The Hoosier Scoop checks in with Watford’s HS coach

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The Hoosier Scoop: Watford’s H.S. coach expects him to leave early if he knows he’ll be taken

“Right now, he’s pretty hot,” Burrus said. “If you get injured and something happens, it may not be that way for you. That may not. If there’s interest, if he can get in that first or second round I think it would be pretty much a done deal. That’s just me. I don’t know that for sure. That’s what I think would be the outcome if that happens.”

Burrus said he’s had some conversations with the family and some brief discussions with Watford when the Hoosiers were in Atlanta for the NCAA Tournament South Regional semifinals against Kentucky. He said Watford was waffling back and forth at the time, but the idea was something he was very much considering and he’s trying to figure out exactly how much interest there is in him at the next level.

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  • Don’t forget this years draft class is a lot deeper than usual, because of the lockout scare and some freshman staying that wouldn’t have. So staying an extra year is just going to help him develop and put him in a weaker draft with a better chance of even being drafted

  • DarkSouth

    No but one is imposed on him. We’ll likely know by the 10th, but no later than April 28th (I think, give or take a day).

  • DarkSouth

    No but one is imposed on him. We’ll likely know by the 10th, but no later than April 28th (I think, give or take a day).

  • ErniePyle

    IF C Wat declares, Crean has room for one more 2012 recruit. I would look to add TEVIN GLASS. 6’8″ lanking tweener big just like Watford was coming out of HS. look at this video and see the promise is there

  • Casey B.

    I’m not claiming I think it’s smartest for him to go. But it’s his decision, and he can do what he wants despite our wisdom as fans. That’s my only point.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    yeah, it was music to my ears when i heard about the unc guys leaving! most importantly because it might make cody’s decision to stay a heck of a lot easier. to me, he’s the key to next season. if he stays, we’re top 5. if he goes, we’re top 25. plain and simple. personally, i’d LOVE to see cwat stay. but considering we’ve got 2 really talented guys coming in who will be contending for minutes at that spot, i’d be surprised if he does

  • cdog

    I think the whole NBA draft situation is bad.  They took an already bad draft process and made it worse.  These kids all believe they can make it to the NBA.  Wouldn’t you if you had agents telling you that you are NBA material.  The agents tell a lot of kids the same story and hope to line up one big payday.  The rest are never spoken of again.  The NBA needs to have an evaluation camp and provide one-on-one advice to each player considering the draft.  This should all come with the option to return to college if the advice (from those who know) is not solid enough to forgoe the rest of their college career.  It needs to be an educated decision.  The NBA also needs to do a much better job of development in the D-League.  It is no where near the level of minor league baseball.  There are only roughly 400 players in the NBA and unfortunately it is a tough business where only the best survive.  Development is reserved for lottery picks only.  Everyone else is expendable, including lower first round picks.  Do you really think NBA teams are concerned with a player that makes a couple of million over three years.  If he makes it, it was a good pick.  If not, OH WELL. 

  • Evansville Hoosier

    We have a scholarship crunch as it is, and that kid is not that good. 2 star guys don’t necessarily inspire confidence from a fan base of one of the top 5 programs of all time.

  • 888

    im With you. If it wasnt for wat wed have lost to UK and OSU. He kept us in those games by hitting clutch shots and hitting the boards hard. I think its great that hes  plays better against great talent. imagine if it was reverse. Most guys can score 30 against noname tech but to do it against teams with NBA first rounders says alot. Hes got skills!!!!

  • 888


  • 888


  • Andrew

    No kidding.  No one is debating that.  I’m pretty sure even his most vehement detractors don’t think their opinions will be solicited by the Watfords.

  • 888

    He can get insured so he can come back for his senior year also. I beleive the ncaa alows seniors to get 1,000,000 dollars worth of insurance against injuries.  He could become a first rounder next year. I beleive the smart money says come back and maybe get all-american type recognition.GO IU

  • 888

    Ya and Jay Edwards too. That guy could shoot better than Wat blindfolded and he crashed and burned too. Right now Wats a one trick pony and needs to expand his game.  He needs to add about 20 pounds of muscle and increase his verticle jump and then hes a first rounder. IMO

  • I think watford has nowhere to go but up, the NBA only can give him the experience and skill-set he needs to really rise up.. But that’s my opinion

  • madmadhoosier

    Lets end this now he has talent but yet lacks desire! Where does this leave him as a ballplayer well in my book I hope he does come back! But with the same drive & desire he showed in the UK game! OK picture this U have Watford, Zeller, Hulls as our 3 headed offense machine!  Then Victor & Cody to shut them down & when we need a high flyer we Will, Victor, & a new one coming in Hanner! Lets don’t forget Zogi & the boy’s they shall have their impact!

  • HoosiersMicah

    A lot of those players in the top 100 prospects are staying in school, so that alone is not a very good tool to use this early in the draft process.