• Anonymous

    Although I am sure these are not his “highlights” I would say pass. Not overly impressed. I believe he would have a hard time finding the floor with the talent projected at Bloomington. Morover, I like some of the other guys we are looking at a similar position. No need to settle here.

  • Anonymous

    wow thats some ugly basketball being played out there. not mark williams specifically. just from the highlights the game looked hard to watch

  • Vlad the Inhaler

    Totally agreed. He uses his body well, but he doesn’t look very big. I would take McGary all day over Williams. They seem to have similar flaws, but McGary is bigger and more athletic.

    I understand this is only a sample from 1 game of theirs each, but I see what I see.

  • Hard to judge a kid off of footage from one AAU game. Wanted to show the video to give readers a chance to see him play, but not sure it’s fair to “pass” on a kid after watching him play for two minutes.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a pretty willing defender. If he’s 6’8″ or 6’9″ and 250 as a college freshman, he could help us. I’ll wait until I see more videos of him, and see what other big men we’re pursuing in 2013 before I say I want him or not.

    Also, remember that this kid is more physical now than 2 or 3 of our starters.

  • guest

    On these different player videos being posted, are the kids matched up with same grade levels? Or are the kids going against older/younger, what is the level of competition? Knowing this detail would help in making judgements IMO.

  • Hoosiers1111

    Yep, I agree. There were a couple of bad plays in there, but I like that he was in the paint the majority of the time and showed some good post moves. Doesn’t appear overly athletic, but one of those wide bodied, back to the basket players we don’t currently have. Someone else said they would take McGary all day over him….I would disagree 100%. I’d take Williams over McGary all day. Williams looked to know his role is to play inside, whereas McGary looked like he wanted to play point guard.

  • Sammy

    -I saw a kid that has two years to get better before college
    -Willing AAU defender, which is an oxymoron
    -Banger with good size, can finish around the rim
    -Not an outside shooter
    -Not a kid that should dribble penetrate
    I think the kid has high potential

  • 13th&Woodlawn

    Will we need him to contribute as a Freshman? I hope the days of counting on Freshman are behind us by 2013.

  • Uncle Joey

    His list of potential suitors is getting to be pretty extensive. IU fans should be drooling over a 250 lbs 6’11” prospect who doesn’t have the words “raw” and “project” attached to him.

    If Crean and company can coach McGary to become comfortable playing in the paint and really honing his schools as a big ten bruiser (and not just settling for playing on the perimeter), then I think he has a very high ceiling. He could very well become the complementary piece to the puzzle with Zeller and Perea in the front court.

    My worries are:
    –IU isn’t pursuing McGary as hard as some other recent schools are, and some other new “shiny” schools will woo him their way.
    –We may not have room for him in 2012 regardless, especially if we land Harris.

  • This kid is good but not great. He is a legit 6’7″ and 230 and likes to play hardnosed basketball inside and get rebounds….If he grows another 1-2 inches he will be a solid Bten player. This is something we lack at present.

  • Dmglotz

    If he grows a couple more inches he could be a Christian Watford type player. If not, he’ll have to really improve his ball handling and shot. I do like his motor and knack for getting the boards though.

  • RobD

    um. this post is about mark williams.

  • N71

    You shifted gears and moved off Williams and onto McGary. Regardless, McGary sure is getting a bunch of attention now, seems like he’s evolved into a younger version of Brad Miller. His grades must be better otherwise we wouldn’t be sniffing around. Growing up in Indiana he surely has interest in playing at IU or Purdue. Sure wouldn’t want to see another Brad Miller at Purdue, that guy was a pain in the a$$. If we add Harris and McGray to the 2012 class that makes 7…St. Johns like. Clearly some folks would be shown the door.

  • MillaRed

    As Alex pointed out, it’s just a few minutes of footage, but still you see things that are concerning.

    Does not have good hands
    Does not have great touch
    Erratic defensively?

    Maybe this was a bad game, but this looks like Mike White Part II. And with the kids we have coming not sure it’s a great get.

  • Anonymous

    After watching the Pacers I become more and more interested in these big bangers down low for anything else than to become an annoyance for any team down low. Pacers frustrate teams front courts — if we had a similar rotation along with our scoring threats then we’d only be that much more dangerous.

  • Anonymous

    Williams might be the first to suggest some better footage of himself; he might be putting something together as we speak. I would be.

  • Anonymous

    If I was Tom Crean, I would wait on this kid. He has great potential, and what appears to be a high ceiling, but he needs time to improve on his offense. He had some nice post moves and played down low, which I agree IU needs someone like him. But he had trouble finishing on some of those down low shots and when he was challenged. He also needs to either improve his ball handling skills or just play down low constantly. Be the junk yard dog we all want you to be.

    On the other hand. GREAT Defensive player. He almost seems to be the Jeremiah Rivers of post players that i’ve seen. Great post defender, got good rebounds, hustled. If he improves on offense, then I would be all for signing this kid, but if he doesn’t then I would question it with some of the other options we’re going at.

    Would love to see him come in and maybe redshirt to improve.

