Film Session: Mosquera-Perea’s stat-stuffing night

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Hanner Mosquera-Perea’s night against Florida Atlantic was somewhat brief (14 minutes), but productive (four points, 10 rebounds and two blocks). Yet, he’s still showing signs of rawness. The freshman also had three turnovers and looked out of sorts at times.

In any event, a look at both of his scoring plays and a block (as well as a supercut of his four points, 10 rebounds and two blocks) in the latest edition of Film Session.

Christian Watford starts the action on the left wing here and dribbles left. Mosquera-Perea see an opportunity to set a ball screen:


So he does as Watford now looks to use it and switches hands with the ball:


Mosquera-Perea is able to find space on the roll as Dragan Sekelja doesn’t commit to either a) hedging hard on Watford or b) keeping a body on  Mosquera-Perea:


He collects and scores on a dunk:



II. Will Sheehey brings the ball up in transition and Mosquera-Perea, who is sneaking behind the Owls’ defense calls for an alley-oop:


Sheehey stops and pops a mid-range jumper. (We have seen this before.) Mosquera-Perea sees this and has Florida Atlantic sealed off down low:


From there, it’s as simple as the freshman using his superior strength, length and athleticism to tip in Sheehey’s miss:



III. Greg Gnatt gets a step on Sheehey and begins to make a drive to the hoop. For now, Mosquera-Perea stays home down on the right block:


With Gnatt starting to gather, Mosquera-Perea makes a move and looks to get up and affect a potential shot:


He rises and cocks his arm back … :


Swatting the ball high into the air:


He grabs the ball and immediately finds Remy Abell with an outlet pass:


Abell dribbles the length of the court, but ends up missing the dunk here and it bounces out of bounds. Still, a good example of Mosquera-Perea’s block turning defense into (almost) quick offense:



Supercut of Mosquera-Perea’s night:

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  • CreamandCrimson

    The Florida Atlantic game was a snapshot of what Perea should be able to provide us with this season. 10-15 minutes a game, a shot block or two, some rebounds and a couple of dunks/put-backs. I think it was a very positive step forward. I think a lineup with Zeller, Hanner, Watford, Victor and Yogi could be really interesting for brief spurts. They could play a really lengthy half-court trapping zone and could be quite difficult to score on.

  • DEAN GARRETT is back! Yessssssssss!

  • WhatsUpKnight

    and an accent

  • Hanner can jump over Dean Garrett! Wait until he gets used to being out there. The nine games hurt, but he’ll catch up!


    Noticed that too, his stride at times is a real strong copy of Garrett’s , but that’s where the comparisons stop when it comes to unteachable things.

    You can just see the improvement from one game to the next. Anybody that is still thinking along the lines of, ” it’s just nine games ” or ” they’ll be back a game or two before we start the B1G so we’ll be OK ” is just plain blind. Take the improvement we have seen in just 3 games and multiply that by 3 or 4 and you have where HMP would be when we start our conference games had the ncaa not screwed he and Peter over like they did. I know I sound like a broken record but there is absolutely no substitute for actual game time minutes and it severely stunted his development big time. I know CW, CZ and others have to get minutes with it being the last game before B1G but HMP has got to be out there just as much as possible to make up for lost time.

  • SCHoosier

    Yes if he can catch ball..catch ball..catch ball.

  • shknqk

    Speaking as one who had a three pointer blocked by dean who had seemed to me to be safely in the lane, I recall him having pretty darn good physical prowess. Not Hanner good maybe, but…

  • awesome recap videos, keep ’em coming!

  • yimyames

    He will surpass Dieng and many others, thats my prediction.

  • Hey Mr. I am a Die Hard Hoosier Fan. I do not take to trashing legends, especially ones wearing NC rings in a IU uniform. We all know Hanner is more athletic. The game has evolved, and so have the the players. As a die hard I have the choice to compare present players to past. I will not compare to Ky, Duke, etc. Players. Dean was the first to come to mind when I seen hanner all alone in the paint. Hanner will compliment Cody well in Big ten play.