dick_Pepperfield

    Enough cabbage soup, I’m ready for a Wonka bar. Bring on the Big 10 schedule

  • Bob

    well the NCAA is doing all they can to destroy what started out as a promising season with all the suspensions and then throw in the injuries and you can drop all the…hang banner 6…talk which basically has stopped. Hollowell I guess won’t be back if they are waiting on the NCAA. They fired one crook in that office and a lot more need to go. Like someone said they need to move to Lexington because they would fit in better beings you know who has them in their hip pockets. And one final thing. Can anyone tell me why IU won’t guard the three point shot ? I mean these scrubs teams are burning their arses from beyond the line. It’s going to be a very long season in the B1G if they continue to come out not ready to give it 100%. If they do it against Iowa the game will be over at the ten minute mark of the first half.

  • SCHoosier

    Loved Jordy and Will aggressively looking for their shots. VO was VO… the hustle but we don’t need risking injury by diving into the stands against a team like that in a situation like that.! Scared me to death. Wat started slow..came back in second half. Zeller just did not have his head in the game that first half..looked like his girl friend broke up with h m over the holiday or something. Yogi starting to show maturity needed for the B-10 with his passing. If/when this group plays to their potential..IU is scary. Having a 12-1 record with no real test on a quality opponents home even scarier. Hope it doesn’t come back to haunt us. There will be full games of tough half court offense and defense…IU still has to prove they are up to that. No reason they can’t be.

  • SCHoosier

    Problem is some of those conference teams have rosters that look like a Star Wars bar!:)

  • MikeinNC

    Don’t know what to make of this team yet based on this schedule. They could absolutely shred the Big Ten or drop 5-6 road games and neither one would surprise me. Not sure how they will react to really physical defensive play on a consistent basis. I think we know which game film all their opponents will be watching to prepare. Regardless, it should be exciting to watch.

  • SCHoosier

    I think J-villes 6-6 center had 12 boards..that’s as many as Cody and Wat had combined. Fact is I guess..Crean counts on all five players going to the will and VO get their share.

  • Eastwood88_2

    Well finished my three game package last night. Butler and nc my other two. Zeller was downright awful last night. 6 inches he had on that guy and was completely dominated. Turnovers, missed reboundsd getting blocked left and right. He worked on this jump shot all summer yet hit only one so far this year? The three attempt yesterday was a shot that dropped him 10 spots in the draft. Reminds me of last year and sullinger. Late first round after a top three.three. this officially my season on the brink. Should i drive 4 hrs to iowa city Monday? Can’t take a loss

  • Jordy could have 10 three’s in a game every night but Crean refuses to screen for him. All of his shots come from kickouts and stuff he creates on his own. I never understood why we aren’t having him come off double screens on the baseline that will allow him to get open and allow Cody to slip the screens for easy post postion.

  • marcusgresham

    I was fortunate enough to mistakenly think the game came on at 7, so I caught the special on the ’80-’81 championship team. Luckily, no one was in the room because I think I teared up every damn time they put Landon Turner on the screen.

  • marcusgresham

    I know I’ve harped on it before, but he seems to go up a lot of times while his feet aren’t squared, often not parallel to one another, and even crossed some times. Plant and power up!

  • I would like to see us attempt to take our opponent out of his game just once. I was ready for Bob Knight to leave but now I would love to see him around. Bet he could talk the boys into an entry pass or two.

  • jeremy

    Every time I doubt how good this team is I just look back to the loss to butler. Butler did everything right and IU played horrible. IU missed 11 free throws and gave up 27 second chance points. To many turnovers down the stretch cost them the game. IU only lost by two. If IU crashes the boards as a team and hits there free throws the sky is the limit.

  • Bob

    yep…going to DVR it so I can erase it if they lose which I think they will also.

  • Ole Man

    Just one fan’s opinion, but Coach Crean seems set on a more “free-lance” approach.
    I’m not saying that he couldn’t set up such an offense; just that I haven’t seen it since his arrival.

