Ferrell, Hollowell and Mosquera-Perea to play in All-American Championship

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2012 Indiana signees Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell, Jeremy Hollowell and Hanner Mosquera-Perea will play in the 2012 All-American Championship in New Orleans, LA during Final Four weekend.

Both Ferrell and Mosquera-Perea competed in the event last year. They were teammates on the North team that fell 93-91 to the South on April 3. Ferrell scored two points and dished out five assists and Mosquera-Perea had 10 points and nine rebounds.

All three will play together for the North team against the South on April 1 at Lakefront Arena.  Tickets are on sale now and information can be found here. Full rosters for the event are listed here.

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  • Evansville Hoosier

    So will this game be nationally or regionally televised? Sort of to whet the appetites of people waiting for the final four to continue?
    It would be great if Yogi, Jeremy and Hanner got to hang out with the Hoosiers in NOLA… Sort of a preview for next year’s final four….
    I hope they do televise this, because I would really enjoy watching it.

  • Jadams

    This looks like an interesting event. America is divided up into 4 regions and the best players from each compete as a team. Strangely, Ferrell and Mosquera-Perea are listed on the Midwest roster, but not Hollowell.

  • N71

    Indiana and the Big Ten are well represented on the North team.  As time passes the more intrigued I become with Hanner.  I see Yogi, Ron, and Jeremy play every other week or so, I’m really familiar with them in other words.  Hanner not so much.  I really have no idea how he will do at IU.  The other 4 guys I think I do, but really, who knows.  Yogi will have a similar impact to Cody, starting at point game one.  Ron will be a beast on D with Victor, Will, and Remy.  Jeremy will be a Glen Rice type, a big time deep ball threat.  Peter will probably take a year or two to beef up.  I’m afraid of that first game against MSU when Nix lowers his shoulder, bulls into Peter, Peter’s sternum touches his spine, and he’s lost for the next 3 games.  Hanner though, I have no idea.  He could be the next coming of…Dwight Howard?  Or after game 4 there’s enough film on him to expose some severe weakness I’m unaware of and he’s rendered ineffective against any well coached team.  This is at the root at what’s so interesting to watch.  How each peace/player will be integrated into the mix resulting in what we’re all anticipating as a historically good team that should compete for a title next year.

  • Love how the whole North squad, excluding Cameron Biedscheid (Notre Dame), is commited to schools in  the Big Ten.  Good chance to get an early look at a lot of high profile recruits we will be seeing for years to come.  Can’t wait to see these three play together!

  • If I remember correctly, they televised it last year… so they should be this year as well.

  • If I remember correctly, they televised it last year… so they should be this year as well.

  • I have a feeling this wont be the last “Final Four” event they will play at.

  • millzy32

    If he scored 10 and had 9 boards in this thing last year then it sounds like it’s probably a run and gun dunk fest.  You probably won’t get much out of seeing him play in it this year but you’ll see more of what you already know which is that he is very athletic.

  • This news also means that Yogi Ferrell will not play in the Derby game in Louisville.

  • Barrync

    What we do know is that Hanner can bring an intimidation factor to iu which we are missing a bit now… He can change the game with a huge tip dunk, alley, or by swatting a ball to the third row. Can’t wait to see this guy on the floor along side zeller.