  • Dannon Brown

    How can you not like this kid. After watching what Sullinger did to us and every other team in the NCAA. Not to say this kid has his talent, but at 6’7 and only a sophmore he looks impressive to me. He plants that big behind at 8 feet and you cant do anything about it. His body is in control and he has a couple of established post moves. I look at the video of McGrary and this video and this kid looks to have an upper hand. I think this kid in 2013 is more impacting than Mcgrary in 2012.

  • Anonymous

    I see your point. But then what would be the point of the chat? You may very well be right, he could be a great player and good for IU. It could be a bad two minutes of play, he could get much better over two years and he could bring a lot of intangibles that don’t show up on a clip. But if one is going to observe, one is going to make an observation. Those observations may be wildly off and, due to this point, we must be sensative. Thus, probably not smart to say “pass” per say. I am sure he will make a college roster (could be IU) and he could in fact be very good. However, as long as we are free to opine I do feel he may be inferior to other big men we are recruiting (which is very strong competition by the way (Zeller / Hanner / Jurkin / etc.)) – likely not a fair context to judge him personally.

  • stonaroni

    I guess we have a hung jury on this kid but here is what I like:

    + He is a self-proclaimed throw back style player
    + He rebounds; rewatch the footage and watch him either tip the ball to get a better chance at the ball or box out; few of our cuurent guys do this
    He can play with his back to the basket. He has a couple post moves now as a SOph that are solid.
    +He can use the left hand, can pass, and makes an effort everytime the ball hits the glass
    + He is a good defender; watch him chest up his man and not give much room. Then watch his man shoot over him with Williams chesting up centered to his opponent with his hands extended
    + He has quick feet

    So, if the kid can be a legit 6’7″ or 6’8″ and weigh 240 lbs; sign him up. How many guys do we have this size now? We are going to need a kid like him in our system to back Cody.

    HP, PJ and Traylor (if we get him) needs a guy like Williams creating competition in practice. Also, he is insurance if a big gets hurt. And, what if Cody walks after 2012-13?

    And, eventhough Williams missed a lot of long jumpers, I can see some touch in his shot and on his FT. This kid could be real solid.

  • Uncle Joey

    A lot of you are forgetting he’s only a sophomore. He has a TON of time to improve his game. It seems like he has the basics and the fundamentals down… like when he gets the ball in the paint, he “knows” what to do, its just a matter of teaching himself how to be an effective post player and working on his moves.

    I personally like his potential.

  • Uncle Joey

    I don’t think he compares at all to Watford. CWat is more of a pure shooter, plays rather passively, and is afraid of contact.

    Mark Williams seems to be a banger; someone who’s going to spend most of his minutes lurking around in the paint, cleaning up rebounds and getting some easy baskets within a few feet of the rim.

  • Kelin Blab

    Kids you might want to You Tube Mark Williams, this video may not be his best but trust me, the kid has alot of good skills to be so young. For all we know this could have been his 3rd game of the day. I take very little from AAU bball. Seem like a Sullinger type of low block player potentially.


  • Diesel

    Yeah, I kind of like him. I think he is perfect for our offense at the 4. Really like the spin move left hand finish you see a couple of times in both videos. Has more post moves than TP, DE, and CWat combined.

  • Kelin Blab

    I can tell you now this kid has more of an inside game than Perea and Jurkin already. Love Hanner, all dunks, put backs, and that is about it.

  • Dannon Brown

    again keep in mind the kid is a sophmore. at 6’7 230+ he has some pretty good feet around the basket and showed a real nice post move (or 2) during that clip. There are some youtube clips that are actual highlights and the kid has some moves under the basket. I believe he avg. 15pts a game as a soph.

  • Anonymous

    This is true…I hope Hanner develops more of a touch. If he gets any type of game together he will be incredibly difficult to handle.

  • Dannon Brown

    I thought his touch was better off than McGary, and i would probably say not so much the hands as the handles were the problem. I will say i watched the McGary clip a few more times and i see the likeables can be high up there, he just really needs coached up on his decision making and touch up his skills around the basket…. i am starting to fall for him a bit. having said that i would still rather see Williams. He has a Sullinger type body with 2 years to improve the intangibles, i think as a soph he showed good skill and footwrok in the post.

  • Anonymous

    It would be great if HP developed more of an offensive game, but I really don’t believe that is why CTC recruited him. In 2012, we are going to have a ton of scorers on the roster: CW, Mo, Hulls, Hollowell, Yogi, CZ. We need an interior presence that will alter shots and clean the boards. Check.

    As we can see from his videos, he might score 8 ppg off of offensive boards alone!

  • Anonymous

    Keep in mind that McGary is a few years older than Williams, so he should be bigger and more athletic.

  • IU_Fan_99

    Perhaps for these big guys we should be asking… Do they pick up three fouls in three minutes??

  • IU_Fan_99

    Perhaps for these big guys we should be asking… Do they pick up three fouls in three minutes??

  • Anonymous

    Marcus, you seem like a smart guy so let me ask you….i’m a few years older than Williams too …. ???? Put me in Coach!