Bluiett a key piece to Park Tudor’s 2A title run

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(Photo credit: Jamie Owens of J. Scott Sports)

Trevon Bluiett walked calmly with his teammates into the press room of Conseco Fieldhouse. A smile beamed from ear to ear on the face of the heralded freshman.

As the media peppered Park Tudor coach Ed Schilling and junior Yogi Ferrell with five minutes of questions following the Panthers’ 2A state championship victory, Bluiett had yet to say a word.

“Trevon, keep it down over there,” Schilling joked.

Bluiett smiled at his head coach and then promptly answered a question on his 21-point performance against Hammond Bishop Noll as if he’d been there many times before.

Complete poise. No hesitation. Total confidence. These are usually not words used to describe a freshman, but they seem to fit Bluiett.

As Noll focused much of its attention on stopping Ferrell, the future IU point guard looked to Bluiett and the freshman delivered.

8-of-13 from the field. 4-of-6 from the foul line. Eight rebounds. Two steals. Two blocks.

But perhaps most impressive of all, a knack for being in the right place at the right time.

“He’s got a high IQ for the game,” Bluiett’s father Reynardo told Inside the Hall on Tuesday. “Just playing along with Yogi for a year, he reads him and his other teammates and knows tendencies pretty well. He studies the game and always seems to be a step ahead of everybody as far as knowing where to be.”

It’s that advanced understanding of the game, coupled with his natural ability, that led high major schools, including Indiana, to begin recruiting Bluiett before he ever played a varsity game.

His recruitment, which wasn’t a big focus for the family during the high school season, will likely take off even further this spring and summer when Bluiett and IU commits Trey Lyles and James Blackmon Jr. hit the AAU circuit with Spiece Indy Heat.

The trio will play up one year and will be coached by Reynardo Bluiett beginning this weekend at the Shootout in Indianapolis.

No matter the venue, the elder Bluiett’s advice for his son remains the same: enjoy the experience.

“With him, I just have to keep reminding him to have fun,” Reynardo Bluiett said. “He’s played on all different stages in front of different crowds. As tournaments and stuff go on, championships, semifinals, he always seems to get stronger and more focused.”

Trevon Bluiett Updates

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  • Scojacks13

    I feel like Crean is Dr. Frankenstein building in Indiana Monster! 5 star here, 4 star there, PG, C, PF…he’s loading up with elite talent. But he’s not laughing, he just keeps working harder and harder!

  • Blueitt is a gem of a player. He may grow another 3 inches and with his skill set could be one of the top 5 players in the country. He seems well grounded. When he arrives the program should be where it has been….

  • N71

    He would be a perfect addition to the 2014 class, he’s not a guard (Blackman) or a post (Trey) player and he has a good feel for Yogi if Yogi isn’t already in the NBA. A perfect fit. In addition, his development will be above average due to his coach being so good. Same thing has gone for Yogi.

  • Anonymous

    Blueitt hasn’t committed yet! But playing with Lyles and Blackmon will hopefully help persuade him!

  • RobD

    don’t really see yogi going pro after just two seasons. just MO.

  • millzy32

    I hope he is good enough to go pro but waits until he is ready after four solid years at IU

  • MillaRed

    I saw that final and he basically took over and as a FR it was very impressive. He and Yogi were on the same page in the 2nd half.

    Looks like he will be a small forward in college so yes, he is a perfect fit for that class with Blackmon at PG and Lyles at PF.

    Would be another huge get for CTC.

  • Anonymous

    Just so long as Igor, a.k.a, Shooter, doesn’t bring in Abby Normal.

  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping lining up with them (and Yogi) shows Trevon that he wouldn’t want to line up against them.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you–5’10” guys don’t generally declare early.

  • Anonymous

    And let us not forget about Jaquan Lyle. He seems very interested in IU. If Bluiett and Lyle join Blackmon and Lyles, I give CTC permission to take a day off. Just one. That class could be better than the ’12 class. Scary.

  • Blackmon is a SG. Their AAU team has PJ Thompson from Brebeuf on it too.

  • It’s pronounced “Frahn-ken-steen”

  • Anonymous

    Well, before Bosse played Washington earlier in the year, he tweeted something about getting ready to play against a probable future teammate. He has since claimed that he was just kidding, and he is planning on going through the whole process.

    CTC offered him a scholarship before he ever played a varsity game, so he knows that IU wants him badly. Evidently, Xavier and Illinois have already offered him, and PU and OSU are in pursuit as well.

    I think we have as good a shot as any to land him.

  • MillaRed

    We are getting so many gems I almost felt guilty for 3 seconds. Then I remembered how the program was flushed down the toilet and came back to my senses.

    So proud of Coach Calhoun and his championship. Oh and the cheating that leads to his 3 game suspension next season. Gotta love the NCAA!

  • MillaRed

    Not sure what he is doing now. But I think he projects as a PG. Could be wrong and frankly I don’t care if we put this stud a center! Just get him on the floor!

  • Anonymous

    I know. It makes me sick. We fired Sampson for making too many impermissible phone calls (in the middle of what was a darn good season), kicked nearly all of the would-be returning players off the squad, and once hired, CTC couldn’t recruit off-campus.

    UCONN and the NCAA let Calhoun skate and this is a pay-for-play situation they are dealing with. Miles was introduced to an NBA agent by one of Calhoun’s assistants. That agent then paid Miles approx $500 a week.

    If Calhoun was the coach at IU when this happened, the fans would have demanded his dismissal. He would have been fired. But instead of doing things the right way, UCONN and the NCAA turn their backs on the situation and get rewarded with a national title.

    The NCAA’s version of discipline is pretty awful.

  • Kelin Blab

    Milla you want to feel guilty…here are some gems for you…
    1. Bud Mackey
    2. Armon Basset
    3. Lance Stephenson
    4. Jamarcus Ellis
    5. Deandre THomas

    How is that guilt working for you now?

  • millzy32

    FYI to Bucky, calbert 40 is talking about Jaquan Lyle and when he tweeted he was talking about playing vs Cody Zeller this past season.

  • Anonymous

    Is it “Fro-drick, then?”

  • MillaRed

    What are you talkin’ bout Kelin. That there is The Dream Team.

    Or maybe the Cheech and Chong Nice Dreams Team?

  • Anonymous

    No, sorry. I wasn’t very clear. I was talking about Lyle earlier, so I just continued the thought. Oops!

  • Anonymous

    No, Frederick

  • Anonymous

    No, Frederick