Ferrell, Bluiett lead Park Tudor past North Central

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Throughout the season, Inside the Hall will keep you posted on how IU’s five 2012 signees, four verbal commitments and other notable prospects with interest in the Hoosiers are performing at their respective schools. (Photo credit: Jamie Owens/J. Scott Sports)

You can send us stats or results for this report at [email protected]. (Note: We’ll be adding more recruits as the season moves along and more schedules become available.)


Hanner Perea (La Porte La Lumiere): Did not play in La Lumiere’s games (traveled home to spend time with family per his Facebook page) in the Elgin (Il.) Holiday Tournament last week.

Jeremy Hollowell (Lawrence Central): Sixteen points in a 70-68 win over Hamilton Southeastern on Dec. 21.

Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell (Park Tudor): Thirteen points and nine assists in a 83-61 rout at North Central on Dec. 23.

Peter Jurkin (United Faith Christian Academy, NC): Six points and three rebounds in a 71-51 loss to the Paul IV School (Va.) on Dec. 20. Ten points in a 85-83 loss to the Arden Christ School (NC) on Dec. 21. Six points and 11 rebounds in a 64-43 loss to Westtown (Pa.) on Dec. 22. All games were played in Columbia, South Carolina in the Chick-Fil-A Classic.

Ron Patterson (Broad Ripple): Fifteen points, six rebounds and four assists in a 58-43 win over Louisville Central (Ky.) in the IPSAC Midwest Challenge at Indianapolis Marshall on Dec. 23. Patterson broke George Hill’s all-time scoring record at Broad Ripple in the victory.


Collin Hartman (Indianapolis Cathedral): Twelve points and nine rebounds in a 52-44 win over Brebeuf Jesuit on Dec. 22.

Devin Davis Jr. (Warren Central): Eighteen points and nine rebounds in a 51-49 win at Indianapolis Pike on Dec. 21.

2013 CLASS

BeeJay Anya (DeMatha Catholic, MD): Twelve points in a 86-66 win over St. Mary’s Ryken on Dec. 22. (Video interview with Anya on his recruitment.)

Byron “Bo” Zeigler (Detroit Community, MI): Eight points and six rebounds in a 55-53 win over Saginaw Arthur Hill on Dec. 22.

Derek Willis (Bullitt East, KY):  Fifteen points, nine rebounds, five steals, five blocks and three assists in a 68-37 win over Bardstown on Dec. 19. Seventeen points and 12 rebounds in a 62-53 loss to Butler on Dec. 20. Fifteen points and 14 rebounds in a 76-66 win over Louisville Ballard on Dec. 21. All games were played in the King of the Bluegrass Holiday Classic at Fairdale High School in Louisville.

Luke Fischer (Germantown, WI): Eighteen points in a 94-60 win over Milwaukee Lutheran on Dec. 20.


James Blackmon Jr. (Ft. Wayne Luers): Eight points in a 70-49 loss to Richmond in the IPSAC Midwest Challenge at Indianapolis Marshall on Dec. 23.

Trey Lyles (Indianapolis Tech): Thirteen points, 10 rebounds and six blocks in a 66-55 loss to Ft. Wayne Northrop in the IPSAC Midwest Challenge at Indianapolis Marshall on Dec. 23.

2014 CLASS

Cliff Alexander (Chicago Curie, IL): Nineteen points in a 68-18 win over Robeson on Dec. 20.

+ Grant Evans (Wapahani): Twenty-five points in a 63-51 win over Frankton on Dec. 20.

Jaquan Lyle (Evansville Bosse): Not listed among leading scorers (tweaked ankle per Evansville Courier-Press story) in 77-66 win over Gibson Southern on Dec. 19. Fourteen points, eight assists and five rebounds in a 63-54 win over Mt. Carmel (Il.) on Dec. 20. Sixteen points (4-of-6 from three) and three rebounds in a 78-72 win over Evansville Reitz on Dec. 21. Thirteen points in a 67-59 win over Princeton on Dec. 22. All games played in the Toyota Gibson County Teamwork Classic. Twelve points in a 66-64 loss to Indianapolis Northwest in the IPSAC Midwest Challenge at Indianapolis Marshall on Dec. 23.

