Film Session: “HAVOC”

  • 03/19/2012 11:44 am in

Indiana coughed up the ball 22 times against VCU’s “HAVOC” defense on Saturday night. Such a mark was a season high.

We’ll look at two second half Jordan Hulls turnovers and two scoring plays in the closing minutes against the Rams’ D in the latest edition of Film Session.


Hulls has the ball and looks to initiate the offense:

Cody Zeller goes to set a ball screen for Hulls, but he ends up slipping the screen. DJ Haley hedges and begins to trap Hulls:

Hulls tries to go around him to the right:

But Haley continues to force him out and Hulls picks up a backcourt violation:



Victor Oladipo passes to Zeller:

Zeller turns left as Hulls curls up from the baseline:

Hulls looks to drive right but is again met by Haley:

Hulls is again forced further out:

Hulls tries passing to Will Sheehey, but it’s intercepted by Rob Brandenberg for another turnover:

Hulls had trouble with VCU’s halfcourt defense all game, as he tallied five turnovers on the evening.



Here, it’s Oladipo initiating the offense with Indiana down five:

Instead of setting a ball screen for Oladipo, Zeller gets position at the free throw line and receives an entry pass in the high post:

He makes a move right:

And puts home a tough basket:

On this possession, Indiana avoided any perimeter trapping and Oladipo was able to get Zeller involved.



Oladipo grabs an offensive rebound and he’s off to the races:

Just before the 3-point line, he switches the ball into his left hand:

Oladipo is blocked at the rim:

But it goes right to Sheehey, who shoots and scores the game-winning basket:

Another way to avoid “HAVOC”? Beat it down the cout before it gets a chance to set up, as Oladipo did here.


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