The Hoosier Scoop checks in with Watford’s HS coach

  • 03/28/2012 7:10 pm in

The Hoosier Scoop: Watford’s H.S. coach expects him to leave early if he knows he’ll be taken

“Right now, he’s pretty hot,” Burrus said. “If you get injured and something happens, it may not be that way for you. That may not. If there’s interest, if he can get in that first or second round I think it would be pretty much a done deal. That’s just me. I don’t know that for sure. That’s what I think would be the outcome if that happens.”

Burrus said he’s had some conversations with the family and some brief discussions with Watford when the Hoosiers were in Atlanta for the NCAA Tournament South Regional semifinals against Kentucky. He said Watford was waffling back and forth at the time, but the idea was something he was very much considering and he’s trying to figure out exactly how much interest there is in him at the next level.

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