Video: Trey Lyles in win over Gary Lew Wallace

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Trey Lyles and Indianapolis Tech came up just short on Tuesday night in Class 4A sectional 10, falling to 61-59 to Jeremy Hollowell and Lawrence Central. Despite the tough loss, it was a turnaround season at Tech as the Titans finished 16-5 and won their first IPSAC title since 2003.

Inside the Hall was in attendance for Tech’s final regular season home game against Gary Lew Wallace on Feb. 24 and we’ve compiled over three minutes of video of IU’s talented sophomore commit. Lyles finished with 22 points and 11 rebounds in a comfortable 92-53 win:

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  • SCHoosier

    Quick feet in the post..good FT shooter and can bring the ballup the court with a spin dribble?? Come on..this kid could get minutes right now with the Hoosiers. What is he 15 or 16…time he gets to IU he will be 6-10 and ridiculous! sooner on the dotted line the better..cause u know others are gonna keep coming at him.

  • grllin

    Can I just say, that while I love Trey’s finesse game (turn around jumpers, crafty scoring moves, some sweet handling in this video), I loved seeing him just be more physical than the other team in this video when he would grab rebound and not settle for anything other than a dunk.  I can’t imagine that there are very many better sophomores in the country… and will love seeing him in the candystripes!

  • hoostheman

    This kid is next level.  Advanced skills and understanding of the game for someone so young.  Also, this video, more than any other I’ve seen, tells me he’s becoming a bit more athletic / explosive.  Sky’s the limit here.

  • SCHoosier

    Yes..he needs a little “nasty”..really good kid..very articulate..but he’ll get that “edge” as he gets older ..plays against some bangers..and eats an elbow or too. Does need to be more explosive around the rim. Appears he’s doing what he has too..what he CAN do is yet to be seen. cioaches will get that out of him. I do love it that he can score from about anywhere.

  • plane1972

    Completely off topic, but has a great article on the state of disarray of UCLA.

    There is an interesting passage on Matt Carlino that I thought you might find interesting:

    “It was better,” says one team member, “but remember: Reeves was still there.”From the first practice, Nelson’s treatment of Carlino was a divisive issue. Carlino suffered a concussion during the preseason that caused him to miss the first three games. Nelson ridiculed Carlino for letting the injury sideline him. He told Carlino he didn’t belong at UCLA and wasn’t any good. He would yell at Carlino to leave the locker room, calling him “concussion boy.” When Carlino returned to workouts, Nelson would go out of his way to set a screen on Carlino so he could hit him. Eventually, players say, Carlino dreaded practice. It was of little surprise when he left UCLA midway through the season and transferred to BYU.After Carlino left, there was a team meeting at which Howland said he couldn’t respect a quitter. “But everyone knew why Matt left,” says one player. “He didn’t want to keep sitting on the bench, but most of all he didn’t want to be around Reeves anymore. That wasn’t quitting. That was just smart.”Carlino became eligible for BYU midway through this season and immediately became a standout. Through Sunday, he was averaging 13.0 points and 4.7 assists. He joined the list of recent players who have thrived after leaving Westwood, most for schools in the Mountain West.

  • inadvertentelbows_stillhurt

    Trey takes contact and finishes…can handle the rock…has low post moves(great up and under)…
    and is getting better and stronger…and a humble kid…he will be a star

  • It’s just crazy to me how much of a poison pill that Reeves Nelson was allowed to be.  I could understand a little bit if he was an NBA talent like Kevin Love was but Nelson was a hack.  And as a coach, how can you let a guy take over team negatively like that?  Injuring players, intimidating, etc, that just can’t happen, it undermines the authority of the coach.  I had a totally different opinion of Howlund after coming from Pitt, but i was way wrong.  I’m so glad that IU doesn’t have to deal with any scandals anytime soon. 

  • IUfanToby

    I didn’t realize this kid can handle the ball pretty well for his size.  The future is bright for Trey and IU!  It will be great to be contending for B1G titles every year.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I recorded the Tech vs. Lawrence Central game and watched it yesterday.  I came away very impressed with Trey Lyles (LC had no answer for him) and Jeremy Hollowell.  Hollowell struggled at the beginning of the game and LC fell behind by double digits in the first quarter.  However, once Hollowell settled down and started taking the ball to the basket, LC asserted themselves.  Both Lyles and Hollowell got to the free throw line consistently and knocked them down. 

    Lyles is a really good shot blocker and rebounder.  He had a move with about 3:50 left in the first quarter that was ridiculous.  Lyles had a smaller LC player posted up about eight feet from the bucket and near the baseline.  A player cut towards him and into the corner.  Lyles had the ball in one hand, faked a pass to the baseline, spun to the middle, took one dribble and threw it down.  One of those plays where you recognize his next level ability.  Hollowell was clutch down the stretch and he refused to allow his team to go down.  The best players on Tech’s teams are sophomores and they will be very good moving forward.  

  • plane1972

    Sounds like his AD is going to support him through the process instead of cutting bait. Should be interesting to watch how that goes. No question Howland is a strong coach, but appears disinterested in investing the time it takes to develop team chemistry. Can’t see him surviving if that continues. But if he figures it out, then UCLA should be in good hands. Buckle up, Bruins.

  • David F

    I know a lot of fans had been clamoring for him to throw it down a little more often, and personally I think kids, even as tall as he is, get better at that with age. But if we needed to know that he could put it down in traffic, I think this showed us that. Like I said, better with age, and I don’t think he’ll have any trouble finishing at the rim in power conference college basketball.

  • Kennydescombes

    I find it incredibly difficult to stay in the moment watching highlights of kids like Trey playing as sophmores in h.s., so much of me just is in agony that I have to wait two more seasons to see him in the cream and crimson.  Even with the remarkable season IU is having this year, I still feel like I just want to see the future of IU basketball  all on the court together.  I do not know how IU is not going to be the deepest team in the country next year to begin with.  I may have to find a job in Bloomington so that I can watch these kids practice against each other. 

  •  I remember hating Carlino even more after his transfer from UCLA.  I was thinking who does this kid think he is, but after hearing how Reeves bullied him and tried to hurt him then it makes a lot more sense. 

  • plane1972

    I felt the same way. I thought he was a primadonna getting bad advice from a hovering father shopping his kid around.

  • KZ

    This kid is pretty special…. a soph nonetheless.  will only get stronger.  his handle is great for a big guy.  inside/outside threat.  tough matchup.  can we get him to b-town early!