Notebook: Kentucky offer for Harris, Zeigler visit, more

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(Photo credit: Jamie Owens of J. Scott Sports)

The first of three official visits scheduled for 2012 target Gary Harris takes place this weekend at Purdue. The Boilermakers host Notre Dame in football Saturday night on ESPN which should make for an interesting atmosphere. Harris will spend Friday evening at Noblesville as the Hamilton Southeastern football team looks to move to 6-1.

There’s still been no word on plans for an official visit to Kentucky, but the Wildcats have offered a scholarship according to After the Purdue visit, Indiana will get Harris next for Hoosier Hysteria on October 15 and then Michigan State will host him on the weekend of November 5. The early signing period begins on Wednesday, November 9.

Crean in Indianapolis

Brian Snow of reported that Tom Crean was at North Central for open gym on Wednesday to watch 2014 forward Perry Poindexter. The 6-foot-7 Poindexter has interest from Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue and Xavier. Crean was also at Indianapolis Tech on Wednesday watching 2014 commitment Trey Lyles according to Trevor Andershock. Lyles’ high school coach, Jason Delaney, also confirmed Crean’s presence at Tech.

Bo Zeigler set to visit

2013 Detroit Community wing Byron “Bo” Zeigler will be on campus this weekend on an unofficial visit for the Indiana-Penn State football game. Zeigler originally told Inside the Hall he planned to visit Bloomington this past weekend, but Zach Osterman of Inside Indiana first reported the change in plans for Zeigler.

IU commits to participate in John Lucas Camp

Both Lyles and James Blackmon Jr. are expected to take part in the John Lucas Midwest Invitational at Hoops in Louisville on October 8 and 9 according to Jody Demling of The Louisville Courier-Journal. A more complete list of prospects expected to participate should be available in the coming weeks, but no Kentucky kids will be in attendance thanks to the Kentucky High School Athletic Association.

New schools in the mix with Lyle

The Hoops Window reported Wednesday that Kansas and Memphis have entered the race for 2014 Evansville Bosse guard Jaquan Lyle. The 6-foot-4 sophomore has offers from Indiana, Illinois, Purdue and Xavier. He’s expected to take an unofficial visit to West Lafayette this weekend.

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  • Anonymous

    Calipari has put guards in the league consistently, so is appealing to young stud guards. However, he has also been near (although apparently never implicated) cheating scandals consistently throughout his career.  

    It seems like the Harris’ want things clean from all I have seen.  I am surprised they are even listening and allowing visits.

    I gotta believe KY is not really a choice in the parents mind, but its a they want to see Gary make the right decision to cut them on his own sort of deal before they step in.  

    At first, I thought GH would be an OSU lean especially with talking and being compared to Evan Turner.  Kind of surprised they are out.

    For some reason, I feel Harris is an MSU lean.  I want him at IU, but I think the other recruits might almost scare him away as bad as that sounds.  Too much talent might look like too few minutes, even though he would be the stud.  Just a thought.  I think we still have a chance and its down to us two.

    Purdue is a formality.  Painter is a stud, the USA coach, and its in Indiana so it will give Gary a good first visit to use as a baseline.  Nothing more in my mind.

    I just pray he doesn’t got to friggin KY.  He could quite possibly be even more hated than Sean May and he is not from Bloomington nor did his dad win a championship at IU.  That would be a feat.

  • superhoops

    Harris is a MSU lean I believe as well.  Actually I believe they are more than a lean and they are clearly the front runner.  I agree that all the talent coming in will keep him away from Bloomington.  My guess KY is a courtesy, and it’s MSU, PU, IU in that order.  GH is not coming to IU in the fall of 2012.

  • For all of those attending Hoosier Hysteria, I am bringing a large group, lets get the chant ” Gary…Harris…Gary…Harris” going loud and strong so he knows Indiana is the right place to be. Please pass this on although I expect it to happen anyways.

  • Steelhoosier

    Other than a feeling and the fact that we have a great recruiting class, what gives you the impression that MSU is a lock? He clearly likes IU, has a lot of friends at IU, knows IU will get a ton of national attention when we are ‘back’ because of the recruits and, most importantly, he will be the stud among studs. Sounds like a great opportunity for exposure to me. 

  • Anonymous

    The photo clearly shows Harris is unable to get past Hollowell without pushing him out of the way.  Not sure if a offensive foul specialist is what IU needs. 

  • Kelin Blab

    Not sure as a Purdue fan the early early visit will produce anything from Gary Harris but at least you are getting a visit.

