Film Session: Alley-oops

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In the second half of Indiana’s win over Stetson, the Hoosiers stacked up three alley-oops by sneaking behind the Hatters’ 2-3 zone defense.

A look at how it was accomplished in the latest edition of Film Session.


Out of a sideline inbounds, Zeller gets into the action at the top of the key:

With nothing doing, he goes down to the left block:

Verdell Jones passes over to Jordan Hulls:

With Christian Watford attracting Chris Perez and Adam Pegg in the middle of the lane on the back line of Stetson’s 2-3 zone defense, Zeller and Jones spy each other:

And connect for two:



Off a baseline inbounds play with 30 seconds left on the shot clock, the Hoosiers don’t get much going. But with nine seconds left, Oladipo calls for Will Sheehey to come over to the top of the key:

Sheehey kicks it over immediately  to Daniel Moore. And when he receives the ball, Oladipo knifes to the hole:

Watford sets a bit of a screen on Stetson’s Willie Green:

Which gives Vic enough room to make the highlight reel:

The fluidity of this here makes you think Vic had a plan from the get-go.



Off a Stetson made basket, Daniel Moore brings the ball up the court and passes to Oladipo on the wing. Oladipo gives it back to Moore:

Pritchard is in a similar spot to Zeller on his alley-oop, and Moore, like Jones, sees the opening to slip it behind the back line of defense:

He does and Pritchard slams it home:


Nothing too complex or fancy with these three alley-oops. This was simply a weakness in Stetson’s defense that Indiana exploited on a few occasions in the victory.

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  • JerryCT

    The shoe may be on the other foot this weekend ………… I hope we can learn from our success to deny it to KY

  • BBB

    Excellent point. I hope they are as good at recognizing it on the defensive end as they are on the offensive end. Then again, you know Kentucky is going to have some    SportsCenter-top-10-worthy plays no matter what. The keys to the game will be shooting well and limiting their second chance opportunities.

  • eph521

    I wonder if a statistic is kept just for dunks and/or alley-oops. It seemed we had more dunks, definitely more alley-oops, in the Stetson game than any other game this season.

    It seemed like VO had to go way above the rim to throw his down, that was sweet. With The Pritch’s limited minutes, even better that he got an alley-oop too.

    Credit goes to Crean and the staff for noticing that the alley-oops were available given how Stetson was playing D… and making sure our boys took advantage. One time would have been lucky, but doing it several times in a game means we saw something and exposed it.

  • Dan

    It would be awesome to have Don Fischer’s voice over on these.  I cant find anyway to listen to the games with him in Chicago.


    When was the last time we had three alley-oops from three different players in the same game? Ever? The game Saturday is going to be a battle of the boards. If we can rebound with them and limit fast break opportunities for UK we can beat this team. If we allow them to hit the boards like UNC State did in the first half…….game over. We need to start this game like we did against UNC State and not lift the pedal. KEEP IT HAMMERED FOR 40 MINUTES! GO HOOSIERS!

  • Bloughmiller
  • IUfanPurduePhD

    With the jumping ability of Vic and Will, as well as the way Zeller runs the floor, I think we should have two or three oops per game (perhaps not on teams like pUKe or O$U, but two should be the minimum for all other opponents).

  • InTheMtns

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    might like IU Athletics’ All Access at
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  • Anonymous

    That Vic alley-oop was definitely a designed play.

  • HoosierSmitty

    I liked how we repeatedly exploited this and executed…Pritchard’s and Zeller’s were identical plays. Victor’s was a little different, but still exploiting the same weakness. 

    Most teams won’t fall asleep that much, but I think the key point is that the coaching staff recognized it and put the players in position to take advantage of it. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be susrprised if IU can pull off one of these against UK…UK’s davis on the other hand..loves the pick and roll/lob starting from the top of the key. Generates a lot of fouls against hte opposing center. Hold your ground Cody!

  • Anonymous

    You wanna see some alley-oops? You’ll get to see some alley oops. Between Davis, Jones, and Miller…alley-oop central.