+ Jordan Green (Lexington Henry Clay, KY): Sixteen points in a 51-49 win over Louisville Fern Creek on Dec. 20. Eighteen points in a 64-60 win over Jeffersontown on Dec. 21. Ten points in a 58-53 loss to Knott County Central on Dec. 22. All games played in the iHigh Fayette County Invitational.

+ Perry Poindexter (North Central): Did not score in North Central’s 83-61 loss to Park Tudor on Dec. 23.

Trevon Bluiett (Park Tudor): Twenty-four points (8-of-12 from the field) in a 83-61 rout at North Central on Dec. 23.

+ Trey Grundy (Lexington Henry Clay, KY): Six points in a 51-49 win over Louisville Fern Creek on Dec. 20. Nine points in a 64-60 win over Jeffersontown on Dec. 21. Eleven points in a 58-53 loss to Knott County Central on Dec. 22. All games played in the iHigh Fayette County Invitational.

2015 CLASS

Jalen Coleman (Cathedral): Six points in a 52-44 win over Brebeuf Jesuit on Dec. 22.

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  • Anonymous

    Saw Yogi @ North Central.  Extremely unselfish.  I am surprised he didn’t have more assists.  He was looking to pass first and did a good job at it.  Park Tudor has a bevy of shooters.  The team is average without Yogi setting them up.  

    Yogi will fit into Crean’s system perfectly.  He runs the floor quickly and efficiently, takes care of the ball and finds the open men.  Our shooters are going to love Yogi.  

    Oh, by the way, Yogi is a pretty good shooter himself!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Solid numbers by Willis (which surprises me) against Bardstown, Ballard and Butler because that’s pretty decent competition if I remember correctly from my discussions with someone down in that area earlier this year.  I believe a couple of those schools were mentioned in the conversation under the good teams traditionally.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody concerned that the 7 ft. Jurkin kid is another major project? I mean his competition level is not very good and he doesn’t seem to come anywhere close to dominating it.??

  • Shime

    Not at all worried about Jurkin. From what I understand they play very tough competition. From other posters that watched the team play. They say their gaurds do not feed the post hardly ever. I think him working with CZ will make him very valueable to this class.

  • Anonymous

    Sound familiar.

  • cdog

    He looks like another Bawa project to me.  His offensive skills are very raw.  We will see if CTC/CC can develop someone this raw into someone that can give us strong minutes off the bench.  Beejay isn’t exactly listing IU as a top choice.  It looks like Zeller will be playing center until he goes to the NBA.

  • N71

    Watching an Indiana Elite AAU game, a slightly different story is told.  I agree the competition is not very good and I bet the 12 local fans there would agree as well.  The AAU games show a much more involved and motivated Peter but he’s not a Cody, Peter is a defensive specialist at this point.  He will never be a Cody so let’s take that expectation off the plate.  He will be able to hold down the defensive end and get a few offensive tip ins and by the time he’s a junior be good for 10 pts and 10 rbs per game.  He should do very well in our “deflections” metric and when paired with Ron and Hanner, Remy as well perhaps, holy bat man…it will be hard for the other team to get a shot off.  That line-up would require Ron and Jeremy to average 35 pts each.

  • millzy32

    I hope you are correct.  He can spend that time eating and lifting and working on his hands. 

  • millzy32

    Willis might be the best potential recruit in that class (on our radar at least).  Seems like a Mitch McGarry type.  Can’t say that he’s a CZ type because nobody’s Cody that’s for sure. 

  • N71

    Agree, he would be a very nice addition to the current mix.