    If Cal pulls this off with Gary Harris he will officially have the magic tough with late commits while Crean has the magic touch with early commits.

    I have heard good things about Bo Ziegler

  • Anonymous

    Gary should really consider one major factor no one is talking about.    WHO WILL HIS PG BE?   look what khalid al ameen did for Richard Hamilton, Mateen Cleaves, for Mo Pete, Mike Bibby for Miles Simon,     YOGI FERRELL will make him look twice as good as MSU or Purdue’s marginal point guard.       With or without Harris, Yogi can drive us to a title, just like Kemba Walker, Ty Lawson, Mario Chalmers (3 of last 4 champs) did as nation’s top PG……the question is wether Harris wants to win on the big stage or not

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I don’t think enough compressed air exists to rid my keyboard of the vomit that will surely cover it if Gary commits to UK.

  • Anonymous

    you should get a cover for it that matches the one in your shirt pocket;)

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Well played, sir!

    (Thankfully, I’m a historian, not an engineer, so my stereotype features corduroy jackets with elbow patches, beards, pipes, or Indiana Jones type adventures.) 

  • eph521

    Much like Zeller really wanted an offer from North Carolina, I think Gary really wanted an offer from Kentucky, if only to acknowledge his status as a great player. Is there serious interest in Kentucky on his part? Doubtful, but who knows. The kid has played the poker game quite well, much like Zeller.

    I think it will come down to this:  does Gary want to play with a bunch of friends from Indiana and be part of something special – the rebirth of IU basketball – or does that very fact make him want to go elsewhere… does he feel like IU already has too many good players in 2012, maybe he wants to get out of Indiana and experience something different.

  • Anonymous

    Hard to see through corduroy, but suit yourself.

    Hey, it just dawned on me that you can sabbotage this Saturday’s GH visit at that place you call home, then come woo him at Assembly Hall. Nick’s is an historic institution that could benefit from your research. When are we meeting there?

  • IUJeff

    Well said. Hopefully, GH has too much class to go to pUKe and enough of a “blaze my own trail” attitude not to go to PUke.  

  • Anonymous

    I just hope the kid does what is best for him and chooses a school that prepares him best for life in the future whether it involves athletics, academics, and/or social life.  Though he is a top prospect he is still only a junior in high school – 17 at best – still a kid.  No matter where he goes I don’t think it’s fair to judge his character or put him in a negative view.  He is making a long thought out decision for himself, not for any one else, especially not for fans of these schools.  

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Ha, clever.

    I left Lafayette in August for the greener(?) pastures of Grand Rapids, Michigan. I gratefully traded in seeing BoilerWakers every day for Sparty and Wolvy gear (both in abundance in the state’s western half). I don’t think I’ve seen one thread of black and gold since I moved up here and it’s been fantastic.

  • cdog

    I don’t think Harris’ decision to attend a college has anything to do with academics.  It is a matter of playing for 1-2 years and going to the NBA.  Let’s face it, KY is the new NBA development league and that is what slim boy is selling these kids on.  At some point in time the NCAA, if they care, will look closely at all of these kids going to the NBA from KY after only one year and investigate.  You can’t tell me these kids are really diligently studying and that this has no impact on their academic scoring.  I also think the NCAA knows that these kids bring in big $$ to the schools and whould not want to encourage them to play in Europe for a year or some other alternative.  I think IU will have as much tallent and national exposure as KY in order to give Harris his NBA oppotunity.  Either way, he will start and be surrounded by guys that will help him be a star.

  • Anonymous

    not sure any school would be able to knock IU off the top of the recruiting class for 2012 if he commits here.  that in itself could be some incentive to join! 

  • IUBluebird

    Alex, or any other all-knowing Hoosier –
    I know it’s still a little over two weeks away, but other than Harris, do you know any other recruits that will be at Hoosier Hysteria? I’ve heard rumors of Willis and a few others but wanted to see what you’d heard… 

  • All the 2012 recruits, Willis, RJ Curington are the ones I know of off the top of my head. Also would expect the 2013 and 2014 commitments to make an appearance if schedules allow.

  • Ronnie Johnson is no slouch. He is a very good pt guard. Less of a scorer, sometimes, than Yogi but still very good.

  • He is a Senior.

