Film Session: Frazier’s penetration

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Penn State’s Tim Frazier shot an inefficient 7-of-23 (21 points) in Indiana’s win against the Nittany Lions on Sunday. But when he wasn’t shooting jumpers taken on account of the Hoosiers sagging off of him, he was flat-out deadly around the rim (his strength)– even hitting some tough contested lay-ups.

As we’ve noted previously, Indiana is currently the worst defensive team in the Big Ten — it’s allowing 1.11 points per possession and is tied with Iowa, according to StatSheet — and allowed 82 points to Penn State.

So a look at the Hoosiers’ defense is warranted in the latest edition of Film Session.


Victor Oladipo sags off Frazier on the perimeter:

Sasa Borovnjak sets a pick for Frazier, but Oladipo goes underneath and easily avoids:

Frazier drops a hesitation move on Oladipo, knocking him off balance:

And it’s an easy deuce for him:



Jordan Hulls pushes the pace and attempts a cross-court pass to Matt Roth, which Cammeron Woodyard deflects:

Woodyard saves the ball from going out of bounds and finds Jermaine Marshall:

Frazier calls for the ball:

Christian Watford sees Hulls between Frazier and the rim, so he doesn’t immediately get in front of Frazier:

Hulls is there, but Frazier opts for a smooth pull-up J, which splashes in for two:

Though Frazier wasn’t at the rim here, Dan Bonner notes on the broadcast that another strength of his is a move such as this.



Frazier picks Daniel Moore’s pocket:

Ross Travis snags the ball and passes ahead to a running Frazier with Oladipo hot on his trail:

Frazier makes a nice up-and-under move for two:

Oladipo did a nice job of recovering back, but Frazier was just too good with the ball to stop him.



Remy Abell marks Frazier out on the perimeter:

Borovnjak comes to set a pick, which Abell goes underneath:

Frazier goes back left, then quickly right to get a step on Abell:

Though the freshman plays strong, fundamental D by locking into a spot, standing tall and getting his hands up, Frazier is able to jump stop and hit for two — again showing off his finishing skills:



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  • Anonymous

    Not having Sheehey has really hurt defensively.  IU was rated extremely high on D by Pomeroy entering conference play, they’ve since slid to 33rd.  Still good, but it’s not trending well lately.  Hopefully when Will comes back it stabilizes things a bit on the defensive end.

  • Anonymous

    That Bonus Video is the best…

  • Evansville Hoosier

    I heard that comment during the broadcast and thought “oh man, the site is getting some great publicity!” it was good to hear.

  • ChiHoosiers

    I know we all are waiting on Will to get back and provide that much needed help on D but I think we all need to remember that he will still be recovering from his injury. A leg injury will slow him down quiet a bit because he will be hesitant to put too much pressure on it and possibly hurt it again. It remind me of what Creek did when he came back to play from his injuries. I think we need to be realistic as fan to not expect Sheehey to be 100% on D. He will slowly get back to his regular self but he needs time. I think our schedule is in his favor though so he gets the time needed to recover. We can hope he plays against Minn. Then we have Ohio which will help him get back into playing shape. Then we have 2 winnable games with Nebraska and PSU. All in all, we need Sheehey to be the Sheehey we all know and love for this team to dominate!

  • Anonymous

    I really like Pat Chambers and what he’s doing at Penn State. The guy has the personality that school needs along with an interesting background.

  • RabidIUfan

    Tell us more DarkSouth.  Read Chambers’ Wiki bio, but didn’t see anything particularly scintillating…  I live in the heart of the Nittany Nation and his hiring was pretty low key.  Matter of fact, I had forgotten DeChellis left.  Hey!  It’s a football school!

  • Anonymous

    Best “why I’m a coach” story ever. It’s like the Brad Stevens story on steroids.

    While Chambers is in his 30s he was an executive in a family business doing pretty. The guy runs into some high school friends in a hotel lobby in Philadelphia. One if them has a husband who flips out and decides to us a broken bottle to slit his throat. Apparently the guy missed Chambers’ aorta by an inch.

    Chambers decides if he lives he’s gonna do what he feels passionate about, such as coaching basketball. Within a couple years he’s associate head coach at Villanova around the time they make the Final Four.

    He’s a Philly guy, recruited the area for years, a strong promoter, and as amazing a coaching story as anyone could. Perfect hire. Wonder why that wouldn’t be in his wiki page.

    That’s mostly from memory, I’ll see if I can find a link

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Garble

    Sure, the publicity for ITH was great, but he clearly jinxed VO’s shot!

  • Anonymous

    Great story. Thanks for sharing.

  • Raraj

    what’s miss leading is both our soft pre-conf. schedule and our tough early conf. schedule.  Giving up +80 to PSU was bad but hopefully not a trend.

  • WindyCityHoosier

    I know how in-love the Inside the Hall team is with ratings (Ken Pom and others) but to suggest (directly or indirectly) that IU is the worst Big Ten defensive team leads me to believe that the author of this article/compilation is not watching enough Big Ten Hoops. 

    IU is the worst defensive team in the big ten?  Seriously?  Not a frequent reader of this site so perhaps i’m missing some important context but have you watched Iowa, Nebraska, Penn State or Michigan play defense? 

    Points per possession can be a 1) Point in time view based on the quality or style of play of the opponents on your schedule 2) reflective of the teams style of play – IU gets up and down the floor as you know so there will be… ah.. um… more possessions than say Wisconsin or Northwestern.