Crean says Maurice Creek not 100 percent, team needs to cut down on fouling

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Yahoo! Sports: Q-and-A with Indiana coach Tom Crean

Q: How is Maurice Creek coming along after last year’s season-ending knee injury?

A: “He’s not 100 percent. He’s not ready to practice. He’s done some one-on-one in limited settings but it hasn’t been with his teammates, unless he’s sneaking in here late at night and doing that along with his shooting drills, which I don’t think he is. He’s smarter than that. We’re not in a rush with him. His rehabilitation has been fantastic. He’s getting stronger. Right now he’s doing things in controlled settings with managers and coaches. We haven’t put him into live action drills yet. There’s not a time period on that just yet. He was evaluated at length again [on Friday]. He’s definitely doing the right things. The mental part was the biggest hurdle for him last year, as far as overcoming that injury. As a coach I’m more concerned with that than the physical aspect, because we’re certainly not going to put him out there and ask him to do things that the doctors and trainers tell him he can’t do.”

Q: You lost the final nine games of the 2010-11 season. What was the most frustrating aspect of that streak?

A: “l look at those losses and say, “What’s the common denominator in those games?” That’s what we’re focused on more than anything. We’ve got to cut down our fouling in a big way. We averaged 22 fouls a game last season and finished last. Ohio State averaged 15 fouls a game and won the league. Right there, that statistic alone, you put a bright light on that, because that’s a big deal. You know injuries play into it and you know that not having enough scoring threats plays into it. But when the new year comes, you don’t focus on any of that. You just focus on what you can do to get better and what you can eliminate that has been getting you beat. It’s time for us to string some successes together, not just one here and there.”

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  • 888

    Sure hope he gets to 100% this yearbut it doesnt sound like its gonna happen. He has so much potential. I just feel awful for him. He has to be just sick with whats happend to him.Prayn for your healthy return Mo.

  • Anonymous

    It’s good to hear a report on Mo’s recovery. Would much rather they ease him back into action this year and even redshirt him if that’s what he needs. We learned last year that he wasn’t close enough to 100% and it prevented him from being effective. I think if he can make it to the next level he has to prove himself with 2 healthy and productive seasons. For his sake and the fans I think this is being handled appropriately. Good report, Alex!

  • I deserve no thanks. Jason King of Yahoo! Sports did the interview and we’re sharing it with you.

  • Anonymous

    I was still holding out hope that Maurice was pretty much ready to go, and that they were just being quiet about it, but at least now we know.  There will only be 2 Seniors on the team in 2013, with Sheehey and Oladipo, so if Mo did have to red shirt, that would add a lot of experience and leadership to the squad that season.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty disappointed to hear that about Mo.  Hopefully he can get to a point where he can still be a contributor and help this team.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, just was too excited to read about Mo. Let’s go with thanks for forwarding the article then.

  • Baxter

    The larger question is whether redshirting Maurice would be of any benefit to him.  While it may too early to know, Maurice may reach a point where he is as recovered as he is going to be and no amount of additonal rest/rehabilitation will improve the knee.

    I certainly hope that isn’t the case.  But you never know how the body will respond to some injuries.

  • Injured Reserve

    With Creek not at 100% it provides ample opportunity for Oladipo or Sheehey or someone else to step up.  If the buzz around both Oladipo and Sheehey is for real, they can say for the first time since the coach who shall not be named ruined the program that they have QUALITY depth at a few positions.  

    I’m anxious to see if Remy can be a B1G point guard becuase it sounds like he can play D which is something that Jones and Hulls have struggled with.  They finally might be able to close games this year because with a lead they could put out an athletic/defensive lineup that is not devoid of scoring options.  Amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope no matter how much he can play this year that Mo gets healthy.  He screams NBA talent and I just hate to see this, best of luck Mo, keep your head up.

  • Hard to guage how is doing from these comments. He is stronger but not able to participate in live drills….hmmm it appears he might be 4 wks away from live drills – and you would need at least 2-3 weeks of hard practice to be in game shape – mentally and physically.  So he may be able to contribute in 7 wks or the beginning of Dec….all speculation of course – but it would seem that if he could not play by then a red shirt season is reasonable.

  • Anonymous

    I know Crean wants to sound positive on Creek…but call me doubtint Thomas on this one. Hope I’m wrong.

  • IUeconAlum

    I’d really like to see Creek finish his bball career strong. He has a great attitude and is really skilled. If he has put on muscle anywhere, I hope it is on his legs and not his upper body. I’ve never seen (or maybe just never noticed) a guy with such skinny legs.

  • WestCoast Hoosier

    I hate to say it and I’d love to be wrong, but I worry about his wheels.

    Mo just has such slender legs for a guy his size. At first, you don’t notice it and the over-sized shorts these guys wear these days makes it hard to see anything.

    But if you look closely, his legs almost look like toothpicks.

    And two injuries in two years confirms that.

    Again, I hope I’m wrong, and I’m praying that I am, but…

  • kentuckyHOOSIER

    WOW ….pretty good Q &A  ……. 2 whole questions !

  • Click the headline for the full Q & A. This is a quicklink, which is denoted at the top of the post and also by the grey background. New formatting we added in recently.

  • MillaRed


  • cooper

    I don’t under the comment, “the mental part was the biggest hurdle for him last year, as far as overcoming that injury.”

    Maybe I wasn’t watching the same games, but it sure looked physical to me when he couldn’t run up and down the court without limping and looking like he was 95 years old. 

    It will be a travesty if he gets hurt again. For the 1,000th time, redshirt the kid and give him a shot at getting fully healthy.

  • Kelin Blab

    I lean towards a redshirt if he is not 100% when he steps onto the court. Last year should have been a lesson but not a lesson learned twice.

  • Anonymous

    I agree.  A redshirt would be a good idea.  Mo needs to get healthy and not rush things, it will only make things worse.  He needs to just rehab, then when he is healthy, he practices and gets better and stronger for next year.  Put a healthy Mo next to the 2012 class… Wow.

  • eph521

    We’ll cut you some slack, given you are a “Kentucky” Hoosier.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Crap!  That sure makes it sound like Mo is a redshirt this year!  That makes us much better next season if he’s healthy but it sure doesn’t help this year!

    Hope he gets 100% this year but I’m preparing myself for IU basketball without Mo.