Indiana hits the road to visit 2013 forward Troy Williams

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Indiana coach Tom Crean and assistant coach Kenny Johnson traveled to visit 2013 recruit Troy Williams at Oak Hill Academy on Monday.

Williams, a 6-foot-6 forward from Hampton, Virgina, is the 30th-ranked player in his class according to

The Hoosiers got in late on Williams, who had narrowed his list to Kentucky and North Carolina before re-opening his recruitment. Williams also has offers from Florida, Georgetown and Louisville, among others.

Crean and Johnson visited Williams’ uncle and AAU coach, Boo Williams, on Monday morning before traveling to see Troy at Oak Hill. Even though IU hasn’t been involved long, Boo Williams said the Hoosiers are a major factor.

“We’re pretty interested,” Boo Williams told Inside the Hall. “They’ve done a good job recruiting him. I think coach Crean’s got a good understanding about his game and how he plays. They’ve done a very good job.”

Boo Williams pointed to Crean’s ability to develop under-recruited players such as Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey as a reason Troy Williams may choose IU.

“That’s the thing we’re more interested in than anything else, his skill development of players,” Boo Williams said. “Being No. 1 ranked and all that, I mean that’s great, but it’s his development of players that sold me on Indiana as a good place for Troy.”

Because several teams have gotten in late, Boo Williams says there remains no timetable for Troy’s decision. He is expected to make at least a couple official visits before making a commitment.

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  • inLinE6

    They got the point. If they recognize Crean’s ability to “develop” players, instead of sending one-year-and-done type of kids to NBA, IU is high in the mix. I’m positive on this one. But again, scholarship crunch bites us.

  • cdog

    The quest for a 6’6″ small forward puzzles me (Semi and Troy) when we already have two signed in this class. Even if Troy commits, I think we are still looking at one of the three center candidates (Meeks, Anya, and Lee). This leads to more questions than answers with our recruiting. CTC would not be recruiting TW if he was not aware of a need for next season (transfer, decommit, academic issues, etc.) at the small forward position. It will certainly make for some interesting conversations over the next few months.

  • Kelin Blab

    Like his game from what I have seen. I know 2013 is narrowing down but I think he could be a player that could have that Will or Victor Impact. Kid can face up, good shooter, and gets off the floor very well.

  • SCHoosier

    Tech has already contracted with “Slime-busters” to clean things up when he leaves. Say what you want..the guy has a real story to tell kids who think they are ready for the NBA right out of highschool. Those $$ signs can get pretty big.

  • MisterSlippery

    I thought I smelled cologne.

  • Pritch24

    I really like this kid’s game, just always seemed like a reach in expecting him to come to IU.

  • DarkSouth

    Boo’s been around, he’ll make sure his nephew is in a good situation.

    And if Troy ends up at IU and has a great experience, that could really add to the mid-Atlantic pipeline Crean is developing.

  • MillaRed

    After Sampson, I spent years worrying about recruiting and for good reason. Now I just don’t go there any more. The Trey situation was not fun. I enjoy hearing who is out there and what the possibilities are.

    But the reality is I just don’t worry about it. We have great players on campus. We have great players coming and great players getting our attention. It is in good hands.

    Now, lets get back to that Final Four………

  • jmfriedman

    So Trey Lyles is “disappointed” that IU was not there for his open gym today??? Really? Not sure what this kid is wanting from the IU staff at this point. Is he just looking for a reason to end it completely with IU?

  • inLinE6

    I got passed that. It becomes a complete joke. It’s like couples complaining lack of quality time after they split. This kid gets long way to learn how to respect the people sincerely loving him.

  • Geoff_85

    So what if you have questions? IU’s coaching staff isn’t recruiting to appease you or anyone else. Maybe Coach Crean is just going after the best available attainable player. I don’t think there is some “quest for a 6’6″ SF” like you think there is. Maybe there just happens to be a lot more players who are around 6’6″ and play small forward. You’re reading way too much into it. Stop criticizing every move your coach makes before the season even begins.

  • N71

    I was thinking the same thing, what does he want from IU? If I were to pin a letter to Trey it would go something like this:

    Dear Trey,

    Take a moment and put yourself in IU’s shoes. It was more than clear that IU wanted you and put in a ton of early recruiting. They made it clear they loved you and so did the IU fan base. You were the centerpiece of their 2014 class and due to take over as “the guy” once you got to IU. YOU decommitted, it was not the other way around. If someone commits and then DECOMMITS what is a coach to do? The coaches have jobs, families, and a program to protect. Your decommitting speaks volumes regardless of what you think or hear from Jaquan or others. You are getting what you want, tons of schools are interested, you have many options, you are on top of the world, and you will likely be a great NBA player. But don’t give away your class/dignity further leveraging IU making them jump through more and more hoops, we have been through too much to go there. You ultimately will decide how to handle this whole situation, not anyone else. You are the best high school player at the center of the best basketball culture in the world, in the middle of the third largest alumni base in the United States. You WILL leave a legacy either way so make it one you’ll be proud of regardless of basketball.


    An Indiana University Graduate, Indianapolis resident, and Trey Lyles fan

  • Hack Wilson

    Does Lyles being “dissapointed” mean we were actually still on his list of schools? Give me a break. You should have seen the comments flying from Lyles, Lyle and other recruits last night. It baffles me how IU takes the bruising for this, but youthful chatter combined with the widespread use of twitter portrayed IU as being highly disrespectful. It’s really too bad. One comment I saw phrased it best. You don’t invite your ex-girlfriend on a date with your new honey, do you?

    All that, and, Blackmon was copied on all the communication. Wonder how long he’ll stay committed. I’m sure CTC has already reached out to Trey and chatted about this.

  • Bryan

    Not only that, but think of it from IU’s perspective. Doesn’t it make our coaches look desperate to put the full court press on after a decommit?
    Also, wasn’t his reason for the decommit to have “something to compare to IU?” If that’s the case, doesn’t he already know what IU has to offer? Why does he need them to show up if he already has a good idea of what they are about?
    Maybe he has hurt feelings, or maybe this was the first time he considered what might be the ramifications of pushing IU to the sideline.

  • HoosierTrav


  • DarkSouth

    yeah, anytime you pick up the nephew of a guy who has a couple thousand kids go through his program and has a stop on the Nike EYBL named after him, it’s gravy on top of his major talent.


    Pretty much where I’m at too Milla. Once in a while there is an out of stater that I didn’t know that much or nothing about until reading about them or watching a couple of highlight clips that seem to perk my interest somewhat but by and large I just leave it in the seemingly very able hands of Crean cause I know if he gets to the point that he just can’t make up his mind he’ll call me ( lol ), until then I’m gonna just trust that he’s pulling the right trigger at the right time.

  • FreeAgentID

    Come to the Hoosiers Troy!

  • FreeAgentID

    Come to the Hoosiers Troy!