  • MikeinNC

    He’s certainly raw, but it’s hard to gauge his potential because their guards don’t know what the heck they are supposed to be doing.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Good point.  We all see that is Off end needs help and if we just put our thinking caps on…I’m pretty sure that CTC see’s something that he likes.  Maybe he’s a beast on the Def Block end and will come around for Off later.
    I have seen some video of him taken it in for the jam on several occasions.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Question:  Why is everyone pulling for Willis over Anya?  I haven’t seen enough of either to make a verdict but Anya has about 50 lbs on Willis and looks like a huge PF get for B1G.
    Bo is just another wing and I think we are stacked there.  Your thoughts.

  • N71

    Willis, if he doesn’t go to IU will go to Purdue, UK, or UL so we may have to play against him.  BeeJay we’d never run into.  So if Willis and Anya are a draw, then there’s added benefit of taking Willis away from one of our enemies.

    Is Willis better than Anya, not sure.  I’ve seen more recent video on Willis and he was at the UK game in Bloomington so the iron just seems a little hotter with Willis.  I’m not going to complain either way, if BeeJay commits over Willis fine, I just want some capable front court depth.

    Willis on the heals of Remy opens a Kentucky pipeline as well which could produce more so than Damatha over the long haul due to the short distance to Bloomington.

  • Anonymous

    Easy pal…maybe not on this site, but others, Yogi has been coined as a shoot first guard who, although makes the fancy pass, is not your typical Kendall Marshall-type guard that can manage a team.

    I have seen Yogi play many times.  It looks like he is working on other parts of his game (setting teammates up).  This is a big deal IMHO.  For a kid who is probably on the border for McD All-American many people would go into a big time Holiday match-up and look to rack up the points.  Yogi could have and he didn’t.

    Not sure I am particularly spouting off 100% useless info – maybe to an extent on this side, given it is biased (rightly so).

  • Derbus

    ITH has a very hoops knowledgeable fanbase . . . besides Yogi is one of the top ranked PGs in high school for a reason.  His ability to penetrate and pass or hit with his amazing jumpshot is spectascular and all the film clips posted by ITH affirm this.  I have never heard he is a shoot first guard here or by the national scouts.  He will be another spoke on the wheel rolling IU to a few National Championships . . .Cody being the hub of course.

  • stonaroni

    What is surprising Aceman?  The guy is a ranked about #46 in his class.  He is about 6’9″ which means he is bound to snag some boards and score points.  In the videos shown of him he is athletic enought to pass well and be solid with handling the ball.

    Bardstown was in the sweet 16 last year in KY, but the tallest man on their roster is 6’5″, Willis should put up good numbers against every team he plays.

    The Louisville area produces solid talent every year, but Willis is about as good as it gets down there in his class.  However, high school basketball in KY doesn’t compare to the talent or teams produced in Indiana.  Who is the last stud out of KY that was born, bred and played at a university in KY?

    Rondo from Louisville who went to UK, Chris Lofton who went to Tennessee, Darius Miller who is at UK, Scotty Hopson who went to Tennessee and should be a SR but I believe is playing in Greece now, Jon Hood who is hurt at UK. Kentucky high school basketball leaves a lot to be desired.  Before Rondo I think it was Rex Chapman.

    Chane Behanan is at Louisville but he is from Cincinnati.

    So for Willis to put up solid numbers, one might be surprised that they are not great numbers judging by the competition in KY.  You can take the #20 ranked high school team in IN and they can make a run or win the state in KY.

  • stonaroni

    He will not go to UK…..mark that down.  UL maybe, but I think he sees playing time at IU and the possibilities of Cody leaving early.  Let’s be real here, CTC has not done a great job of stocking the post.  We have all of the guards and wings we need to win championships, we just need a little more scoring from our post behind Zeller.  HP is a beast but lacks an offensive skill set on the floor outside of 10 feet.  Willis could compliment HP with some range and floor game in the future.  PJ is a crap shoot at this point. 

    If CZ stays all 4 years and we have HP, PJ as post players as JR’s and a guy like Willis as a SO, we will be in business.  If CZ leaves we will desperately need a guy like Willis.

    Anya would be great but he is far away, recruit our backyard, there is enough talent in the state right now to reload and hit cities like Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, and St Louis to solidify our recruiting classes.

