Film Session: How Indiana destroyed Howard

  • 12/22/2011 9:57 am in

As noted in Monday’s TMA, Indiana’s offensive performance (1.45 points per possession) against Howard was the most efficient of the Tom Crean era. So how was it done?

Start and end here: 30 out of the Hoosiers’ 35 field goals came via a dunk, layup (or close to one) or a 3-pointer (where they shot a strong 64.3 percent). The only five baskets not of this variety? Two Will Sheehey mid-range jumpers; a long two by Christian Watford  for Indiana’s first points of the game; a jumper each from Jordan Hulls and Remy Abell in the second half. Add in the Hoosiers’ 26 points from the line — many of which came on fouls by Howard as the Hoosiers were going up for dunks or layups — and it was a recipe for high efficiency.

Often, the Bison would either double-team/over help and not recover/hedge and not recover or switch on a screen, and Indiana would find the open man for easy buckets. There was also plenty of scoring in transition here, a staple of the Hoosiers’ offense so far this season.

The below video highlights these 30 field goals. Enjoy.

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