Harris family hosts John Calipari for in-home visit

  • 09/20/2011 9:00 am in

Louisville Courier-Journal: Calipari does in-home with Gary Harris

University of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari made a quick – and surprise – in-home visit on Monday with Fishers, Ind., Hamilton Southeastern guard Gary Harris.

UK has been checking in on Harris for a while and assistant coach Orlando Antigua watched him several times in late July. Calipari saw him one time in late July.

The Wildcats haven’t been mentioned regularly as one of the schools Harris was looking at but the staff has remained in contact with the family.

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  • Anonymous

    I wonder if he left a blank check…

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully Cali had his hair slicked back, his loafers, Tommy Bahama shirt and a huge Rolex on (like he did at the Adidas Invitational) and set out the vibe…

    How is he allowed to coach?

  • Anonymous

    and i threw up in my mouth…

  • Anonymous

    Man, I can’t stand Calipari. I don’t understand how a parent could ever trust him with their child. I think Gary is much smarter than that anyway. He’ll come where he’s most wanted and can get a solid education.

    Go Hoosiers!

  • Anonymous

    Not going to happen. Harris has too much integrity to take a Duffel bag of cash over an honest program and a school that has him attend class and receive a quality education.

  • jacobdetroy

    At this point I don’t care that Harris ends up at IU as much as I care that Calipari doesn’t get what he wants. Stopping the momentum of the pUKe recruiting train might be as important as picking up steam of our own.

  • Anonymous

    I was having a good morning until I read this. For some reason, this worries me. You can talk about integrity all you want, it still worries me.

  • Anonymous

    Reason to be cautiously nervous here folks. Harris has mentioned how he wouldnt mind rocking nike in one of his tweets if I remember correctly. He also didnt hesitate to mention he was hearing from them back when he said he was getting emails from their assistant coach. Something tells me he likes the thought of being the next one and done gaurd at Kentucky. To be honest, who wouldn’t if you were a top guard in the nation and you look at the products C*****i has been able to land and propel into the NBA. Be wary friends be very wary.

  • Kfdchev

    I am sickened by the presence of Calipari on a basketball floor. If it were up to me he wouldn’t be allowed to coach a 5th grade girls team. I wouldn’t allow him in my home to speak to a son of mine looking to play college basketball. The guy is a disgrace and should not be allowed on the bench IMHO. This is where I have a real issue with the NCAA. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the guy is as dirty as a UK diploma and yet he is allowed to continue to work the system for all he can.

  • Hoosierfan88

    The NCAA doesn’t like Calipari at all. They have tried numerous times to catch him and have been unsuccessful. He is very good at skating away from trouble, but that is not the fault of the NCAA. They want to catch him. 

  • Anonymous

    If Gary Harris commits to IU, this will make it sweeter.  Taking a big time recruit from PU and UK would be fun.

  • I wouldn’t say the NCAA doesn’t like him. If they wanted to catch him by now they could have. They have let him slide for years because he makes them money. The NCAA has turned the other way as long as the public stayed quiet about it. He was in Memphis for 10 years pulling the most shady deals of all time and nobody mentioned anything till the Memphis media stopped covering up for him after he left. At that point the NCAA was forced to look like they cared when in truth they love that guy. It was disgusting watching him here in my town and seeing what he did and everyone knew it too and laughed about it.

  • HoosierDadE


    “Mrs. Harris, mother of future IU star Gary Harris, was seen at her local grocery store buying 27 bottles of Febreze Odor Eliminator.  We can only suspect that she was purchasing this amount of Febreze to eliminate the STANK left by UK coach Calipari when he sat on their couch.  More at 11…”

    “We caught up with the Harris family throwing their couch out on the street, they said…

    We just couldn’t get the smell out”

    Oh, and Gary said, “I’m Bloomington bound!”

  • Anonymous

    When Kentucky gets in the hunt, never count them out until you see your guy in the bookstore with a class schedule.  Nothing they won’t or haven’t done.

  • Joe B

    IMO, I’d rather see him go to Purdue than UK, at least he’d be staying in state and not selling a 1yr portion of his soul to the devil.  Plus, I generally lose respect for all “recruits” who go to UK, and I like GH so really would love to be able to like him even if he doesn’t go to IU.

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    Kyle Anderson and Shabazz Muhammad are pretty much locks at UCLA now. Cal knows this and that is why he is focusing on the second best option at the 2 guard. Harris knows that he could be a potential one and done. Cal has a great track record of getting players into the NBA. (and vacating final fours) If he chooses UK, which would not remotely surprise me, you can’t blame him.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    She also bought 37 shamwow towels to sop up Calipari’s hair grease residue from the couch headrests.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Sadly, I can and do blame anyone who chooses pUKe.  I’d be okay with any other school (I don’t want him to choose the BoilerWankers or the Spartans, but I’d prefer that to pUKe).

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    I would rather him spend 4 years at PUke than 1 at pUKe. Things just happen when when Cal waives that magic wand (which I’m sure feels like he has been eating KFC all day. Careful Cal, don’t want that thing to slip out and poke an eye).