  • stonaroni

    He is not a shoot first player. he may have to be at times in high school but he isn’t in AAU or any other circut he plays in with talented players.

    Yogi is very balanced.  At IU he will score 6 points and dish out 7 asst one night and the next night we may need him to score 20 and only 3 asst.  Whatever the case, he has the game to do it and he will because he is a TEAM first player. if he wasn’t, CTC would not have him in his recruiting class next year.

  • stonaroni

    I do worry about PJ.  At this point, we do not need projects and I would hate to see us getting a committ from a Sophomore in high school that doesn’t pan out.  That is ear-marking a scholly for a kid who is projected to improve, but did not.  In the meantime we have had to pass on other bruising post players that this team will need in Big 10 play every year.  no one like that is on the horizon and PJ takes a scholly from a kid who might give that.

    I would rather see PJ reclassify and come in the 2013 class to give that one a 3rd player and better balance.  Get Willis with him in 2013 and that would be nice.

  • stonaroni

    Good points, but tell me when he will ever be on the court for more than 10 min a game. Maybe as a SR, but by the time he is a SR we will have HP and Lyles and hopefully Willis logging minutes with our plethora of guards and wings..

  • stonaroni

    His depth on the team could pay huge dividends though and I like that prospect, but would rather see a FR with a 6’9″ 225 body with a great upside over a project.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I’ve just heard a lot of talk about how he dominates against a schedule of lesser opponents but this was pretty good competition and he put up good numbers each game.  So, my thought was maybe he’s quite a bit better than some are giving him credit for.  He does seem to have nice athleticism and footwork for a big guy but in the highlights I’ve seen he just reached over people to get rebounds and used his size.  I would think that against this kind of competition he would have to use some skills and fundamentals as well to put up those kinds of numbers so I was basically saying I was pleasantly surprised!

  • Justin Heet

    Roy Williams is not an elite coach? Are you KIDDING me? The man is an absolute genius with respect to the secondary break. He’s also a fine, fine defensive coach, in that his defense suits his offensive strategy.

    Oh, yeah, then there are those national titles he’s won. The 4 national finals, 7 final fours, 10 elite eights, 14 sweet sixteens, and the fact that he’s never, ever lost a first round game, meaning he’s won 21 first round games in his 23 years of coaching, missing the tournament in only his first season as a coach and his own personal season on the brink in 2010.

    Oh, and then there are the 14 conference championships and 6 conference tournament championships (again, in 23 years). Over the course of that time, his team’s have averaged a record of 28-7.

    But, NOOOOooooooo, Roy Williams can’t coach a lick.

    Also, Raphael da Urbino was just a hack with a brush, Francesco Petrarch was just a penny-anty rhymer, and the Buddha didn’t really have all that much patience.

    Oh, and p.s. Per your attack on the poster above, Yogi HAS been criticized in the past for his propensity to shoot too often and for his decision-making. Scout still dings him for the latter. 

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I don’t think he’s a project Stonaroni.  Before his injury he was good enough to play in the Adidas deal and did quite well.  He’s super athletic and is a skilled defender and shot blocker unlike Tijan or Bawa who seemed to play with their knees bent at a 90 degree angle all the time.  He isn’t a scorer yet but has a soft shot so he could develop into a scorer.  From watching him play AAU games he actually impressed me. 

    Steve Alford took Obij Aget at New Mexico (usually a good program) and I’ve watched the two play together.  PJ is better than Aget from what I’ve seen so that’s a good sign. 

    He’s also been more highly recruited and heralded than Bawa or Tijan. 

    He may be a very minimal project but he’s not much of one if he is.

  • Anonymous

    Remy Abell!

    Seriously, though, Allan Houston would have fallen between Rondo and Chapman.  Other than that, there’s very little comparison between Indiana high school basketball and Kentucky’s, as evidenced by the huge disparity in the all-star series.

  • Anonymous

    You said Ron…Jeremy. Huh-huh.