  • HannerTime Hoosier

    Hmmmm, failed to see Cody floating around shooting 3 pt shots so far. Now some may argue he has not needed to as of yet. Bullocks, he needs to get in the flow where he is doing this and gaining confidence! I have a feeling CTC is going to catch a lot of flack for his in-game coaching the rest of the season.

  • yimyames

    no experience? Did they not play any road games last year? It’s basically the same team, with a few added freshman.

  • PDXHoosier

    It will be a tough road game in the B1G, just like they all are. I wouldn’t bet on the Hawkeyes, though

  • Kenneth234

    I have no clue how anyone would equate a lack of road experience for a team as being the main reason that they will lose their first. No matter what, the best offensive team in the country will still be traveling to Iowa, and they will still be the deepest team in the country, which will translate to a win. Now, it does not mean that they will win by a lot, or that it will necessarily be close, but they will still be the better team on the floor by a large margin.

  • Kenneth234

    I find it to be absolutely ridiculous that so many people on this thread are trying to make a case that this IU team is ill prepared for the Big Ten season, Cody Zeller is going to be dominated by Big Ten bigmen, or that CTC is not the right guy for this job or is operating at a deficit within the in-game situations as a coach. I would argue more than anything else that the entire team is bored with the opponents of late, including Zeller. As for the comments about Indiana taking a team out of their game plan, is irrelevant as well for the simple thought that when you play inferior competition you work on situations and cohesiveness rather than trying to minimize deep three attempts.

  • mike

    Glad someone else notices. Just like last year when towards the end of one game we were losing, so he puts in Roth, Hulls and Watford together — 3 of the best 3-point shooters on college ball — only to have them all just standing there on the perimeter. It just makes no sense, because none of them are that good at creating their own 3-point shot. It’s as if the off-the-ball screen has become obsolete, along with the hook/jump hook shot, which Cody sorely needs in his repertoire.

  • mike

    Agreed, esp when we play two small guards who anyone can shoot over … people keep wondering why other teams shoot 3’s so well against us — duh!
    And have you seen Michigan play yet? Wow, they’re really better than us at this point …

  • mike

    Maybe if Crean just used a few off-the-ball picks to free our shooters, or Zeller for once went over someone instead of always trying to go under or around them (someone needs to tell him he’s 7 feet tall), or Crean woke up and realized that no team in the past few decades has won a title with two 5’11” guards ….. then we wouldn’t have these “ridiculous”opinions. But for now, we’ll wait for those opinions to be vindicated by some early B10 season losses, then you will no longer be using that term “ridiculous” to describe those opinions.

  • mike

    I feel that the “negativity” that some note here is actually OBJECTIVITY.

    1. Look, no team in my memory has played at an elite (top 5-10) level with two 5’11” guards. Why do you think so many teams have shot incredibly well from the perimeter against us? Sure, Yogi + Jordy are great offensively, but together they just cannot contest shots. Roosevelt Jones had a career day against us, Gtown shot 3s almost like layups for much of the game, yesterday Jacksonville shot 3s very well …. etc. We cannot be an elite team with Yogi and Jordy out there together, it’s just too much of a defensive liability. Michigan is just watering at the mouth thinking of Jordy trying to guard Hardaway Jr or Stauskas!

    2. Cody needs to learn to play big. I like his clever moves around the basket, but really, he should not be going under or around people as much of just OVER them. He should study tape of Bill Walton, or Kareem … how about a JUMP HOOK shot? I blame Crean for not developing Cody’s game into a true big man’s game.

    3. How about just a few off the ball screens once in ahwile? It’s painful sometimes to watch our shooters just standing there with a guy draped on them.

    IMO, IU will not win the B10 or natl championship because they don’t have the in-game coaching. Recruiting is great, attitude is great, some player development has been great, but the above issues (esp #1) will keep us from being an elite team. Maybe CTC will wake up after a couple early B10 losses, Iowa being one. In the meantime, watch Michigan — can anyone seriously deny that they are better than us? Burke, Hardaway and Robinson III are each incredible, and Stauskas is like a 6’6″ version of Hulls, and therefore an unstoppable shooter since he can get his shot off so easily. And very well coached.

