Film Session: Hulls exploits Glover

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In Indiana’s 75-58 win against Penn State in the first round of the Big Ten Tournament on Thursday, Jordan Hulls had 20 points, 13 of which came in the first half.

A look at how he get seven of those first half points by exploiting Matt Glover in the latest edition of Film Session:


Hulls looks to inbounds the ball as Glover yells “I got ball”:

Hulls inbounds to Cody Zeller, who goes unguarded, and begins heading to the left corner. Glover doesn’t follow Hulls and instead has to go cover Zeller:

Zeller passes to Will Sheehey on the wing as Penn State’s defense is quite compact down in the paint area:

It’s a simple swing pass to Hulls:

Who connects:

A little confusion and apathy here from Penn State’s D and the Hoosiers made them pay.



Off a Christian Watford rebound, he outlets to Hulls:

Hulls dribbles with his left hand across the timeline:

Glover gives no effort to stop Hulls:

Hulls gets to the high post and scores:



Verdell Jones has the ball on the right wing:

He swings it to Derek Elston, who Glover was playing well off of for whatever reason. (No Zeller to double down on. Tom Pritchard is in.):

Elston swings to Hulls:

Elston sets a ball screen for Hulls:

With Glover now switched onto him, Hulls head fakes left and gets him moving:

He crosses over right and nails a three:

Another miscue from Glover, another bucket for Hulls.


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  • HoBCat

    Hulls did a great job early on of keeping IU going.  VO looked nervous, we were missing bunnies left and right, but Hulls (mister consistent) just kept draining threes.  He made sure we were in a good position while some of the others worked out the nerves.  How he isn’t in the B1G top 25, IDK.

  • Jjdelisle

    For someone like me that watches a lot of basketball, but never played, this was really instructional.  I’m a visual person and it was nice that I could read it slowly and then played out on video.

  • nimbi63


  • dtfreed

    Hulls finally looked for his shot, a lot!

  • dtfreed

    Hulls finally looked for his shot, a lot!

  • EgreenIU

    Is the game streaming live on the

  • Civ2starw

    I’m glad Glover got owned, I didn’t notice it as bad this game but he is a dirty player

  • HoBCat

    got to big ten network, but you have to know your password to your directTV, dish network, or cable companies account. 

  • Eadiefamily

    it’s time for everybody to step up now.

  • WaRpeD

    today’s game against wiscy is on espn3, yes