• HoosierTrav

    I may get bashed for this butttttt if I had to pick between this kid and Trey Lyles at this point, I take Vonleh. He’s a MUCH better rebounder, defender, passer, and mannn can he RUN!! He’s not as polished offensively but hes what you need to win championships. Also, his demeanor is very Zeller-esque. From some of the comments I’ve seen Lyles leave, I get the feeling that he thinks that he is bigger than Indiana University. James Blackmon sent him a picture, that was tweeted to him from a young IU fan, of the end stats of a game where he created the two players, and Trey made a comment to the tune of “Apparently somebody didnt get the news!” that right there tells me that him saying IU is still an option is just damage control. He’s SADLY mistaken if he thinks he’s bigger than Indiana University’s basketball program. Great players are taking notice and it won’t take long before we start raking in top ten recruits. CTC is building a culture that will soon rival no single university in this country. These 5 and 4 star guys can have a contingency plan while at IU. They can compete for championships, become exponentially better as players and men, develop professional skills and work ethics, and GRADUATE EARLY!! Trey you may not have an IU offer by the time you make the big decision.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    Hahahahahahaha that is something a little kid would do right? But I’m actually a freshman at IU… He asked me to put him on the video game, so I did.. I put Trey and JaQuan on there hoping to persuade them to some degree, but it looks like that didn’t work, I had no idea Trey said that! Uncool man

  • He has a nice left hand around the basket.

  • I really like the way he can maneuver around the basket with both hands. I would still like to have Trey but maybe we should just make an example out of him and just move on. I honestly don’t want guys who can’t keep a commitment anyways and Vonleh looks like a great player to replace him with.

  • HoosierTrav

    LOL.. thats hilarious! I did think it was some little kid. Truth is… if i had a video game system, I would have done the same thing. I truly feel like he’s gonna regret this decision in the end. He told Evan Daniels of Scout.com that UNC was his dream school. I hope he’s in the Hall for the game against the tar heels this season. We’re gonna stomp his dream school into oblivion. He’ll only be there for one year. At the rate CTC develops talent, he’s not gonna beat the Hoosiers in that 1 year. Yogi, Jeremy, Hanner, Peter, will be Dominant Juniors. Luke, Semi Ojeleye (I’ve got a good feeling about this one), and Stan the man will be super sophs. Add whatever 5 star that decides to commit after our 6th National championship season in which IU flooded the headlines and CTC is finally coronated as a top 5 coach. Our brand is going to be built to the max this season. I’d much rather have kids from outside Indiana, like Stanford Robinson, who feels elated to be Hoosiers, than another entitled in state stud. Thats my opinion.


    Agree, we see tons of highlight clips of recruits and only a few seem to really stand out from the bulk of them and Noah seems, to me anyway, to definitely be one of those. I think he is at worst an equal talent to Trey and, IMHO, clearly ahead of him in some aspects. Now that’s not to say that I still don’t want Trey to come to IU, cause I do, but in a way if Trey ends of not coming to IU, and I think that there is a very good chance that he won’t, it might just in a round about way, increase our chances of signing Noah. Has Noah said when he plans to say where he will go, when he plans announce his offial visits or even when he plans to trim his list to the finalists ?

  • MisterSlippery

    I totally agree with this. He has really good body control.

  • SCHoosier

    Kid is so smooth he makes everything look easy. Hey a question for Alex or whomever. Crean today on Twitter ackowledged Perea’s foot injury. Anybody know was it a break, a tear, a sprain or what and when he’s projected back? He losing valuable time and I assume some conditioning that will put him behind.

  • Remy Willing and Abell

    Vonley has been on the top of my list . Has he scheduled any visits yet ?

  • Wow. Very skilled. Makes everything look easy. He will be a dominate player one day.

  • N71

    You’re piecing together a good case that Trey is no longer interested in Indiana. Let’s assume for a moment you’re right, why? The positives seem compelling.

    + big time program in a big time conference
    + local school where your fame will be amplified
    + dead center of probably the best basketball culture in the world
    + very familiar with possible teammates
    + could play with AAU teammates/friends in James, Trevon, and JaQaun
    + strong school educationally
    + no apparent barriers to getting to the NBA by playing at IU
    + close the parents and friends in Indianapolis
    + proven coaching staff, good record of developing players (D. Wade)
    + etc.

    I can see wanting to go through the recruiting process, being romanced, etc. but to specifically imply he’s not going to IU, now that’s a significant change which means something new has occurred versus just wanting attention. There must be a significant negative now for Trey when looking at IU that wasn’t there before. The comment you reference is nearly anti IU, not indifferent, someone on the fence, waiting for visits, etc. What happened?

    There’s been comments of lack of playing time but really??? Someone like Trey would get minutes for the Pacers, let alone IU. Exposure, development…I can’t figure it out. Did someone rub him wrong? Nike vs. Adidas thing? What is it?

  • Oldguyy

    I assume you suspect what most of us probably do. We’ll know if we’re right when he chooses a school. No matter what happens, I’m glad IU plays by the rules.


    simultaneous wink, slow head knod & slight trace of a smile…..


    I wonder if the “type” of offer that Trey originally received, changed shortly after his mind changed ? I hope that CTC has told him something along the lines of “you still have an offer, but when you make your final decision, and if it’s IU, that will great, but, you might want to first make sure there is one left to hand out before you make your announcement.” Right off the bat let me say that I still want TL to come to IU, but, do we have less of a chance to hang a banner regardless of who takes his spot…..maybe, but then again….. maybe not.

    Will we be more likely to have a “down” year if he doesn’t sign with us……no.

    Will I be mad if he doesn’t sign with us……no….,ok, maybe a little bit. At this point tho it’s not at all a high degree of mad cause we’re finally in a position to where if something like this happens it isn’t a, make us or break us, type of thing. We’ve come a long way since the nights of waiting till late in the night to see if we were the ones that would be blessed with the arrival of the talents of Moses on their team ! !

  • N71

    I don’t know what to suspect. If I were to read between the lines here and take into account general rumor then Calipari has identified Trey as a target and Worldwide Wes has moved on it. This would then mean, hypothetically, that there are mechanisms in place that provide UK the ability to bring incentives into place that are so strong they not only tip the scales against IU, even with a verbally committed Indianapolis star player, but that player may even be anti IU now. I find this hard to believe because surely the NCAA would have been able to connect the dots and put 2 and 2 together. Surely.

  • DannerPerea

    Because if someone DOES know about the injury and leaks it, they’ll get fired. The insiders are über tight-lipped about injury reports.

  • chiv86

    Kinda has a Chris Bosh build to him with quicker foot speed. Also like that he finishes around the rim then just dunking it. With his size dunking over HSkids is easy but to finish strong when a body is on you help you get a better feel for under the basket. Like seeing him do that plus he has the build to just flush it when needed.