Film Session: Hulls exploits Glover

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In Indiana’s 75-58 win against Penn State in the first round of the Big Ten Tournament on Thursday, Jordan Hulls had 20 points, 13 of which came in the first half.

A look at how he get seven of those first half points by exploiting Matt Glover in the latest edition of Film Session:


Hulls looks to inbounds the ball as Glover yells “I got ball”:

Hulls inbounds to Cody Zeller, who goes unguarded, and begins heading to the left corner. Glover doesn’t follow Hulls and instead has to go cover Zeller:

Zeller passes to Will Sheehey on the wing as Penn State’s defense is quite compact down in the paint area:

It’s a simple swing pass to Hulls:

Who connects:

A little confusion and apathy here from Penn State’s D and the Hoosiers made them pay.



Off a Christian Watford rebound, he outlets to Hulls:

Hulls dribbles with his left hand across the timeline:

Glover gives no effort to stop Hulls:

Hulls gets to the high post and scores:



Verdell Jones has the ball on the right wing:

He swings it to Derek Elston, who Glover was playing well off of for whatever reason. (No Zeller to double down on. Tom Pritchard is in.):

Elston swings to Hulls:

Elston sets a ball screen for Hulls:

With Glover now switched onto him, Hulls head fakes left and gets him moving:

He crosses over right and nails a three:

Another miscue from Glover, another bucket for Hulls.


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