  • Kevin Tolliver

    Chill everyone. Hoosiers lost 9 games last year right? Made it to sweet 16 we weren’t even ranked at start of season. This team is just warming up. We have all the tools to make the title run. SO just enjoy the ride people.

  • Kevin Tolliver

    Wow! You were setting next to me at the Kentucky game last year weren’t you? I told you before game we would win and you never got off your seat until the end of the game. In all seriousness I think we will win in a close hard fought game.Yes it will be hard to watch but those are the ones that are worth watching. SO man up and watch the game!

  • Kevin Tolliver

    Your right. I mean we have improved our record every year, McDonald’s All Americans are coming to IU like its cool, Assembly Hall is packed for every game, We beat #1,#2,#5, last year when we were picked to finish 8th or 9th in league! And the players just can’t stand Crean. We should fire him immediately.

  • Kevin Tolliver

    This negative talk will subside the first day of 2013 when we are all talking about how great we looked in Iowa City.

  • Kenneth234

    Evidently you are failing to understand that the Bob Knight era is over, CTC has control and will play the game that he decides is most advantageous to the players that he knows far better than you do. At this point, especially following the overall growth of last year’s team, I firmly believe he understands his personnel,and will have this team playing at an optimal level by the end of the season. Let alone, be able to get them through the Big Ten season as the regular season champions of the league.

    As for Zeller, he showed last year who he is, and that he is more than capable of holding his own in league play. Once again, he is not who you want him to be, he is the player that he is and tends to be that player whether you want him to be something else or not.

  • Eastwood88_2

    I agree with most of what you said. One disagreement, Beilein is not a very good coach. Average at best with in game coaching. His teams have always lack defense and rebounding ability. Back to his wv days.

  • HannerTime Hoosier

    Mike, you took every word out of my mouth with your entire post! Cody is NOT expanding his plethora of skills to include those shots or 3 ptrs! Wtf CTC?! I do not see us getting Banner #6 w/o solutions for these recurring needs.
    If improvements don’t occur, February is gonna be a long one for this Hoosier team!

  • HannerTime Hoosier

    Did we get to the final 4 last year? Do we look unbeatable against top 10 teams … oh, we don’t know yet. Right now Cody is not demonstrating his ability to take over a game … thus no POY award. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid, IU is not taking a leap to the next level needed to win the NCAA based on play to date. Imho

  • Ole Man

    Unfortunately, you may be right. Players seem lackidasical right now.

  • SCHoosier

    The only screen for Hulls comes off a high post which is fairly easy to defend. If we lose at UM or WIS or MSU it will be because those offensive schemes use multiple screens to free their good shooters. TC seems to have a complete blind spot on this..really counts on the drive and dish which hasn’t resulted in many looks for anybody. Getting a lot of looks in transition (we won’t have all those fast breaks in the B-10) and if we aren’t hiting those one pass and fire will spell big trouble on the road.

  • IUJeff

    IU is on thin ice with the NC2A for the KS, GH, and the weak A Hope / IU connection crap. Most of this was self-reported.

    So IU is the one self-reporting to an inept orgainization incapable of handling things with any common sense.

    I’ll stick to what I have said before. If self-reporting is not required, DON’T DO IT! Take care of in-house issues in house and let the NC2A focus on the schools that need the “help”.

  • Geoff_85

    Can I deny that Michigan is better than IU? Uh, yeah. If IU beat Central Michigan by only 15 points you’d be whining more than you are now and spewing more nonsense of which you know nothing about. Put away the tissues and support your team and their coach. If you don’t want to do that, be a fan of someone else, IU has plenty of fans and they don’t need you.

  • Geoff_85

    Well, Indiana won at Iowa. They beat them. You said they would lose, but they didn’t. Instead, they won at Iowa. I haven’t seen you in “The Minute After: Iowa” yet, but I will continue to look for you. Hope to see you in there soon!