IU now a major player for 2013 forward Troy Williams

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Troy Williams admitted he doesn’t know much about the Indiana basketball program, but he said he is definitely interested in the Hoosiers.

Williams, a class of 2013 recruit from Hampton, Virginia, recently scheduled an official visit for Oct. 19-21, the weekend of Hoosier Hysteria.

The 6-foot-6 forward is the 30th-ranked player in his class, according to ESPN.com.

“They’re working a lot on me and they’re keeping in touch about once every week,” Williams told Inside the Hall on Sunday. “I just like the style of play so far, that’s all I know right now. I don’t know much about the school yet, but I will once I take an official visit there.”

Williams, who is attending Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia, had initially narrowed his list to Kentucky and North Carolina, but he decided to re-open his recruitment to other schools during the summer.

Tom Crean and the Hoosiers got in late — they tracked him during the July evaluation period and also made a visit to see Williams at Oak Hill earlier this month — but Williams said that won’t hurt the Hoosiers.

“No, no, no,” he said. “They said that they didn’t know that I had opened up my recruitment again, so that’s why they came in late. They just didn’t know.”

Williams said he plans to cut his list down sometime after his visits to Indiana and North Carolina next month. He also has offers from Georgetown, Florida and Louisville, among others.

But Williams said Indiana is a major player, mainly because of Crean.

“He’s real cool,” Williams said. “We get along real well. He seems like he’s very close with his players, too, and I like that.”


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  • ace132

    alex, i know we say these things always work out, but what happens if Beejay and troy both want to sign? or would crean tell them we only have one more spot availible?

  • Crean’s going to stare them both down during Hoosier Hysteria and say….”First one to say, ‘I’m in, Coach.’ gets the scholly.”

  • Williams doesn’t plan on signing until the spring.

  • JonnyHoosier

    I don’t know much about the school yet, but I will once I take an official visit there.”

    ….I do believe this young man is about to have a religious experience this coming October.

  • Matt

    LOL! He better do it that way!

  • Seattle Ric

    Someone will transfer or go to prep school for a year. No way Crean passes on one when he can get both in.

  • Arch_Puddington

    As things stand, we can’t take either of them. With only 3 players graduating and 4 incoming commits, we are already oversigned for next year. Even if CZ goes pro, which is likely but not certain, there still will be not be a scholarship available for Anya, Meeks, or Williams. Someone else will have to go pro or transfer before we can accept any of them. I’m rooting for Williams, but it’s a long shot.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    He will not know what to think. If he understands, tradition, pride, and insane enthusiasm then he will totally understand what Indiana Basketball us about. Can’t wait for him to see what is up in B-Town. Hooooo! Hoo! Hoo! HOOSIERS!!!!

  • N71

    * We will graduate 3 in Elston, Hulls, and Watford.

    * Zeller could be the #1 pick in the draft so its likely he’s gone and who would blame him.

    * We have no idea what will happen with Creek this year, at least I don’t. The thinking is if he’s back he was one of the best scorers in the country so NBA? The other end of the spectrum is he’s injury prone and something else will bite him.

    * At his pace of development Victor could go pro as well, maybe even Will.

    * Yogi could also get a chance to go pro as well but I partially say that having watched him through high school and being a fan so I’m bias.

    That could make for 7 or 8 slots aside from transfers out that are impossible to predict. I agree we have 3 obviously and we’re over signed by 1 but I would rather plan ahead and have options versus getting caught flat footed. I think if Troy wants to come, as well as BeeJay of course, they’ll be wearing candy stripes next year and we’ll be hearing banner #7 knocking at the door.

  • Arch_Puddington

    I didn’t say we shouldn’t plan ahead, I just observed that at least for the moment we don’t have spots available. Verbal commitments don’t count against the scholarship total, so I guess in some literal sense we still have lots of spots available. But assuming all those who have committed actually sign, we are 2 early departures away from being able to accept any additional players. That may well happen, and thus it is good to keep pursuing people. As I indicated, I would love to end up with Williams, and since he has said he won’t sign until the spring, we at least have a chance.

  • dtfreed

    Alex say Bee Jay Meeks and TW all commit in November when IU accepts letters of intent do they just accept the 1st four talent wise and tell the others they were late for fall signing, sorry? What happen s in ’14 IU signs 1 so numbers work out?

  • Geoff_85

    It’s awesome to not only be in the conversation with recruits like Williams, but also be near the top. Definitely exciting stuff! Any word on Coach Crean’s in home visit w/Anya? Also, is Anya waiting until the Spring to sign as well? I can’t remember..

  • slojoe

    Crean has already said that they would seek a 5th year for Creek and that he may ask for a hardship waiver to give Creek 6 years. So if Creek is improving, he will likely be here 1-2 more years.

  • SCHoosier

    Unless Mo Creek can truely contribute..I don’t expect to see him in the Candy Stripes next year..period. Maybe as a grad assistant..but Crean can not hold a spot open in this program forever without hurting the Hoosiers long term. Cold but true.

  • HoosierTrav

    I’m trying to get it out of him on twitter! Honestly, I’d be surprised if Anya wasn’t wearing candy stripes. I believe its between the Wolfpack and the Hoosiers.

  • achurt

    I think the NBA and best scorer in the country ships have sailed for Creek…

  • Arch_Puddington

    Zeller can go to the NBA whenever he wants, but Oladipo has some work to do. He is clearly on the NBA’s radar, but his shot has to improve. I haven’t seen anything that rates him above the second round, and as with Watford at the end of last year, he would be unlikely to leave early if that is the case. Crean has to plan for his departure, just as he did Watford’s, but it is by no means certain that he will be gone.

  • DJandEJ

    Ugh, can we stop contacting recruits on twitter? He’s not going to answer you, so whats the point? It just makes you, and the fanbase, look crazy and stalkerish.

  • JLH2310

    FYI, my roommate in Indianapolis saw Trey Lyles rocking a Kentucky shirt at the Castleton Mall last week…

  • N71

    “rocking” has positive connotation, let’s shift that word to something like displaying, thumbing, annoyingly wearing, etc. I hope this all blows over and he plays out his time with Tech and moves on. To keep pushing buttons though here in Indianapolis, with over 100 years of alumni in positions of all sorts throughout the state, nothing good can come of it.

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    What would be awesome is if this touched off a recruit dunk contest right in the middle of the festivities. 😀

  • Man, it still bums me out that not only are we not going to land the number one player in the state of Indiana, but freaking Kentucky might steal him right out from under us.

  • So_Cal_Hoosier

    I would love to see Troy in candy stripes next year but I’m a bit skeptic only because UNC can offer those 3 points you listed above in addition to the fact that it’s close to home.. Hopefully he proves me wrong

  • Marion Williams

    The more I read about Indiana, the better I like them. But it is my son’s decision!

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    You are right, but I feel Indiana has hunger on its side. A hungry fan base is always more rabid and. IMO Indiana players, coaches, faculty, and fans feel like there is more to prove with more work to do. With that said The Real Assembly Hall will be rockin’