Film Session: Ball screens for Oladipo

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With Verdell Jones out of the lineup, Victor Oladipo assumed more of a ballhandling role and scored a career-high 23 points inside Mackey Area on Saturday evening. And when Oladipo wasn’t scoring, he was making smart decisions and dishing to teammates.

A look at Oladipo’s use of six ball screens in the latest edition of Film Session.

NO 1) 

Cody Zeller sets a high ball screen for Oladipo:

Oladipo splits the defenders:

Lewis Jackson leaves Remy Abell to stop Oladipo’s straight-line drive to the rim. Oladipo passes to the now-open Abell:

Abell hits a reverse layup for two:

Good help defense by Jackson here, but Oladipo made the right decision and Abell converted.


NO 2)

Derek Elston attempts to set a high ball screen for Oladipo, but Terone Johnson falls:

Oladipo makes a move on Robbie Hummel:

Oladipo gets a step on Hummel:

Neither Ryne Smith or Sandi Marcius fully commit to help Hummel, and it’s another two for Oladipo:



With just 10 to go on the shot clock, Pritchard helps to free Oladipo from Anthony Johnson:

Oladipo gets into the lane and jukes Travis Carroll:

And it’s a sweet two:



Zeller sets a side ball screen for Oladipo:

Oladipo isn’t stopped on the perimeter by a hedge and again is given room to operate:

And he blows past Carroll for another layup:



Zeller gives Oladipo a ball screen:

Here, Hummel does a nice job of hedging:

And recovering back to Zeller. Yet, Zeller still has a step on Hummel and Oladipo zips a pass in:

Zeller catches ahead of an outstreched Hummel:

And scores:

This was a big play. Purdue had cut Indiana’s lead to just four before this score.



Zeller sets a faux ball screen for Oladipo, as he doesn’t draw any contact with Johnson:

Oladipo is still able to get by Johnson and head towards the cup:

But Jackson comes to meet him just outside the arc:

So he kicks it to Christian Watford on the opposite wing:

Watford makes the extra pass:

And Remy Abell hits perhaps the biggest shot of his young Indiana career:

Again, Purdue was in striking distance here late in the game. But Oladipo’s drive allowed an advantage for the Hoosiers, and they executed.


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