  • Anonymous

    See hammer, see nail, see hammer hit nail squarely on head.

    As you say the NCAA didn’t care until it looked like it might make them look bad and then it was only a halfa$$ed attempt at actually nailing him. Imagine, him ending up at pUKe, that is just so hard to believe…. DWS

  • Anonymous


    Could not agree more.

  • Anonymous

    Just one more reason for America to rid themselves of Calislimy, we could vastly decrease this country’s dependance on foreign oil by this one simple thing.

    Everybody wins and pUKe loses gotta love anything that turns out like that.

  • Anonymous

    This absolutely does not worry me. If Gary Harris possesses the character and integrity that CTC believes he does, then it’s a non-issue. I don’t begrudge “that” coach for wanting in on the GH train. It will be a victorious day though when GH snubs UofKenstinky in favor of IU.

  • Anonymous

    Ya know, now that i think about it..this is even more reason that everyone who reads/posts on ITH gets their butt to Hoosier Hysteria on October 15th so Gary Harris & Family can feel the love and experience what it might be like to rock the real Assembly Hall (the one in illannoy just pretends to be AH).

    Show of hands…who’s going? And where are we meeting? Too late for Gary Harris t-shirts?

  • Anonymous

    Already there in mind and spirit, will be there in body come October 15th

  • IUeconAlum

    I always wondered what Calipari actually tells kids and their parents. He has the worst reputation in college sports. Anybody that is good enough for that guy to want you to play for him, knows how people view him. I worked with a guy who meet Cal at a fundraiser and is a life long UofL fan. He said Call gave him tickets to the UK/Penn game, liked that he was a UofL fan, and my friend came away thinking he was a “great guy.” I couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth. It just showed us both how big of a salesman he is. I think most people who know they scum allow it to shine through, which hold them back. Somehow that guy embraces it and 30 seconds in you have forgotten all his dirty deeds.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I think I’d rather see Gary playing for the Taliban than UK.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    You know what Cal’s not talking about?  Academics and graduation rate.

  • IUJeff

    GH is too high character a kid to go to either of the KY schools. I am surprised they let the silver tongued devil into their home.

  • oldred1976

    This bothers me, you have to wonder what’s going on when pUKe starts getting involved.
         Besides I live in Fishers and I don’t want that grease ball (scuzzball) wandering around my neighborhood

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    I think that they are out of scholarships, and I hear that their facilities are out of date. If they do make room for him will PUke fans call it “tali-banning”?

  • MillaRed

    So I’m in Atlanta on business. Checking out ITH as I like to do. And what do I see? The name Calipari associated with anything that is Indiana basketball.

    I immediately hurled my recently eaten Chik-Fil-A on my Reeboks.

    That man is everything that is WRONG about college athletics. Sorry, couldn’t finish the article.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be there.

  • hgdownunder

    Remember the things Cody said after UNC offered him?  Sounded kinda dire.  But what he wanted is UNC to offer him – I’m not going into any sibling rivalry thing here, but …   Maybe Gary just wants to be wanted by Cal.

  • Diesel

    Soul Glow?

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I heard that they had a, uh, “transfer” a while back after an in-home (in-compound?) visit.  There’s a spot for Gary if he wants it.

  • Anonymous

    People graduate from UK and play basketball? I thought it was one or the other, or neither.

  • “Man, I can’t stand Calipari. I don’t understand how a parent could ever trust him with their child. I think Gary is much smarter than that anyway. He’ll come where he’s most wanted and can get a solid education.” I guess he is going to Notre Dame than right that is the best education in this state! Go HOOSIERS to wins matter to me UK and PU, then a Big Ten Banner, next the March Madness & Win It All! Calipari has something we don’t horse money!!!

  • Anonymous

    2012 SG Archie Goodwin committed to pUKe last night. I would think that this rules out Harris now. Goodwin is the #3 SG.

  • Anonymous

    He could be a one and done..And we really arent wide open at the SG pos. IMO…Saw Harris on twitter telling Archie Goodwin that his commitment is big time…Harris likes UK people, if you cant see it you arent looking

  • IU_Fan_99

    I will be there an hour or so early to get good seats…

  • Anonymous

    Not a chance.  No trail is ever linked back to Cal.

  • InTheMtns

    g_bo, I agree with you that Harris likes UK. I don’t know that he likes them better than everyone else, but I’ve thought all along that a main reason Harris hasn’t picked a school yet is because he didn’t have an offer from some school he really likes. He may get an offer from KU and still not pick them, but I think he’s been waiting for an offer from them.

  • Anonymous

    okay, this may seem a little optimistic…but with the NBA lockout still looming, what are the chances DWade makes it to Bloomington for Hoosier Hysteria? Maybe some other former Hoosiers now playing for the Clippers or Bobcats since i just read those two are working out in Indy during this delay.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Check your valuables Harris family!!!  And if you have a daughter . . .

  • Anonymous

    not even the vapor trail?