Hyron Edwards and Indiana Elite continue to shine

  • 05/26/2012 11:10 pm in

DEERFIELD, Ill. — In a win against the Wisconsin Blizzard on Saturday afternoon at the Best Buy Classic, Indiana Elite Team Indiana 2015 point guard Hyron Edwards used his superior athleticism to dispose of a chippy opponent.

And later in the day, Edwards drew a foul with 1.6 seconds left in overtime of a tie game against the Grand Rapids Storm, hitting one of two free throws to seal an 85-84 win.

All this on a left ankle that’s still giving him a little bit of trouble a few weeks after he tweaked it at the adidas May Classic in Bloomington.

“It still hurts a little bit,” Edwards said between contests at Joy of the Game. “Jumping off my left leg is really hard for me, but I just play through it.”

Saturday’s two victories kept Indiana Elite Team Indiana, ranked No. 1 in the nation for the 2015 class, undefeated on the AAU season.

“We’re the team to beat around here,” Edwards, who will be a sophomore next year at East Chicago Central, said. “We just got to keep playing team ball.”

Beyond his offers from Indiana and Purdue, Edwards said he received a call on Friday from Missouri.

Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern and Xavier are also recruiting him.

The No. 12 prospect nationally in the recently released ESPN Super 25 for 2015 was also recently selected to play in the adidas Nations tournament.

“I’m looking forward to playing against great players,” he said. “I think it’ll be great.”

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  • WisconHoosier

    If his ankle still hurts, and he has trouble jumping (and probably cutting), I wish they would rest him. Give him two months to heal to 100%, not have him play at 85% (or whatever it is now).

    Why risk “playing through it” for summer games? It’s not like he’s in the Final Four. That won’t be until he’s a freshman at IU.

  • SleightOfHand

    i think this kid is a must get for IU


    This is one of those instate kids that we have to make sure doesn’t end up at one of the other local universities or ANY other school as far as that goes. Looks to be a perfect replacement for when we no longer have Yogi.

    Stay on him Tom !!

  • blazinhazin

    Other than Anya, is Edwards our most important recruit? I’ve heard Coleman is a longshot(although I suppose that could change). i agree with IU mike, I think he could be a perfect replacement to Yogi. While there’s still a lot of time before Edwards will suit up for a college team, I really think he could play a really important role in our longterm plans.

  • Hoops and feet

    Those are some great shoes he’s wearing. They are completely worth the scholarship offer.

  • Kelin Blab

    Coleman is far from long shot. IU has been on him first. Both guys could play together.

  • NWI_Hoosier

    I watched this kid in sectionals this past year and have heard all about his summer improvements. He was the leader and best player by far on his team as a freshman, on a solid team. He’s going to be a star at the college level and by next year all major D1 programs will want him. We need to get him.

  • SirEric

    Ah I want Hyron so bad. I feel like he is ours. I also kinda get the feeling that we aren’t going to get Coleman though.

  • munster hoosier

    hey hyron is not that bad. his work ethic is there and he does everything this for his ec central high school team. lets hope he keeps up his grades considering that is his major flaws. I bet he will end up at a prep school