  • Anonymous

    Remember when Mike Tyson wanted to eat Lennox Lewis’ children?  Anya looks like he could do that!

  • Anonymous

    I’d bet DaMatha has produced almost as many elite players as the entire state of Kentucky.

  • stonaroni

    After I posted, I remembered the 1 guy sandwhiched between Rondo and Chapman.  Pretty sad that KY has produced so little talent yet the peeps there think that UK produces so much talent.  Top recruits choose to go there, but they are born and bred somewhere else.

  • stonaroni

    I see. I think Willis is a must for us.  He adds a presence that can score inside but can also run the floor.  We have to have versatile guys in the paint because we have guards and wings that can shoot, slash and score in a half court style of fast break as well.

    He has a body frame that can add some beef.

  • Derbus

    sigh . . . thank you 4 scribin the facts!

  • Derbus

    How many championships did he win @ Kansas?   Hmmmm . . .  and his team lost to UK and they are seasoned talent, all I am stating is he gets the best and what does he deliver???  Compare that to us  . . .what an a GREAT COACH do with the sam talent that is not a bunch of freshmen like UK and what do you get . . .mediocre coaching.  How did UNC lose to UK?   Get it???!!!

  • Kelin Blab

    Jurkin is light years ahead of Bawa and is a far more experienced than Bawa. Trust me when I say he will be a difference maker at IU.

  • N71

    I like your line of thinking, can you explain in more detail why/how Peter will be a difference maker at IU?

  • Kelin Blab

    Jurkin plays against better competition than Derek Willis. They play a national schedule against some high level guys. Has played against Fab Melo, John Wall etc. 

  • N71

    Agree.  Some guys they say “he can really play the post” but when you look at Anya you think “that dude will patrol the paint” like a cave troll guarding the enterance to his home.

  • Kelin Blab

     There is nothing about Jurkin that is a project. Not sure why people are saying this. He has TONS of AAU experience, same as Hanner, played against high level competition in High School…..Hammons, Melo, Wall etc. Has gotten stronger and bigger and will enter college bigger than Jajuan Johnson….WHere is the project? Help me here.

  • Kelin Blab

    Would not be surprised if….

    + Bo Ziegler was IU’s next
    commit…yes he is a wing but has seen success of wings at IU thus far
    in Creans era.
    + D.Willis, not that interested…..nice player, not a
    fan of the decommit games, similar game to Elston will need to learn to
    play inside.
    + BeeJay Anya, I know IU has the interest, not sure if
    he does. Would love a big body kid from a program like Dematha

    2013 class will be lead by Devin Davis who is a player and alot better
    than Derek Willis, IU fans will be happy with him.

  • N71

    The most recent video posting shows a disinterested and passive player, different versus when he played with his AAU team and was healthy.  If all someone were to see was the most recent video, I can see the concern.  If they dig deeper they would be less concerned and be asking about the progress of his injury instead.

    By the way, how is his injury?

  • Hoosierfootball

    I mean he’s probably the most athletic 7 foot player I’ve ever seen, not to mention every player on this list is probably getting double teamed every game

  • Www Quentonballinger

    ya im very concerned about Jurkin. Hes very raw but very athletic. He could be great though with the right coach and work ethic. Im mostly concerned about those stess fractures in his shins.. Guys that  are that  young with those kinds of engeries can be a telling sign. I think hes worth the risk though. If he develops up to his potential he can be a weapon that only 2 or 3 teams in the country will have. Im saying though that hes a big risk. Hes not a guarantee by a long shot imho. But man can he jump for a 7 footer. Lots of blocked shotsand rebounds. Imagine trying to score down low on him,Zeller, and Perea. All those layups we saw at MSU would have been CRAMED back in their face. If we can make teams like that have to actually shoot a jump shot to score instead of playing volleyball were gonna win 95% of those games.Plus the fact that him and Zeller will go at eachother in practice should make them both extremly tough to deal with. Looks like the pros outweigh the cons to me. Well just have to wait to see. GO  IU