Film Session: Stony Brook

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The addition of Cody Zeller and Indiana’s insistence on getting out on the break are setting up to be key components of its offense this season.

A look at two plays involving Zeller and a fast-break score from Victor Oladipo in the season’s first edition of Film Session.


Off the wing, Oladipo dumps it into Zeller. The freshman draws a double team from Stony Brook:

Zeller spots an open Jordan Hulls near the top of the key and passes the ball to him:

With only one defender on the weakside due to Zeller drawing a double team, Hulls elects to swing it over to Elston, who’s wide open:

He shoots in rhythm and connects for two points:

As Quinn Bucker notes on the call, this score happens because of Zeller’s passing awareness out of the double team.



Oladipo’s defense creates an Anthony Jackson miss:

Zeller deflects the rebound to Hulls, who pushes the ball up the court:

With only one defender in front of him, Hulls has the option of feeding Verdell Jones or Oladipo once across halfcourt. He elects to pass to Oladipo:

Who scores easily:

We’ve seen Oladipo on the break time and again in Indiana’s first two bouts of the season. Once he’s out in the open court, he’s hard to stop.



Off a Dallis Joyner make, Zeller gets ahead of him going back down the floor:

Zeller stays ahead of him and gets position facing the rim:

Jones sees this and pops a pass over the top:

Zeller scores amid two defenders:

A simple play. But effective. Zeller’s size and ability to get down the court allows for it.


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  • Anonymous

    It’s early, but the film session is so much more fun to read than last year.  “Things we’re good at” rather than “we can’t guard the perimeter”

  • only.

  • Anonymous

    Do you have to have a subscription or is there a fee to watch? 

  • Anonymous

    Nice work Ryan.

    Great aspect of the site once again.  Glad to see you guys do it again this year.  

    As Zeller and this team matures, we should see a variety of #3 2-3 times a game.  Watch his brother at UNC.  Tyler was very effective in April and March of last year at doing exactly that.  UNC did a great job of finding ways to get him the ball.

    Which brings up a thought.  Not that Crean isn’t a good basketball mind in his own right, but hopefully he is utilizing some of the things Roy Williams has been doing at UNC to help Tyler be successful.  

  • Anonymous

    *Cody be successful.

  • November11

    On the first clip, Jones has to pass the ball to the corner right away to make that pass to Zeller. He was open and could have scored!

  • Anonymous

    I believe all games on are free to watch. I HATE to use their website, or be affiliated in any way whatsoever with them after they ran that article on my birthday this year, but I haven’t had to pay for any games on there. You can watch 4 games at a time also, which is pretty cool. I still hate ESPN though.

  • Anonymous

    Correct me if im wrong, if you have a xbox and xbox live, the game should be on the ESPN app

  • Anonymous

    You can watch free online, or if you have an XBox360 you can watch it through that.

  • CutterInChicago

    Those 3 clips made me smile.

  • Anonymous

    I thought so too. Wasnt too sure.

  • Anonymous

    I believe so. I’d rather be able to watch it at Nick’s or Yogi’s.

  • InTheMtns

    You can watch espn3 for free  IF your cable subscriber has an agreement with them specifically for espn3 (even though it has nothing to do with TV). If your cable carrier doesn’t, then you can’t watch it and are out of luck. You can find out easily enough on the link Alex provided. Good luck.

  • Anonymous

    PUke fans chanting “IU sucks.”  They beat High Point by two points.  They have some of their own issues they need to worry about.  

  • HoosierSmitty

    “But we don’t have little brother syndrome!” – Purdue fans

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but why do my comments have to be moderated if I have a DISQUS account?

  • Anonymous

    Well that one went right through…hmm.

  • HoosierSmitty

    I just love this film session. Film session’s my favorite! (and smiling) 

  • I guess you could say that this won’t be the “High Point” of their season.

    Sorry, had to.

  • IUJeff

    PUke easily loses that game on the road. They barely pulled it out in the last 2 mins w/ a timely 3 by Hummel and 8 out of 15   3’s by whoever that was Ryan someone…  

  • IUJeff

    Hope we are allowed to take a ref. with cause Butler got homered BIG TIME at UE.

  • JerryCT

    Hulls did the same thing on the shot so I guess your point holds for him too ? Its even worse for Hulls since he was close enough to a guy he could have tried to block out.

    In any event one player needs to hold back in case of a break and that was Jones in this case.

    I think the Jones haters need to recognize he is a different player so far this year.  and realize he will probably have more steals, more rebounds , as many assists and average as many points as Hulls ………………….. turnovers ?   ………….. so far VJ3 is not killing us.

    Oh …………… and Jones actually plays defense this year assigned the #1 or #2 best backcourt player.

    My point here is to create for me , you and others a fresh outlook on Jones who just may have an unexpected great year

  • Anonymous

    Most teams always have an offensive player (usually the PG) get back to stop easy baskets. A lot of teams will release a defender on the shot, especially if he’s guarding a guy who just shot a three, in hopes that no one gets back and they get an easy layup.

    Basically, VJ3’s role is to prevent an easy “cherry picking” basket. Otherwise, the opponent is more likely to get a free 2 pts than our PG getting a rebound.

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea what that means.  We have Dish and Frontier for the internet, so no Cable involvement.  Hopefully my location in a comcast area will help.  Otherwise I will be hanging with Fisch and coach Waltman.

  • InTheMtns

    Sorry, didn’t mean to be confusing.  Just wanted to let you know that espn3 is free but it isn’t available to everyone. ESPN says: “In order to access ESPN3, you must receive your Internet service or, in some instances, your television service through an affiliated provider.” Their list of affiliated providers amazingly enough, doesn’t include some major Internet providers. Frontier is on the list though, so you look good.

  • Anonymous

    If he follows PUke then he is probably tired of having only one other person to talk to and it being someone that is not even a bball fan and wondered onto the site because they just had to find out what the heck a boilermaker is.

  • JerryCT

    This is an old thread but …………………. Jones was the best player by far on the court tonight against EVU …………. 7 assists, as many blocks as Zeller, 17 pts , 5 rebs and a good job on D ……………… just like I said ………… and I have been a Jones detractor in the past

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t knocking Jones, I was just talking about his role getting back on defense in this particular play.