2011-12 All-Big Ten Preview: Jordan Taylor

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With the college basketball season inching closer, we’ll be taking a long look at the conference at large as well as Indiana’s roster over the next few weeks. Today, we continue our look at our preseason All-Big Ten team with Wisconsin’s Jordan Taylor.

The 2010-11 Hoosiers got a taste for Jordan Taylor’s deadliness on senior night. Taylor took over in the second half of a game Indiana was in, hit a bunch of highly-contested threes and put the Badgers on his back en route to 39 points and the W.

It was a punch right to Assembly Hall’s gut.

But Taylor makes the cut here not just for his deep-threat shooting (42.9 percent from beyond the arc last season), but for playing with startling efficiency. According to KenPom, Taylor’s turnover percentage was just 8.5 percent last season, good for second in the nation. His assist rate was 30.4 percent (77th in the nation), meaning nearly a third of buckets made by Wisconsin with Taylor on the court came via a pass from him. His offensive rating — which measures personal offensive efficiency — clocked in at 126.9, which put him ahead of guys like Jared Sullinger and NBA lottery picks Derrick Williams, Tristan Thompson and Marcus Morris. And this was all from a guy that had the ball in his hands a lot, as he runs the point and played 90.6 percent of available minutes last season.

In fact, earlier this month, Luke Winn of Sports Illustrated listed Taylor’s 2010-11 campaign as the second best of the last decade in terms of efficiency for point guards:

Taylor’s junior year wasn’t just excellent in the context of his ’10-11 peers; it has to be regarded as one of the best seasons of the past decade. I asked (John) Pudner if the Value Add formula unfairly favors players on downtempo teams (and Wisconsin is among the slowest of the slow), since stars on up-tempo teams generally can’t play as many minutes, but Punder disagreed. He argued that Bo Ryan, by playing at that speed and keeping his great point guards ((Devon) Harris and Taylor) on the floor for nearly the whole game, maximizes their value. That’s yet another reason Ryan is one of the best coaches of this era.

But there’s still room for improvement. Though Taylor shot well from the 3-point line, his two-point percentage actually was pretty pedestrian (42.3 percent last season).

If Taylor improves his shooting and keeps up his high-level ballhandling, his final season in Madison seems poised to be one where, as Alex mentioned Tuesday, he’ll battle for a Big Ten Player of the Year award with Sullinger.

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  • Anonymous

    Man it seems like these kids at Wisconsin stick around forever.  I wonder if they will ever be considered a “non threat” for the Big Ten title…

  • MillaRed

    Maybe not, but NEVER a threat to win it all. So pick your poison.

  • JerryCT

    So who is going to defend him ? Jones ? Hulls ? Watford ? Zeller ?

    My point is the same many of us have been making for the last 2 seasons , we have too many offensive players who kill us on defense and cause the losses. Our Pomeroy numbers prove this case.

    My case therefore is to include in the lineup WS or VO or RA or whomever can handle the picks and defend this kid when we play them. This may mean Hulls and Jones on the bench more than they are used to being.

    My memory also tells me that Pritchard was forced to defend him several times and did the best job of anybody . If we don;t get our defense in order we will be looking at another pedestrian season and 2 losses again to Iowa

  • Anonymous

    If he plays like he did last year against us it won’t matter.  He was making contested shots from anywhere on the court.  He was unconscious.

    I say put Abell on him this year and se what he can do. 

    Unfortunately for us Hulls is a liability on the Defensive end but his offensive ability demands that he be on the court.  Not so much for Jones IMHO.

  • IUJeff

    We will have the glove on him this year. Don’t know who the glove will be yet, but my bets are on Will, Vic, or Remy.

    You have to force this guy to go left also.

    I also bet that Jordy will be able to better keep his man in front of him this year.

  • Anonymous

    Likewise, I thought this kid graduated last year.  Kids like this that we root against seem to stick around forever.  If he were a Hoosier, he would have been gone in the blink of an eye.  One heck of a ball player

  • Anonymous

    I would assume Oladipo and Sheehey are the best options, if playing with proper intensity (which Crean has really been emphasizing in his twitter rants).  But yeah, that might lead to more JH and VJ on the bench.

  • Anonymous

    I bet if you took this guy, Sullinger, Mbakwe, Buford, and Cartwright, out of the Big Ten this year, they could probably beat the Cavaliers, Timberwolves, Raptors, Kings and the Wizards

  • I disagree.  Dean Smith had this thrown at him for yrs and it just took a while.  The system there is different and requires a great deal of discipline on the players part.  He doesn’t win the big dance because he lacks 1-2 real athletic players who shy away from that type of system as we have discussed here forever.  This kid however is special and Wisky could give OSU a run. 

    Other than IU this is my second fav team in the Big ten since I spent 3 yrs in Madison.  Bo is a great coach and this kid has blossomed and to his credit also stayed in school (which as a kid is not hard when you live in either bloomington or madison).  I look fwd to some great battles with Wisky in the next few yrs…Unlike pUKe – with The Charlie Sheen whannabe coach… I

    Jerry loves to analyze the game and his comment is right on as usual.  Not sure one person covers him like a glove in the Bo scheme.  You need help D.  An athletic guard is the best bet and VO or WS are the best we have. 

  • Anonymous

    Last year was an excellent year for Taylor (as this article as preached). I’m predicting a little less output for Taylor in his Senior season though. Last year the Badgers had inside-outside threat Jon Leuer who could spread the floor but bang down low as well. Leuer’s scoring threat opened the floor for Taylor and allowed him to have space. Teams in the B1G know that Taylor is their only big threat this year. Unless Bruisewitz, Gasser, Wilson or Evans (who hasn’t yet lived up to his hype) can take some of the scoring load off Jordan and spread the floor, look for defenses to keep their best defender and 4 other eyes all over Taylor. Really looking forward to Wisconsin vs. OSU. Taylor-best pg vs. Craft-best defender. Good stuff to watch.

  • Anonymous

    I remember when I was in high school and our team was preparing to play Springs Valley, who had Eddie Bird (no Larry, mind you, but he was still a pretty damn good player.)  We had no one who our coach thought could guard him sufficiently, so he just decided we’d put “Doug” on him.  Doug was  generally found camped out near the corner awaiting a kickout for three.  He was slow, couldn’t jump very high, and wasn’t a defender by any stretch of the imagination.  Coach figured if we put our best defender on Bird he’d still go off and so, too, would the guy Doug was guarding.  Therefore, he said, “what the hell, let’s just put Doug on him and let him do his thing and hope we stop the other four well enough.”  We won that game.

  • Anonymous

    I guess if we want a “glove” we need to recruit somebody named “Jimmy”

  • Anonymous

    That works if you have one “Doug”.  What happens when you have a whole squad full of “Dougs”?  To quote one of my favorite movies of all time. “Well, you get what we had here last week”  Replace week with last several years and there you have it.

  • IUDan

    THIS GUY IS STILL AROUND?!?!?!?  UGH!!!  As a fan of the game, it’s a pleasure to watch him play – as a fan of a competing team, it sucks . . .

  • JerryCT

    Marcus – I agree w Millzy. If in fact our players could defend the other players it might work but alas …….. the players I have mentioned have been burned by lesser guys …….. the solution is team defense and I do not mean everybody relies on Pritchard to save their butt

  • MillaRed

    Doesn’t get the talent man. The athletic teams rip them up.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I agree.  I’ve just always gotten a kick out of that story and I thought it kind of fit the topic.

  • Anonymous

    Eddie was a hell of a player and lit a lot of people up…most people don’t realize Eddie has Springs Valley’s career scoring record and not Larry.