  • GBake

    I’m surprised no one has really mentioned this yet. Exactly as you say, if Harris does end up at UK, then that’s not a kid we would have wanted anyways. This isn’t coming from just being bitter he went somewhere else, it means his morals aren’t consistent with that of a Hoosier, so who cares. Nice post Kfdchev

  • MitchellBMitch

    I really don’t think its right to say that if Gary were to choose to play for UK that he does not have morals or enough of the right morals to be a Hoosier.
    Choosing a school to play basketball at is not a moral choice and condemning a 17 year old based on his choice to attend college, and the fact that it’s not your preferred choice, is in fact probably less ‘moral’ than him choosing to play for UK.
    Remember that he is a 17 year old kid, not someone who is older or a fan that has a greater understanding or knowledge of Coach Cal’s history which is spotted at best, and probably doesn’t fully know the various scandals of UK, which are in the past. Would you think it would be accurate for a UK fan to say “how could he consider IU when they just got out of a scandal” cause I don’t see much difference in that and what you are implying by your statement.
    In his eyes, he probably sees Coach Cal as a great coach who has coached multiple guards (like himself) into the NBA, is charismatic (let’s be honest with ourselves, because we know Coach Cal is, whether we like it or not is another subject) and who coaches for one of the premier college programs.
    Therefore, I understand why he is considering UK as a potential destination of play college ball, and if he were to decide that it is the best fit for him and go there, then we should respect his decision, even though as IU fans we loath it. Additionally, I think it is classless (which as IU fans we pride ourselves on) to chastise a 17 year old for just trying to make the best decision for him and his family.
    and your whole implied argument of if he went to UK he would automatically not go to class and not be responsible for his actions and not try and win the right way, but if he was a hoosier he would do all these things the “right” way. Did you ever think that the way he carries himself now, his hard work in the classroom, and playing to win the right way would continue regardless of where he went to college and that these things are just how he was ‘brought up’?
    This Gary Harris saga has, expectedly, become an event that fans from all sides (IU, PU, MSU and UK) have gotten passionate about and are trolling the message boards for new ‘inside info’ just to figure out where he is going and then making harsh judgments on a kid’s potential choice, just cause it’s not the one ‘you’ want.
     We need to remember he is a kid, and to cut him some slack, he’s just trying to figure out what’s best for him, what’s the right thing, and where he feels comfortable. And I think if we put ourselves in his shoes, we would realize that we all need to just chill and let the kid make his own choice.
    Sorry for that rant, and not all my comments are directed whole at you, Kfdchev, but I think we just need to show the kid and his family some respect and let them make the decision on their own terms when they are ready.
    Go Hoosiers…  

  • Anonymous

    point gladly taken – only one more year till the ’12 recruits arrive on campus!

  • I understand what you mean when Gary might be worried about to many good IU players in 2012. Would that also be true for pUKe as well?

  • MitchellBMitch

    I can’t believe you and Kfdchev are making Gary Harris’ decision to attend college into a moral decision.
    Look at it this way, for simplicities sake:
    You have choice A (IU) and choice B (UK) – forget PU and MSU for now.
    If you are strongly considering both schools, then it is most likely based on some general factors being (in no particular order of imporantce): 
    1) You feel that both schools and coach will help you succeed and reach the next level (ultimate goal for Gary, clearly)
    2) You feel that both schools offer an environment that you feel comfortable with
    3) You feel that both schools will provide you with a meaningful experience for however long you stay there whether its 1 or 4 years.
    4) You feel that you would have a strong relationship (get along/mess well) with your fellow teammates. 
    So if those are the factors and Gary feels both schools can offer him great opportunities that meet these factors/criteria, then how can you say if he chooses A he’s ‘moral’ or made the ‘moral decision’ but if he chose B he is unquestionably ‘immoral’
    If choosing IU vs UK was strictly a moral choice then the two would be mutually exclusive and he wouldn’t be considering both at the same time because playing at one school would clearly go against HIS ‘morals’. You are projecting your own morals and what you think the right decision is, onto his decision, and making a judgement of him, based on your standards, which is wrong.   
    The ultimate decision is based on those factors and where he feels its ‘right for him’ to attend, not right for anyone else.
    And the fact that we IU fans despise UK and believe their coach and their program is dirty, not playing/winning the ‘right or moral way’, doesn’t mean we should project our own moral standards onto a 17 year olds college decision.
    Are you telling me that you think Eric Gordon’s choice to spurn Illinois and attend IU, during a time when our program was dirty, coach cheating, players doing drugs/partying too much and not going to class, was immoral? And do you think the Illinois fans were glad Eric decided to go to IU, you think they were like ‘well glad we don’t have him anymore cause he clearly isn’t moral or of the high character we demand at Illinois’ (slight jab at Illinois). No, I guarantee they did not feel that way, they were pissed they lost a 5* player to a hated rival.   
    Because that is basically the same situation, Eric chose to go to IU and even though that ‘dirty’ stuff was running amuck in our program, Eric didn’t follow those players footsteps and was clean, upstanding and a great representation of IU.
    If Gary Harris chooses IU great, I am all for it, I want him on our team. But, if he chooses UK or any other school (and frankly, I would rather see him go to UK over PU) I am not going to say that he is immoral and inherently a bad person.
    Choosing a college to play basketball IS NOT a moral decision. Please other posters correct me if I am wrong (I don’t believe I am, clearly), but this is not an issue of morality, never has, never will be. 
    This is a case of an overzealous fan base, who has suffered great torment and loss over the past few years, recognizing that with Gary we would, most likely, be back to national prominence again and be back to where we all deserve we belong. And we hate that fact that a bitter rival – UK – feels entitled, and they on THEY are UK, so they have every right just to swoop in late in the game and take away a player we have been seeking/desiring for so long. And we are worried/scared (which turns into irrational anger/frustration) that UK has a legit shot at taking one of our state’s prized recruits and derail or delay our plan/goal of winning championships again…that is the truth and that is why we (as IU fans) can’t stand the thought of Gary choosing UK…
    Go Hoosiers…    

  • Chromeburn

    Well said, not much to add to that. I think our projected disgust onto the program is simply masking our fear that he might go there. However, I do think it is only a matter of time till Kentucky is caught doing something. By that time I’m sure Calipari will have moved onto the pro’s. Even with their current clout and star power, it hasn’t won them a title. The fact Uconn received the title with their violations disgusts me more. Which still hasn’t stopped the mainstream media from heaping praise onto them. I wonder if we have come to the point where we value winning over fair play. That it doesn’t matter to fans if a coach is caught cheating posthumously after a title. That the W is the ultimate gain, even if it has an asterisk next to it.

  • InTheMtns

    I think your point about Eric Gordon is illustrative and on target. IU and Sampson were under recruiting restrictions when he committed. While there was no hint (at least to the fan base) of infractions at IU at the time, there was still a cloud of questionable ethics for an incoming recruit to consider. I’m sure Eric did consider them but he still came to IU. And the fact remains that Eric continued to be who he was after he got here – he went to class, didn’t hang out with the “troubled” players, remained committed to excellence, was an upstanding citizen, etc. I agree with you that there is no reason to think that Gary Harris, or any other kid, committing to UK can’t be the same way when based solely on the fact that he committed to UK.
    I don’t know Gary Harris or his parents and I have no idea what his morals are or aren’t. I’m certainly not going to judge them based on his decision where to go to college. He seems like a good kid from a good family and he clearly is an excellent basketball player. I really hope he decides to come to IU.
    If he does choose IU, it means we will be over-committed by two scholarships. If he decides to go somewhere else, for all we know, it might be because he doesn’t want to be part of a scenario where someone loses a scholarship in order for him to get one. Maybe that’s a character issue for him. I know we say that players don’t worry about that; that it is part of the game. Maybe so, maybe not, Maybe he does consider it. We don’t know.
    I’ve grown tired of the discussions about Harris, largely because of the type of character-assignation it seems to bring out. Let’s chill, friends.

  • HoosierSmitty

    Guys, as a Hoosier fan in Lafayette, I’ve made it my sworn duty to find Gary Harris at the Purdue/Notre Dame game and say something clever yet insulting to Purdue at the same time. I also plan to flash my colors (cream and crimson not gang) and let him know where real basketball is played. 

    Any suggestions? 

  • HoosierSmitty

    I got it covered, boys. 

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Do work, son!

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see Harris go to IU. However, I’m personally tiring of the Harris saga. As good as he is, he’s only one player. The last time I watched highlights of Larry, Magic and Michael, I saw 4 other guys wearing the same uniform. I think we will be just fine, with or without Harris. As for the moral issue, I have no knowledge about he or his parents. But I will say that, “you’re known by whom you associate”. Let’s not fool ourselves. Harris may be 17 years old, but he’s not naive (nor are his parents). All the attention and exposure has made him very aware of what goes on in the recruiting game. You don’t have to be 30 years old to know right from wrong. And if someone knowingly gets involved in something that’s wrong, then in my book, he condones it. 

  • Plane1972

    Smitty, there will be plenty of black and gold surrounding GH this weekend. I would hate to see one of the ITH brethren summarily beaten and left for dead in the concrete jungle that is Purdue’s dreary, dismal campus. Make sure if you go down, you take a few Boilers with you. Enjoy the game.

  • I would say no because the best player will get the chance to start. Gary Harris is better than Buss and Hollowell. He will get his playing time.